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Interesting Scott Hall story + Bret Hart

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I was unsure about whether to post this story I heard from Scott Hall, but I figured it's an encouraging one more than being gossipy.

Anyway, I was in line to meet Hall at Wrestlecon on Saturday and as I sat down to get my picture taken with him, from behind the curtain came Sid Vicious/Psycho Sid (he actually photobombed my first attempted pic with Hall). He shook hands with Scott and they exchanged pleasantries. Sid asked Hall about how last night was for him. Scott gave the following answer (not exactly verbatim, but pretty close): "I had this girl up in my room. I go to the bathroom to check on her and she had all these pills laid out. I called security right away and they came and got her. I'm trying to go straight, I can't have that stuff around me." I was pretty surprised to hear that, but I was also very proud of Scott for having the strength to avoid what could have been a very bad situation. I hope he continues to display that kind of strength. By the way, he was a very cool guy, very friendly. He said Sid was a good guy.

One quick tidbit about Bret Hart. Also from Wrestlecon, as I was getting ready to get my pic with him, Goldberg walks by behind Bret and gives a quick "hi" to him. Almost immediately after, some other guy (presumably a fan) walks by and gives Bret a little squeeze on the neck (not malicious in any way, more a "hey man, good to see you" squeeze). This sent shockwaves of pain down Bret's neck, causing him to drop his head into his hands. I felt really bad for him. After about a minute, he looked up and asked the photographer who did that. The photographer replied "Goldberg". As if he didn't have enough heat with Goldberg!
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Did you tell Bret that it was not Goldberg ,areamofo711?!
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