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Does anyone get the feeling after seeing reports like this below that HHH/WWE looking for their next Mega-star in FCW as opposed to current roster?

- WWE has began to greatly increase their scouting efforts, a process that has fallen off in recent years for many reasons.

- We noted before that Bill DeMott recently replaced Tom Prichard as head trainer in WWE developmental. People in the business have been critical of DeMott’s work as trainer in the past but he’s said to have matured into a solid coach as of late.

- The big FCW Summer Slamarama tour with 39 events booked is another part of Triple H’s changes to WWE developmental.
source: F4Wonline.com

I mean it looks to me WWE are pushing the likes of Punk, Bryan, Sheamus, ziggler.. only as top stars of this current on-going Transition Era as opposed to grooming them into next bigtime cross-over stars of the future. They are looking for that mega-star(s) in FCW, HHH being in-charge is pretty much a statement conforming this.

What do you think of this idea/move of WWE? Age could be a factor imo.
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