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I was on this board then, and my initial reaction was it was the worst year in company history. But four years later, it actually wasn't bad:

Lockdown 2007
Sacrifice 2007
Slammiversary 2007
No Surrender 2007
Bound For Glory 2007

All very good shows. We got feuds like:

Harris/Storm (Texas Deathmatch)
Kong/Gail Kim

Yeah there were bad things like Judas Mesias, Team Pacman, Bob Backlund, the blindfolded steel cage match, but there were a lot of good things that were swept under the rug because 2007 paled in comparison to 2005 and 2006. The tag-team division was still good, the X-Division was alright, the Knockouts were good, the heavyweight title scene was respectable. There's probably a lot more that I'm leaving out, but TNA really wasn't that bad in 2007.

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To be honest most of 07 sucked, if for no other reason than those 1 hour Impact's being a fucking mess.

They were way over booked and just filled with way too much shit.

The PPV's did have some good matches but Impact was just all over the place.

However once Impact hit 2 hours in October, TNA improved. I still feel that stretch of October 07 to January 08 is one of my favorite periods in TNA history. The matches, the talent, the entertainment. It was a really good weekly show that also featured solid to good PPV's.

Which is funny because if you look back, the internet openly shit on that period but for me those were possibly three of TNA's strongest months with a hot streak of entertaining shows.
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