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Is it me, or was Miz actually getting face pops tonight?

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Seems like he had moments where he was almost acting like a face...hell, even Alex Riley was pumping up the crowd. Thoughts?
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Yes he was and it doesn't surprise me. Miz will be a face within a year, people will start to like his heel character, like they popped for The Rock back in the day.
Lol, it's funny you said that because I made a topic discussing that.

Atlanta seemed to love The Miz

Hell im all up for a face turn if it means no more annoying monotonous promos
Does this mean that before long Cena will start getting booed out of arenas?
Nah, that'll never happen ;)
Seems like he had moments where he was almost acting like a face...hell, even Alex Riley was pumping up the crowd. Thoughts?
Yeah he was but I think its mostly because he was against Cena. Anyone will get cheered in that situation. It was a "lesser of two evils" type of thing for most people. :eek:
The crowd chanting "miz is awesome" a few times was a legit pop. Some of it was anti cena but some of it was legit
Miz has been getting moderate pops for a while now.
Its an indictment of the general weakness of face side of things.
I've seen Miz get face pops bigger than the entire fan reaction at WM27. This isn't anything new, he's been getting pretty decent pops and good crowd reaction/connection even before he was part of Showmiz. Unless the crowd is dead as hell, which it has been at a lot of shows lately.
Not face pops. It's just like how people cheer Del Rio because they love him even though he's a heel.
Miz is cool , but should remain a heel. There's nothing to be gained from him turning face at the moment because Raw lacks a top level hell and he's the nearest they've got.
it was just you
He got a face pop when interrupting Stone Cold of all people. That is quite amazing in itself.
Even Cena was praising him in his promo, so maybe a turn isn't too far off. Either way I'm looking forward to the next time RAW's in Cleveland, I reckon the roof will blow off when he comes out.
Even the best heels in the business can get face pops. Jericho's entire heel run had him getting pops and Y2J chants every match.
Its the same deal which has happened to almost every heel to feud with Cena over the last five years. At some point, they get over (at least partially) as a face. It shows how effective a heel Cena is.
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