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Some people are saying WWE is struggling right now. The ratings are down, the last two PPVs have flopped, the midcard is inexistent, so what's to blame? Is it all down to creative and booking? I think it has more to do with the talent currently missing. Here's the list as I see it (in no particular order)

John Cena
Mark Henry
Rey Mysterio
Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho
Brock Lesner
The Undertaker

While I understand that some of these guys are part timers and injuries do happen that is a lot of main event talent that is missing. That's 10 names, imagine if you could add 5 matches to a PPV with guys of that calibre. It would be incredible. The guys who are left are doing a good job but there are too many guys who should be jobbers doing main event and PPV spots.
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