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I might not be able to do this but I aim to do it, if I do this it will be booking in the old style, with out much match description as I don't have much time to book shows.

Vince McMahon - Face
Big Show - Heel
Kurt Angle - Face
Chris Jericho - Face
Shawn Michaels - Heel
Goldberg - Face
Lex Luger - Heel
Rock - Face
Kane - Heel
Scott Steiner - Heel
Bret Hart - Face
Sting - Face
Ric Flair - Heel
Christian - Heel
Rob Van Dam - Face
Randy Orton - Face
A-Train - Heel
Mark Jindrak - Heel
Garrison Cade - Heel
Danny Basham - Heel
Doug Basham - Heel
Buh Buh Ray Dudley - Face
D-Von Dudley - Face
Bradshaw - Face
Faarooq - Face
Chuck Palumbo - Face
Johnny Stamboli - Face
Jazz - Heel
Ivory - Face
Jacqueline - Face
Molly Holly - Heel
Lita - Face
Trish Stratus - Face
Victoria - Heel

Heat Wave
Paul Heyman - Heel
Brock Lesnar - Heel
Chris Benoit - Face
Triple H - Heel
Kevin Nash - Heel
Scott Hall - Face
Diamond Dallas Page - Face
Mick Foley - Face
Undertaker - Heel
Steve Austin - Face
Booker T - Face
Jeff Jerret - Heel
AJ Styles - Face
Eddie Guerrero - Face
John Cena - Face
Edge - Heel
Batista - Heel
William Regal - Heel
Rene Dupree - Heel
Sylvan Grenier - Heel
Charlie Haas - Face
Shelton Benjamin - Face
Lance Storm - Heel
Justin Credible - Heel
Matt Hardy - Face
Jeff Hardy - Face

Stephanie McMahon - Heel
Perry Saturn - Heel
Billy Gunn - Face
Sean O'Haire - Heel
Mark Henry - Heel
Rico Constantino - Face
Maven - Face
Rosey - Face
Steven Richards - Face
Test - Heel
Spike Dudley - Heel
Val Venis - Face
Bill DeMott - Heel
Chris Kanyon - Heel
Hardcore Holly - Face
Rikishi - Face
Rodney Mack - Heel
Bull Buchanan - Heel
Godfather - Face
D'Lo Brown - Face
Crowbar - Heel
Al Snow - Face
Big Boss Man - Heel
Tommy Dreamer - Face
Rhyno - Heel
Raven - Heel
Steve Blackman - Face
Tazz - Face
Mike Awesome - Heel
X Pac - Face
Haku - Heel

Eric Bischoff - Heel
Nunzio - Heel
Jerry Lynn - Face
Hurricane Helms - Face
Akio - Heel
Billy Kidman - Face
Chavo Guerrero Jr - Heel
Jaime Noble - Face
Paul London - Face
Rey Mysterio Jr - Face
Spanky - Face
Scotty Too Hotty - Face
Sho Funaki - Heel
Shannon Moore - Heel
Ultimo Dragon - Face
Nova - Heel
Colt Cabana - Heel
Tajiri - Face
Christopher Daniels - Heel
Crowbar - Heel
Low Ki - Heel
Dean Malenko - Face
Juventud Guerrera - Heel
Jushin Lyger - Face
Taka Michinoku - Heel
CM Punk - Face
Super Crazy - Face
Psicosis - Heel

IWF Champion - Shawn Michaels
IWF Intercontinental Champion - Christian
IWF Tag Team Champions - Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo
IWF Women's Champion - Ivory

Heat Wave
IWF World Champion - Diamond Dallas Page
IWF International Champion - Eddie Guerrero
IWF World Tag Team Champions - Impact Players

IWF Hardcore Champion - Al Snow
IWF European Champion - Sean O'Haire

IWF Cruiserweight Champion - Jushin Lyger
IWF Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions - Kaientai


The show starts off with some pyros and Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler welcome us to the show.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to IWF Freeze. Tonight should be a good night.

Vince McMahon walks out to a host of heat with a microphone and he enters the ring.

Vince McMahon: Hello everybody and welcome to IWF Freeze. You know I'm the owner, and I appoint myself as Commisioner of Freeze. Now, I have split the roster between the four shows. I have some matches already booked for tonight. Tonight we will see the Basham Brothers take on Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak, the Dudley Boyz, the APA and the reigning IWF Tag Team Champions Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo for the IWF Tag Team titles. Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels will also have a match tonight, as well as Bret Hart vs. Kurt, Ric Flair vs. Sting, Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg and Big Show vs. Lex Luger vs. Rock vs. Kane. Christian, Rob Van Dam, A-Train and William Regal will go at in a fatal four way for the IWF Intercontinental Title. Victoria and Lita will fight, as will Ivory and Molly Holly. Jazz and Trish Stratus will fight, with the special referee being Jacqueline. Thank You and enjoy the show.

Jerry Lawler: Tonight sounds awesome JR, and it's nice to know Mr. McMahon is using the talent here on Freeze.

JR: Yes it is, we can now cut back to Lilian Garcia who is with Bret Hart.

Lilian Garcia: Bret Hart, tonight you Kurt Angle. Now this is your return to wrestling as a wrestler. My question is are you ready?

Bret Hart: I'm ready for the return. It's a shame I can't Shawn. I mean with out history, plus I'd easily kick his ass for the IWF Championship. Never mind, I know Angle is a great competitor, but remember this Kurt; I'm the best there ever was, I'm the best there is and I'm the best there will be.

Bret Hart walks away.

Trish Startus vs. Jazz
Special Referee: Jacqueline

Trish Stratus hits the Stratisfaction and pins Jazz. Jacqueline picks Trish up and hits the jumping swinging DDT on Trish. Jacqueline then puts Jazz on top of Trish and fast counts for the pin.

Winner: Jazz

Jazz and Jacqueline leave together and they smile Trish gets up just as they leave and she runs to the back in search for them.

Backstage Jazz and Jacqueline are still running and get in a car and drive away. Trish then runs into Victoria. Trish says sorry to Victoria and goes to run away, but Victoria turns her round and smashes a mirror over her head.

We cut to Lilian Garcia who is with Shawn Michaels.

Lilian Garcia: Tonight you defend your IWF Championship against Chris Jericho, do you think you can beat him.

Shawn Michaels: What? Who are you going on about, oh Chris Jericho. Yeah I'll beat him but I'm more interested in what Bret had to say to you earlier. Bret if your listening, you couldn't beat me in 1997 and you sure as hell can't beat the Showstopper now.

Shawn Michaels walks away but Bret Hart walks out. They stand nose to nose. They start to brawl but the backstage personel brake them up and they walk off.

IWF Women's Title
Referee: Charles Robinson
Ivory vs. Molly Holly
The match ends with Molly trying to hit Ivory with something but Ivory ducks. Molly turns round and Ivory hits the Poison Ivory and gets the pinfall.

Winner and still IWF Women's champion Ivory

Backstage we now cut to Lita, who is training in her locker room. The door opens but nobody is there. Lita walks out and from behind Victoria attacks her. Victoria throws Lita into a wall. They fight into the training room. Victoria goes for a piledriver on the floor but Lita backbody drops Victoria on to a matress. Vince walks in and says this will be their match.

Lita vs. Victoria
Referee: Jack Doan
Lita tries to pin Victoria, who inside craddles Lita. Lita kicks out at two. Victoria then picks Lita up and puts her against a wall and pins her for the one two three.

Winner: Victoria

We cut to the lockeroom if Christian. Christian is training, and stops and looks at his IWF Intercontinental title.

The cameras then cut to Lilian Garcia, who is with A-Train.

Lilian Garcia: A-Train tonight you will face Christian, RVD and Randy Orton in a fatal four way for the Intercontinental title. Do you think you will win.

A-Train: I will win, you have no idea what I will do to win this title. I shall end Christians five month reign as Intercontinental champion.

Lilian Garcia: What does that mean?

A-Train: You'll see.

A-Train walks off and in the arena Randy Orton's music hits and he gets a good pop. The other participants enter the ring.

IWF Intercontinental Title
A-Train vs. Christian (champion) vs. Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam
Referee: Mike Sparks
The match ends with Orton out int he ring, and RVD in the crowd. A-Train is on the top rope and hits the Baldo Bomb and Christian and A-Train land on Orton. A-Train roles Christian out of the way and pins Randy Orton.

Winner and new IWF Intercontinental champion A-Train

A-Train walks away and smiles. He picks the IWF Intercontinental titele up and exits the ring area. RVD is out of sight and can't be found. Paramedics run out and help both Christian and Orton to the back.

Backstage Lilian Garcia is with the Rock.

Lilian Garcia: Tonight you face the Big Show, Lex Luger and Kane. This will be a huge task.....

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to Tampa, Florida. A hard task, it will be a hard task alright. But Lex Luger, more like Lex Loser. I will whip the piece of mankey crap he calls his ass all other the ring. Big Show, his jabroni ass will be eliminated from the contest. The only one left will be Kane, and Kane you will be going one on one with the great one then. Kane, I will whoop your candy ass with a Rock Bottom and then the People's Elbow. The Rock will be the one man left and will gain the rightfull place on the top of the pile against Shawn Michaels and I will become the IWF Heavyweight champion.

The Rock walks away.

IWF Tag Team Titles
Chuck Palumbo and Johnny Stamboli vs. Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade vs. Dudley Boyz vs. APA vs. Basham Brothers
Referee: Jack Doan

The Bashams switch. Faarooq though hits the elbow drop. Danny then gets up and goes for the clothesline on Faarooq. Faarooq ducks and Bradshaw follows up with the clothesline from hell. Jindrak and Cade throw the APA out of the ring. The Dudley Boyz battle Jindrak and Cade in two corners and Stamboli pins Danny for the win.

Winners and stilL IWF Tag Team Champions Johnny Stamboli and Chuck Palumbo

Backstage we cut to Ric Flair who is talking himself up for the match.

Then we see Sting training.

Scott Steiner vs. Goldberg
Referee: Jimmy Cordaris
Goldberg hits the spear on Steiner. Goldberg goes for the Jackhammer and Steiner reverses it into a belly to belly. Steiner picks Goldberg up and Goldberg hits the Jackhammer and pins Steiner.

Winner: Goldberg

Goldberg leaves the arena, but walks back out. Steiner stands up and Goldberg hits a second Jackhammer. Goldberg then takes Steiner to the back. Goldberg throws Steiner into a van and drives away.

Back in the ring we see the Big Show. Big Show grabs a microphone.

Big Show: Rock, I heard what you said earlier. Your underestimating me. If anyone is going to win this match, it will be me.

Big Show vs. Lex Luger vs. Kane vs. Rock
Referee: Mike Chioda

Lex Luger is taken out by a chokeslam from Kane. Kane turns round to a Rock bottom. Big Show goes for the Final Cut but hits the Final Cut Leg Drop and pins the Rock.

Winner Big Show.

The Big Show picks Rock up in a gorilla press slam. Kane sits up and stands on one knee. Big Show drops the Rock onto Kane's knee and Luger knocks him down with a clothesline. Luger, Kane and Show triple team the Rock. The Rock fights back knocking Kane and Luger down but turns round to a big boot from the Big Show. Kane, Luger and Show fight the Rock to the back and out of sight into Tampa.

We cut back to the arena and see Lilian Garcia with Sting. Sting walks off though without talking.

Sting vs. Ric Flair
Referee: Teddy Long

Ric Flair hits Sting with brass knuckles. Flair covers Sting who manages to kick out. Flair is angry with Teddy. Flair goes to hit Sting again and Teddy takes the brass knuckles off Flair. Teddy gives them to Howard Finkle and Sting uses the baseball bat to knock Flair out.

Winner: Sting

Sting walks to the back, and the paramedics help Flair to the back.

Chris Jericho is backstage and bumps into Bret Hart.

Chris Jericho: Good luck tonight Bret.

Bret Hart: I don't need luck, and I know you don't either.

They both walk away.

Bret Hart vs. Kurt Angle
Referee: Nick Patrick

Angle hits the Angle slam and locks in the ankle lock. Bret Hart grabs the ropes. Angle releases and Bret stands up. Angle runs at Bret who kicks Angle in the mid-section. Bret then hits the powerbomb on Angle and locks in the sharp shooter. Angle then taps out.

Winner: Bret Hart

Vince McMahon walks out.

Vince McMahon: Oh, I forgot to mention that is a number one contendership match. So Bret at our first Pay Per View you will face the then reigning IWF Heavyweight champion.

Bret Hart smiles and exits the ring. Bret gets back in the ring and helps Angle to the back.

In the back we see Vince and Shawn Michaels. Shawn can not believe what Vince just did and spits on him. Shawn walks away and Vince does not look happy.

IWF Heavyweight Championship
Shawn Michaels (Champion) vs. Chris Jericho
Referee: Earl Hebner

Shawn is losing to Jericho when Vince runs to the ring and knocks Jericho out with a steel pipe, allowing Shawn to pick up the victory.

Winner and still IWF Champion Shawn Michaels

The show ends with Vince smiling at Shawn. Michaels has a shocked look on his face.


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thats like a dream federation: all wrestlers from the last 15 years or so that matter / were good are there. nice job
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