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Interesting DVD Idea

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I found this on hybrident.tv:

"HETV is now proud to offer On-Demand Streaming Video and DVDs in one complete package. Beginning with recent CZW DVDs and moving forward, as well as BJW DVDs redubbed with Optional English Commentary, you can now stream your purchase while you await delivery all for one price! If you want other providers to join CZW, let your voice be heard and tell them to join the HETV Family of Content Providers."

Take away the fact that this is CZW, I think this concept could be extremely successful. I know ROH has a video on demand service and I'd like to see them try this concept as well. I think there's something to buying a show and being able to watch it immediately yet still receiving a DVD in the mail. Thoughts?
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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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