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1)jinder mahal
2)charlie haas
3)Kenny dykstra
4)the great khali
5)john morrison
6)matt hardy
7)mickie james
9)alex riley
10)The miz
11)jake hagger jackswagger
or what might be reason these superstars lost their push?

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smdh, no, ultimately it's Vince and management that decides who gets pushed or not, not the wrestlers. No a wrestler can lobby if they want to work with a certain wrestler or not, but wrestler's don't decide who gets pushed or not. For example, when a worker is in line for a promotion at any job or a demotion, who makes the decision? It's the bosses that make those decisions, not the employee and John Cena is the EMPLOYEE

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I'm a fan of Cena and Punk but i did cringe when they took turns burying Del rio last year. I know it was in the script and all that but they verbally killed him on the mic......... What's worse is with wwe's booking of del rio he came across as the quiet kid in school everyone picked on and made fun of because he wasnt able to defend himself

I legit felt bad for del rio kayfab and real life wise because he was trying his best but for whatever reason people had a set on him from the start. Then you take the two biggest stars in the company and basically take a huge shit on the guy what can he do ?

I'm not all that happy about swaggers world title treatment either but i'll save that for another day
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