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When I watched the last episode of WCW Monday Nitro with Vince McMahon appearing and bragging about owning WCW and the last segment where Shane said that he bought WCW, I and many others thought that this would be an era every wrestling fan dreamed about, WWF vs. WCW.
Sadly, the invasion angle was booked poorly and they missed an opportunity to make this really big.
My question is, how would you book it? And I don`t mean booking with WCW invading WWF with Hogan, Nash, Sting and Goldberg because these man had guaranteed contracts and were at home.
Booker T and DDP would be the only top guys.
What would you do if you were Vince McMahon? You own WCW and ECW too, you can not use Goldberg or Nash. Booker and DDP are the only top WCW guys, Sting rejected your offer and Triple H and Benoit are still injured and you have no success finding a network for WCW TV.
Would you wait with the WCW invasion angle till Hogan, Hall or Goldberg became available, would you rename Smackdown and name it WCW Nitro shown on the network what shows SmackDown? Would you made WWF vs. WCW. vs. ECW with all 3 companies feuding against each others? A third brand with ECW replacing WWF Heat or would you not use ECW at all? Would you rename some PPVs like No Way Out and Unforgiven in Starrcade or Heatwave? Would you made a winner takes all at Survivor Series and what would happen after Survivor Series with WCW and ECW? Or would you not use an invasion angle at all?
How would you make this story more succesfull and entertaining if you were Vince McMahon and you have this lifetime opportunity owning the rights to all 3 big US mainstream companies?
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