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Is Cen an Target

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im watching some youtube vids and it seems th estuff ive seen when someone is bashing Cena they seem to have tons of material and it isnt just the same old same old what heels say to faces or tweeners say to faces its all basically stuff we talk about.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTt3xTrVzoc&feature=related- HHH making fun of his wrestling ability and his fans

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WYR7npa1lQ&feature=related- Vince making fun of his crappy colorful shirts

we have other times but is it because that Vince and company know that Cena has lots of weaknesses so and stupid stuff so they choose to make fun of it just to let Cena never give up and triumph in the end.
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Obvious is obvious, I believe he means "Is Cena a Target"
I don't know, I think he may have been talking about Brian Kendrick.
lmao sorry bout that i meant is Cena a Taregt.anyone with a full functional brain would be able to guess that though lol but my bad. Just asking if he is an easy target seeing as how when ppl come after him they tend to use things that we and lots of others dislike him for
People dislike Cena because it's trendy to dislike Cena. He's a hard worker and is great on the mic.
I like the guy and never understood the sheer ammount of bile some people reserve for him. But a drugged-up piece of shit like Jeff Hardy is a fucking saint. Jeff Hardy who can't speak correctly. Jeff Hardy, who got caught with half of Bolivia up his ass. Jeff Hardy who only got heat from that spoon he held over a lighter.

And people prefer a twat like that to John Cena, it's pathetic.
Can a Mod change the title lol. To is Cena an Easy Target.
'But yeah Cena works real hard and he a company man that woul ddo anything for the WWE and the charities he does i like him for that. But on Raw you have the brigh tcolorful shirts, the lack of a diverse moveset, etc. The difference i saw is that HHH brings up his lack of wrestling in the 1st youtube link and that his fanbase is all kids, then Vince says his shirt is crap. And other examples like Miz laughing sarcastically at his jokes then saying he isnt funny. It seems like when someone talks about Cena they tend to say actual things many ppl feel here and maybe backstage. No other superstar really gets treated that way i think
Is Cena at Target? Let me go check. I'll be back in about 20 minutes to let you know.
Is Cenan any relation to Conan? Because I love his new show.
Yes, Cena was last seen shopping at Target.
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