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is anyone here actually excited for this ppv?

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This is literally the worst card i have ever seen for a ppv, especially something thats suppose to be a "top" ppv like survivor series. id rather watch something like nxt than this shit
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It is not the worst ever but it is pretty bad, however I am still expecting some big twists out of this PPV otherwise they really dropped the ball. Their focus is all over the place and the storyline development has been pretty weak for most of the matches. Here is to hoping some massive surprise during the main event that so few people are looking forward to

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The last PPV i was excited for was Wrestlemania 28 and I don't see that changing for a long time.

The term "Big Four" is obsolete and has been for several years.

I don't really expect Summerslam, Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble to be any better than Raw these days.

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Personally no, feels like a filler PPV when it should feel like one of the top 4 PPV's of the year. I'm not invested in a single match on the card. The only match i'm looking forward to a little is the 5 on 5 elimination match as tag matches have been the match of the night for the last two months now.

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Wyatts and Punk and Bryan may be a good match so may the Traditional Survivor Series match. But other than that I am not really interested in the matches. The story line behind Big E / Curtis Axel is simply about a title that is rarely defended and hardly prestigious at this time, and its obvious that Big E is gong to win the match. The WHC title match dosen't appeal to me, Cena and Del Rio have both won the World Title like a billion times and I don't see why it matters who wins this match. Orton and Big Show is sort of appealing but I don't think the match will be my style of match. The divas match will likely be 5 mins of rollups unfortunately.

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I really enjoy elimination matches as they tell distinct stories you don't very often (if at all) get out of MNR and other televised programming. Hence, I am looking forward to both the Elimination match featuring the shield etc (as they have proven they know how to turn it up, and with the cracks slowly becoming visible over the last few weeks I'm always curious to see when and how they'll build on that), and the one featuring the divas.
And no, I am not kidding myself, I realise large parts of that match have a high chance of sucking, but I won't call it till I've seen it. That's just the way I approach these things.

Wyatts vs Bryan and Punk they've done a good job at getting me excited for. Both have looked dominant in the last few weeks, and though I find it hard to believe that Punk and Bryan might lose, I don't consider them a "lock", like I do JC, who will undoubtably Rise Against The Odds against del Rio. Making THAT the only match I'm reaaaally not looking forward to.

Big E - Axel I enjoyed last week, so the rematch might be good too, and I'm still curious to see how Heyman responds to his protege leaving him like that. As long as Heyman isn't back, I'll keep one eye on the curtains, because with him, you don't "just" leave and I'm looking forward to the day he shows Axel how he thinks of him and his decision to abandon ship. Furthermore, charisma-vacuum as he may be, Axel does well enough in ring to make me enjoy his matches so there's that as well, and I'm STILL hoping Big E starts doing the 5 count gimmick.

Show vs Orton just SCREAMS swerve to me, so naturally I'll be keeping a close eye on that.

Leaving the Kofi-Miz pre-show. Which, as pre-shows go, feels kinda weak and unbuilt. So looking forward to 5 matches, not looking forward to 1 match and 1 pre show match.

Oh, and that's ignoring the whole "Ryback calls someone out" thing, which COULD be cool, but I kinda doubt it. Who knows though, maybe they'll surprise me.
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