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Into Wrestlemania XXVII: What happened to every wrestler who was in WM XXVI

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In this thread is the result of every wrestler who participated in Wrestlemania XXVI a year later, now going into Wrestlemania XXVII. It is done in the order according to the card at WM 26.


The Miz
Was the opening act along with the Big Show in the official PPV. He came in as a dual champion, holding both the United States Championship and Unified Tag-Team Championship. Was the mouthpiece of the tag team. Won his match.
Result: The Miz won the Raw Money in the Bank and defeated Randy Orton to claim his first WWE Championship. Not only will he enter Wrestlemania XXVII as the champion, but he is now headlining the entire PPV event alongside John Cena and The Rock. He opened Wrestlemania last year, and will now probably receive the honor of closing Wrestlemania XXVII.

The Big Show
Was along with the Miz as the opening act for WM XXVI. Was fresh off a successful stint with Chris Jericho to form Jerishow before entering this PPV event. Won his match.
Result: Turned face and buri-err... fueded with the likes of Jack Swagger and Wade Barret. He will now probably open Wrestlemania again in a 4-on-4 feud against The Corre.

Opened the show with John Morrison to face ShowMiz and attempt to win the Unified Tag Team Championships. Lost his debut Wrestlemania match.
Result: Is John Cena's fwiend. Is also a Zookeepah who once thought he was in Green Bay but didn't realize he went to the wrong zoo. Does not have a spot at the main Wrestlemania PPV, and hasn't been on RAW for a while.

John Morrison
Tagged with R-Truth for a shot at the Unified Tag-Team Championships. Got squashed and lost his match. Fans marked for his slow-motion and fireworks, then went dead.
Result: Underwent a slight gimmick change, becoming the Prince of Parkour. Pushed heavily by the WWE through "logic-defying" spots. Fans either pop or don't, but manages to wow the crowd every time he steps in the ring. He is now in an upper mid-card feud with Trish Stratus and Snooki against Laycool, Vickie Guerrero and Dolph Ziggler. This match will probably be followed by a main event.

"The Viper" Randy Orton
Placed in a Triple Threat match billed as the final mark in the dissolution of The Legacy. Became a true face by defeating his two proteges and marked the start of his best face push.
Result: Claimed the WWE Championship once again before losing it in a failing effort against The Miz, after Miz cashed in his MitB following Orton's beating at the hands of The Nexus and successfully defending against Wade Barrett. He is now placed in a feud against CM Punk that has has so far been well-received.

Cody Rhodes
Lost along with his Legacy partner DiBiase against Randy Orton in a Triple Threat match. Wore the tackiest boots I've ever seen.
Result: Drafted to Smackdown, where his "Dashing" gimmick was given birth. Since then, Rhodes has enjoyed a moderate but progressive and consistent amount of success, allowing him to get over with the crowd and undergo a higher mid-card feud with Rey Mysterio. His "Dashing" gimmick has now undergone from a Vega-esque transition to a complete narcissistic psycho persona.

Ted DiBiase Jr.
Lost along with Rhodes against Orton at Wrestlemania.
Result: Since his loss at Wrestlemania, Ted has gotten the short end of the stick compared to his other two Legacy brethren. He underwent a gimmick change to compliment his father's, gained new music, and acquired Maryse as his valet and girlfriend. However, he has gone through a hard losing streak, and has done nothing but low-card matches and losing efforts to US Champion Daniel Bryan and even his former rookie, Brodus Clay.

"The All-American American" Jack Swagger
Successfully acquired the briefcase in the Wrestlemania XXVI Money in the Bank Ladder Match.
Result: Achieved moderate to high success by defeating Chris Jericho to claim his first World Heavyweight Championship. Delivered solid promos and got mega-heat from the crowd until his unfortunate burial at the hands of the Big Show. He is now a part of one of the main events at Wrestlemania XXVII, where is the 'trainer' to Michael Cole in his match vs. Jerry Lawler, with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as guest referee. He has so far been built up pretty strong.

Dolph Ziggler
Lost the MitB Ladder Match
Result: Finally won the Intercontinental Championship and was pushed heavily as a top contender along with Vickie Guerrerro by his side. He would eventually peak by winning the World Heavyweight Championship before losing it back to Edge in the same night. He holds the one of the shortest World Heavyweight Championship reigns with 11 Minutes and 23 Seconds. As of now, he is in a feud alongside Laycool against John Morrison, Trish Stratus and Jersey Shore's Snooki.

Montel Vontavious Porter "MVP"
Lost in the MitB Ladder Match
Result: Steadily began to rebuild himself and became over once again before deciding to leave the WWE for better opportunites.

"The Gold Standard" Shelton Benjamin
Result: Released. Is now in Ring of Honor with former tag-team partner Charlie Haas and is achieving good success.

Matt Hardy
Result: Released amidst controversial video propaganda orchestrated by Hardy himself. Is now in TNA. Is still in the Mid-card... ain't that a bitch.

Evan Bourne
Lost. Had a great showing.
Result: Was given a small mini-push before his unfortunate injury. He would return and defeat Sheamus in his returning match. Is now canon fodder.

Result: Won the Smackdown Money in the Bank months later and cashed in on Rey Mysterio on the same night. Enjoyed a long, healthy reign and feuded against the Undertaker, winning the feud. Eventually lost the title to Edge. He has since gone face and will fight alongside Big Show, Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella in a 4v4 match against The Corre.

Heavily Favored. Lost.
Result: Drafted to Smackdown where an Edge vs Christian feud was teased. Suffered an injury on his pectoral and was kayfabe injured when Alberto del Rio refused to let go of his Cross Armbar finisher. He returned at Elimination Chamber and has since been in multiple main events against ADR, as is one of the few (if not, the only man) to hold a legitimate winning record against the #1 Contender. He will be in Edge's corner in his WHC title match at WM XXVII.

Kofi Kingston
Result: Enjoyed moderate success by acquiring the Intercontinental title once again and undergoing yet another slight anger-type gimmick addition. Is still over. He has since lost the Intercontinental Championship to The Corre's Wade Barrett, and may not appear at all at the PPV event.

"The Chosen One" Drew McIntyre
Lost due to feared Rioting.
Result: Won the Unified Tag Team Championships with "Dashing" Cody Rhodes before losing it to John Cena and :shudders: David Otunga. Went on a small mini-push in an attempt to woo Kelly Kelly. Had a wonderful showing at the last PPV before Wrestlemania.

Triple H
Defeated Sheamus in a grudge match.
Result: Was pulled out of the WWE Storyline by being attacked by Sheamus during his farewell speech to Shawn Micheals. Was actually doing filming for his new movie. Returned to set up a match against the undefeated Undertaker.

"The Celtic Warrior" Sheamus
Lost against Triple H in his first Wrestlemania appearance.
Result: Has since garnered good heat and won his 2nd WWE Championship at Fatal 4-Way with the help of the Nexus. Won the 2010 King of the Ring tournament and captured the United States Championship from Daniel Bryan. He will defend his title for the first time against Bryan at Wrestlemania, marking his first time to ever enter the PPV event as a Champion.

Rey Mysterio Jr.
Won against CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society and thus preventing Rey from being forced to join the SES.
Result: Faced Punk again and lost before facing Punk a 3rd time and shaving his head. Won his 2nd World Heavyweight Championship before losing it to Kane at Money in the Bank a month later. He kayfabe injured "Dashing" Cody Rhodes face and is now entering into a WM XXVII feud with him.

"Second City Saint" CM Punk
Lost against Rey Mysterio even with interference from Luke Gallows and Serena.
Result: Won against Rey the next PPV before falling to him and losing his hair. Acquired Joey Mercury in his Straight Edge Society before his entire group fell apart at the hands of the Big Show and multiple problems within. Gallows, Mercury and Serena were all released, and CM Punk would go on injured reserve. He would eventually fued with John Cena and overtake The Nexus against Wade Barrett and form the New Nexus. Is currently in a heated feud with Randy Orton.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Defeated Vince McMahon in a snooze-fest match that involved most of his Hart family. Applied the Sharpshooter on Vince for the iconic victory.
Result: Became General Manager of Monday Night RAW before getting kayfabe injured against a threat by the Nexus. Returned to Summerslam to participate in Team WWE against Nexus and has since not gone on TV.

Mr. McMahon
Result: Was jumped by The Nexus as well and helped his wife with her campaign. Was seen in a comedy skit in which he awakened from a coma until he truly returned to announce that a Wrestlemania Host would be present this year; that host being The Rock.

"Y2J" Chris Jericho
Entered Wrestlemania as the World Heavyweight Champion. He successfully defeated Edge and retained his championship. It is his first time to ever enter as a World Champion and successfully retain.
Result: He would eventually lose the WHC to Jack Swagger and also lose to Edge in a grudge steel cage match. Afterwards he would enter a losing streak and was kayfabe injured after suffering a punt to the skull by Randy Orton.

"The Rated-R Superstar" Edge
Lost against Chris Jericho, marking himself as one of many Royal Rumble winners who failed to win the World Heavyweight Championship. His face turn was considered a failure.
Result: He would eventually defeat Jericho on the following PPV before being drafted to RAW and turning heel once again. He would then turn face on better terms, and win the World Heavyweight Championship at the TLC PPV. He is now going into Wrestlemania XXVII as the World Heavyweight Champion with Christian in his corner.

Who cares.

John Cena
Defeated Batista to claim the WWE Championship after a long, losing feud. His orange shirt looked even more out of place at Wrestlemania.
Result: He would lose his WWE Championship months later. He would then fall victim to the historic beating at the hands of the NXT 8, later known as the Nexus, and undergo months feuding against Nexus, namely Wade Barrett. His Nexus troubles would then be transferred from Barret to CM Punk before soundly defeating him. He will now enter Wrestlemania as the #1 Contender for the WWE Championship, and is involved in the biggest feud of this year with The Rock and The Miz.

"The Animal" Batista
He would lose his WWE Championship in a losing effort against John Cena. Looks real good with no pyro and a lone spotlight.
Result: He would face Cena multiple times afterwards and lose. He lost once again in an "I Quit" match, and would then kayfabe quit the WWE. He would eventually quit from the WWE shortly afterwards.

The Undertaker
Defeated Shawn Micheals in a "Streak vs Career" match, ending Shawn Micheals' career in a 4-star+ match. He would keep his undefeated WM record intact at 18-0.
Result: Would return eventually to face Kane before being buried. Has returned once again and will face Triple H at Wrestlemania XXVII.

"The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Micheals
In an epic fight, Shawn Micheals would fall to The Undertaker in a "Streak vs. Career" match, effectively ending the Heartbreak Kid's storied career.
Result: He has since stayed out of the spotlight and kept his word in retiring. He is the 1st Ballot inductee for the 2011 WWE Hall of Fame. He last appeared on the final RAW before WM to state that HHH will not win against the Undertaker.


Wow. Talk about a huge change from then and now. Who would have thought so much would happen in the span of less than a year?
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Yeah, wow, it's crazy to think about!

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Nice work putting this together. A very interesting read. Lol'd at R-Truth being John Cena's "fwiend" and nobody caring about the Divas.

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Good read. I always like to watch PPVs that are a year apart and see what everyone has accomplished. I like to see whose still there or is long gone or whose been pushed or just fallen off the radar.

Sometimes, especially these days, all it takes is 6 months and there's a huge difference!

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Discussion Starter · #10 ·
Good list, a couple errors though:

Morrison is not consistently main eventing.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre lost their tag belts to Cena and David Otunga, not Santino/Vladmir.
Fixed the tag teams.

I still think Morrison main events consistently. It's only because of the RTWM stuff with Jerry Lawler that he never does anything else, otherwise he's always facing off against the Miz in some sort of fashion.

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A great read, but I noticed one mistake...

Rey Mysterio Jr.
Won against CM Punk and his Straight Edge Society and thus preventing Rey from being forced to join the SES.
Result: Faced Punk again and lost before facing Punk a 3rd time and shaving his head. Won his 2nd World Heavyweight Championship before losing it on the same night against Kane. He kayfabe injured "Dashing" Cody Rhodes face and is now entering into a WM XXVII feud with him.
Rey won the WHC at Fatal Four Way and lost it to Kane a month later at the Money in the Bank.

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I dont see how Punk vs Orton is a midcard feud. Its main event all the way. Just because its not over the title it doesnt mean that its not a main event match.

I mean both guys are former world champs, main evented the last few PPVs, and are huge stars.

Otherwise, good thread.

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I dont see how Punk vs Orton is a midcard feud. Its main event all the way. Just because its not over the title it doesnt mean that its not a main event match.

I mean both guys are former world champs, main evented the last few PPVs, and are huge stars.

Otherwise, good thread.
It doesn't carry any significance, that's why. And it's not because there's no title at stake, but simply because it's a personal grudge that has no real significance for the Nexus. The Nexus (original) vs. Cena was a main event simply because The Nexus was an invasion-type angle and was all about the mysterious bigger picture that we thought would even engulf both World Titles and brands.

Once it became just a personal vendetta for CM Punk that in no way included his Nexus members as nothing but goons, it was pretty much for nothing. Nothing big is at stake at the end of feud; if Punk wins he gets satisfaction and Nexus doesn't look any stronger. If Orton wins, nothing happens either.

In my opinion, Main Event feuds are feuds that change the landscape of the WWE by just a little bit, or go much much deeper on a personal level than just a punt to the head. Orton RKOing Steph and punting Vince & Shane to bring out HHH made it a main event status even without the WWE Title. Streak vs Career didn't have a title, either. Neither Randy or Punk will look any better no matter who wins because it's not very significant. It could be for the Intercontinental or WWE Championship and it wouldn't look any different.

@DB: So you mean Rey didn't win it and lose it at the same night? Well that at least adds something for Rey. Will change now.

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With all TV shows now pretty much officially done, and with Wrestlemania now on its way, I have updated the original post fully.

And it is f*cking mind-boggling.
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