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Interesting Stephanie/WrestleMania Note

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I assume Steph escorts HHH to the ring and will be in his corner during the match.


A little fun trivia note. If Stephanie McMahon appears in front of the crowd at next Sunday's WrestleMania XXX event, it will be the first time in 12 years that she appeared in front of a WrestleMania crowd. The last time she did so, was WrestleMania X-8 when she escorted Chris Jericho to the ring for his main event match against Triple H. She has appeared in backstage segments since then, but never in front of the live crowd during the pay-per-view.
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At Wrestlemania 29 WWE announced it had become a Founding Parter of the 2014 Special Olympics USA.

trivia FAIL
ITT: Trivia gets FUCKED. :mark:
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