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Iraqi forces kick ISIS ass and take back Ramadi from the Islamic State

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The Iraqi city of Ramadi has been "liberated" from so-called Islamic State, the Iraqi military has declared.

Spokesman Brig Gen Yahya Rasul said forces had achieved an "epic" victory. TV pictures showed troops raising the Iraqi flag over the government complex.

Some reports indicate there are still pockets of resistance in the city.

The BBC's Thomas Fessy, in Ramadi, says the week-long battle against IS has destroyed the urban landscape.

Ramadi's recapture marks a major reversal for the jihadist group. They seized it in May, in an embarrassing defeat for the army.

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Was reading Russia has stepped up the caliber of bombs to the highest damaging bomb just before you get into nuclear size. Several websites, and some videos debating the ethical use of Thermobaric bombs. They were extremely controversial when U.S. used them in Iraq primarily, media would only call them "bunker busters" which makes ignorant populace think "oh it's for busting holes and reaching bunkers underground". But while a shape charged thermobaric could do that, they create such intense heat, and the largest shockwave (excluding nuclear of course), and a hell of a vacuum when after the shockwave expands, it returns inward so you get the explosion then the implosion. They also create mushroom clouds so from distance it's a "psychological" effect as well.

Russia is also using white phosphorous, it works exactly like napalm. Although napalm itself was never banned against military targets it was for civilian areas. But using white phosphorous which you can't put out with water, it's gonna burn and adding water makes it burn even hotter. But you can say "it's not napalm" :p

International law does not specifically prohibit the use of napalm or other incendiaries against military targets, but use against civilian populations was banned by the United Nations Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons (CCW) in 1980. Protocol III of the CCW restricts the use of all incendiary weapons, but a number of countries have not acceded to all of the protocols of the CCW. According to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), countries are considered a party to the convention, which entered into force as international law in December 1983, as long as they ratify at least two of the five protocols.

The United States signed it approximately 25 years after the General Assembly adopted it, on January 21, 2009, President Barack Obama's first full day in office. The United States ratification, however, added a caveat to the treaty, Obama only signed the treaty of 1980 after adding the reservation that says it can disregard the treaty at its discretion

Here's a video showing what they both look like. From December 4.

At the beginning what looks like "fireworks" is white phosphorous dropped being used like "napalm" to burn a village. From start to 35 seconds in you see the huge fires as it touches down. Remember water only makes it worse and burn hotter.

The middle of vid shows them scrambling, and picking folks up and surveying the burning up close.
Then go to 1 minute 30 seconds. If starting at 1:30 roughly 10 seconds later a huge ball of red light, the camera points and you see the thermobaric bomb in distance and the fiery mushroom.

Thermobaric weapons have the longest sustained blast wave and most destructive force of any known explosive, excluding nuclear weapons.

They aren't "new" technologies, but just refined versions of older thermobaric devices.

Russia, US, and Spain are the 3 countries with nice collection of thermobaric bombs, and the 3 countries that have successfully tested them.

Here's Russia's "Father of all bombs" produced in 2007:
"all that is alive merely evaporates."

Then there's the United States' Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb (MOAB) aka "Mother Of All Bombs" made in 2003 and why Russia "one upped" with the (FOAB) which is a higher yield. Of course there's constant "upgrades".

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Yesterday, US warplanes helped by Kurdish forces were on the brink of recapturing the Mosul Dam, which supplies water and electricity to northern Iraq, amid ‘fierce resistance’ from Islamists. It was reported yesterday that another 300 Yazidi men from the Sinjar mountain area are among their victims, with some beheaded in front of their own families.

British military planes are filming surveillance footage on jihadist fighters which is passed to the US and used to help Kurdish and Iraqi forces. The UK has more than 100 members of the SAS, SBS, Reconnaissance Regiment and signals specialists in Baghdad and around Irbil.

Abadi had arrived in Ramadi by helicopter. He moved through the city with the Anbar governor and top security officials in a convoy of Humvees, crossing a floating bridge used by the armed forces last week to retake the city center.

He met soldiers at the main government complex captured by counter-terrorism forces on Monday and planted the tri-color flag outside the building.

He had announced the visit to Ramadi himself on Twitter and declared Thursday a national holiday in celebration.

The army's apparent capture of Ramadi, in the Euphrates River valley west of Baghdad, marks a milestone for the forces, which crumbled when the hardline Sunni Muslim militants seized a third of Iraq in June 2014.
In battles since then, Iraq's armed forces had operated mainly in a supporting role beside powerful Iranian-backed Shi'ite Muslim militias.

Hisham al-Hashimi, a Baghdad-based analyst who has worked with the Iraqi government, said the retaking of Ramadi suggested Abadi's strategy of heavy U.S. air support while sidelining the Shi'ite militias, which have served as a bulwark against Islamic State but drawn objections from Washington, could be effective.

"Ramadi is an example that the regular army wishes to promote for upcoming battles of liberation," said Hashimi.
'Excited about this victory'

Ramadi was the only city to have fallen under Islamic State control since Abadi took office in September 2014.

"He is excited about this victory, because he managed to remove this blot from his historical record as commander-in-chief of the armed forces," said Hashimi.

Abadi's Shi'ite-led government has said for months it would prove the rebuilt capability of the army by reversing militant gains in Anbar, a mainly Sunni, largely desert province stretching to the borders of Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan.

As part of his security reforms, Abadi last year scrapped 50,000 "ghost soldiers" - army members who don't actually exist but whose salaries are collected - and changed security chiefs in a bid to improve performance. But he has faced resistance to dismantling a patronage system and rooting out incompetence in the security apparatus and other state organs.

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Well done and props to the Iraqi Army. Take a moment to celebrate this win and then on to Mosul. Something tells me that won't be easy, as reports are saying that there were 400 ISIS/Daesh/ISIL fighters left to defend the city. Which means I'm sure many of the other fighters have pulled back and will be prepared to defend Mosul and other outposts.

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Wow the US trained forces are finally not running away and getting their asses handed to them? That's a good sign, too bad Obama and the CIA put 500 million dollars worth of weapons in rebel hands, makes the job harder for these guys.
I would be more worried about the millions in missing weapons, supplies and of course the $100 million of good old American currency.

It is about time these pretenders start losing. ISIS is so overrated. They are mostly beating no ones and use the internet to hype themselves. It would be like a low D1 football team beating some D1A or D2 teams and people acting like they could win the national championship. Once ISIS forces start facing some real completion and get their asses hand to them watch the flow of deserters. Not all, as some are fanatics, but a good portion.
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