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There have been many many inovators behind every wrestling move.Ill name some,you try to come up with some more

Rolling Fireman's Carry Slam-William Regal
Regalplex-William Regal
Ganso Bomb-Toshiaki Kawada (he had a broken arm so he couldn't lift Misawa completely in a powerbomb,thus inadverently inovating this awesome move)
Tiger Driver-Mitsuharu Misawa
Emerald Flowsion-Mitsuharu Misawa
Go 2 Sleep-KENTA
Shiranui-Naomichi Marufuji
Gannosuke Clutch-Mr.Gannosuke
Kudome Valentine-Megumi Kudo
Orange Crush-Kenta Kobashi
Shining Wizard-Great Muta
Moonsault-Great Muta
450 splash-2 Cold Scorpio
Stunner-Mikey Whipwreck
Falcon Arrow-Hayabusa
Phoenix Splash-Hayabusa

You continue..............
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I'm always wary about things like this, because there really is no way to know who innovated 99.9% of the moves around. Just because someone popularised something doesn't mean they weren't turned onto the idea or even shown a move by someone else while training, or if it was something they saw at a small local indy show. That's without considering the fact that most moves are just variations on a basic, common maneuver. Do they count as an innovation if all you're doing is just adding or changing something that's been seen a million times before?

Saying that, though, it's always interesting to look at peoples suggestions in these threads.

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Jake didn't invent DDT,some japanese chick did,i cant remember the name
Never heard of this before, always known it as Jake had somebody in a front facelock and slipped, thus creating the DDT.

I believe Ron Simmons created the sidewalk slam because, as he says it, "it's the kinda' thing you could just do to someone on the sidewalk".

Oh and Santino invented the Cobra

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