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Is John Cena the Anti-Christ?

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Last night a choir got booed because of John Cena.

How awful is that? That's as bad as the Philadelphia fans booing Santa Clause. No, check that, it's worse. It was an all black choir who sang beautifully and they got....booed!

Do you think John Cena is the anti-christ and had this choir booing planed for a long time?

Some people will get the joke...others will take me as being serious.
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I don't think it's so obvious to some people though.
It really shouldn't be so surprising though since Cena is Vince's posterchild and Vince has lots of heat with God, as evidenced by their amazing yet brutal 2006 feud.
To be honest, their singing needlessly ate up quite some time so I can see why some fans were annoyed, even taking into account their hate for Cena. I like Cena but hated that entrance and just wanted the match to get on.
1 - 3 of 89 Posts
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