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New Wwe Brand

Ive Been Having Ideas, and i think that they should cancel velocity and heat. Use those 2 hours to have a live show on saturday nights.

The Brand will feature wrestlers who dont get much exposure on raw or sd!

2.Tommy Dreamer
3.Stevie Richards
4.Jamie Knoble
5.Nathan Jones
6.Randy Orton
7.Raven (signed from tna)
8.Chris Sabin (signed from tna)
9.Frankie Kazarian (signed from tna)
11.Booker t
12. Taz
15.Rey Misterio JR
16.Amazing red (signed from tna)
17.Aj Styles (signed From Tna)
19.Ultimo Dragon

If you have any thoughts on other wrestlers you would like to be featured on

Show Title: Inertia
Wrestling Style: Fast Paced-Hardcore

Announcers: Joey Styles,Sting

Network: Spike Tv

Show Theme Song-Dope-Debonaire

If you have any suggestions any suggestions at all post them i would love to hear what you have to say

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Well, the idea for a new brand of WWE that focuses on the minor, or B-String wrestlers is unnecessary. If you watch Velocity or Heat, both shows feature the minor stars of each respective wrestling brand. Having an entirely new brand just for them would be to hard to pull off, if this happens there will be no opening matches for the bigger shows, RAW and SmackDown!. The bigger superstars need the minor ones just as much as the minor ones need the more popular wrestlers.

There are four TNA wrestlers that I don't know at all, so I will not comment on them, but some other wrestlers in your roster I just don't think would fit in. You are taking some wrestlers in good angles/promo's currently, and sticking them without their opposition. You have Rhyno, but no Chris Beniot; Randy Orton, but no Evolution; Jamie Noble, but no Billy Gunn. And, their are other wrestlers who just don't belong there. Christian, Booker T, Acolytes, Rob Van Dam, for starters. The rest looks pretty fine. For wrestlers I would add; Nunzio, Chuck Palumbo, John Stamboli, Taijiri, Basham Brothers, and Spike Dudley. Add those, and extract the ones above and it seems a bit reasonable. Also you forgot to add the women, although I might be wrong and you could allow the female performers to wrestle on every brand.

If your new brand, is a shoot-off from SmackDown! and RAW I would instead take an unused belt instead of producing totally new belts. From your roster, I can see the show pulling off with the Lightweight or Cruiserweight Belt, and possibly reintroducing the Hardcore Belt.

I am not too familiar on Joey Styles, I heard somewhere or other he was an announcer for TNA, correct? Sting is known as the franchise, for sticking it out with WCW/NWA throughout his career. I don't think he would show up in WWE, and if he did it most certainly wouldn't be as a ring announcer.

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I do agree with Ben. If there was to be another brand, it would only make sense to feature the Cruisierweight and the Hardcore Devisions. Possibly also encorporate a returning championship like the Television or European Championship for those wrestlers that are more mid-card wrestlers than crusierweights. Or even create a Luchadour(sp) championship and devision for the highflying wrestlers like Rey Mysterio, Billy Kidman, and Ultimo Dragon.
But, if you take too many wrestlers away from the smackdown brand thatn, you might as well just get rid of the SD brand all together and put the big card players back on Raw, because SmackDown needs talent badly.

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Disturbed's Down With the sickness hits.

"Hello This Is Tony Shiavonie And Larry Zbysko, and Welcome To Inertia Wrestling live on TNT"

Triple H's Music Hits***

"Well Tony Here Comes The Boss, HHH and Look at that Million Dollar Haircut"
"Well Larry the man is amazing, He Has Held Multiple titles in the wwe, and we're happy to work for him in Inertia Wrestling.

"I used to be the game, But now im done playing it, and Its time for a change"
"You see Ted Turner made me an offer I couldn't refuse with Inertia Wrestling"
"Tonight, There will be the first matches in a tournament to decide the Inertia World Champion"

"Bischoff's music hits***
"HHH you think you can rule Inertia???"
"Well Fortuanatly Mr. Turner Gave Me Some Authority around here to keep you in line"

****HHH laughs in the ring****

"You want to laugh at me????"
"Next Week On Inertia, Im going To have a Battle Royal For The Inertia Weight Title"

Bischoff's Music Hits***

"Wow What A show we have set for tonight Larry, We Have An Inertia World Title Tournament tonight"
"Im Stoked to See the Return of The Faces Of Fear Meng & Barbarian"

Faces of Fear Music Hits***
meng and barbarian make their way to the ring.

The Tar Heels Music Hits***
Shane Helms And Shannon Moore make their way to the ring.

Ding Ding Ding***
"Shannon Moore and Meng Are the legal men in the ring. Meng Whips Shannon Moore into the corner and comes running for the Splash. (connects)
And A series of Knife-Edge Chops in the Corner. A Blind Tag Is Made to Shannon Moore in the corner. Shane Helms Jumps into the ring."

(emts rush into the ring area and pick up shannon moore and place a brace on his neck and is gently placed on a strecher)

"Shane Helms recieves a clothesline from hell from Meng, Meng walks to the corner and tags in the Barbarian."

"The Barb Immediately runs up to Helms and Starts Going to work on his Carcus"

"The Barbarian Picks UP Helms On His Shoulder and It appears Meng is on the Top Rope!"

"Holy SH*T The faces of Fear connect with a Monstrous Doomsday Device."

"The Barbarian Makes the cover for the 1-2-3."

***Commercial Break***

Tommy Dreamer's Music Hits***
Tommy Makes His Way To the Ring

Offspring's come out and play Hits***
Raven Makes His way to the ring

"Tony These Two Are CHildHood Enemies and hate each-other"
"Larry Well see what fate has in store for these two"

Ding Ding Ding
"Dreamer and Raven Start going at it"

"raven Whips Dreamer into the corner as Raven Follows"

"TOmmy Dreamer is on the Recieving ends of some Hard Knife-Edge Chops"

"Raven Recieves a Hard Punch From Dreamer, Raven Nails Dreamer with a swift uppercut"

"Raven Dives out of the ring and Checks under the ring apron for a chair, As tommy searches the ring apron for a Kendo-Stick"

"Raven Enters the ring, as tommy dreamer enters after Raven"

"Tommy Spots raven and Runs at him, Raven Ducks and Connects With Dreamer On a Drop-Toe-Hold onto the chair," Dreamer's kendo Stick connected with raven's forehead, as Both are down"

"1....2....3.....4....5....6 Raven trys to get up but fails....7....8...9....10

***commercial Break***

(The Fink is in the ring)
" ladies and GentleMen, the first match in the Inertia World Title Tournament"

***The Collesium Darkens***
Cold's NoOne Hits as the Pyro Explodes
Sean o'Haire Makes His Way To the ring

Dope's Debonaire Hits
Rhino Makes His Way To the Ring

**The Belt is Showed To the Crowd**

Ding Ding Ding

O'Haire And Rhino Lock Up, Rhino Brings O'haire into the sleeper, O'Haire Seems to be falling asleep, O'Haire elbows Rhino In the gut,Reverses Rhino's Sleeper and Bring's Him Into a sleeper of his Own"

Rhino Reverses the Sleeper and Gores O'Haire Into the corner"

"rhino goes up to the top rope,1..2..3..4...5...6"

"Rhino is picked Up For A monstrous jack-Knife powerbomb out of the corner"

"Rhino Seems to be out cold Larry"
"you see rhino does this stuff to fake out his opponents Tony just wait"

O'Haire Walks over to him, and recieves a low-blow for his efforts"

"rhino runs off the ropes and Brings Sean Down With a monstrous Gore"


They Both get up slowly,Rhino runs into O'haire and Recieves a heavy martial arts kick, and Is shoved between Sean's Legs as he goes up for The Dominator"

O'Haire Covers Rhino For the 1-2-3

***Bobby Heenen Catches O'Haire in the back

"Sean How do you feel about advancing in the inertia Title Tournament"
"Heenen, im Not telling anything you dont already know,but its only the beginning of tragic things to come"

Bobby Heenen looks puzzled as O'Haire walks away

***comercial break***

"Ladies and Gentlemen this is the second match in the Inertia Title Tournament"

Batista's Music hits
Dave Batista Makes his way to the ring /w Trinity

Franchise's Music Hits
Shane Douglas Makes his way to the ring

Ding Ding Ding

The Two Connect and Destroy eachother with two gigantic closelines

1...2...3....4 They Both Slowly get up. But connect again with 2 more closelines

1.....2...3 Both get up

Batista Locks the Franchise up in a Half Nelson

Douglas reverses it into a Tazzmission

Trinity Is Set on the top rope,
Douglas gets up and walks into a flying leg scissors,

"what The Hell, Thats New Jack, New Jack Has a bat in his hand"
"This Does not look good Tony"

"New Jack With powerful shots with that bat to trinity"

"Batista Grabs the bat and nails New Jack, then kneels down to aid trinity, He gets up and turns around and walks right into the franchiser Kick"

Shane Douglas makes the cover for the 1-2-3

***Commercial Break***

"This Is The Inertia Main Event"
"It is for the Inertia World Title"

Franchise Music hits
Franchise makes his way to the ring

***The Collesium Darkens***

The Pyro Explodes as O'haire's music hits

Ding Ding Ding
"the Franchise takes off but is decapitated by a Gargantous ClothesLine from O'haire

Franchise gets up and Is Caught with a heavy martial arts kick

A man from the ground runs and slips a chair to douglas and is then is caught by security

O'Haire Poses To the crowd,

***Bischoff is spotted by the Entrance with the control Suddlenly a cage with a top is lowered into the ring
"this is now a steel cage match, Enjoy HHH"-Bischoff

O'Haire runs at Douglas But douglas nails him with Steel Chair.

O'Haire Is Bleeding Prefusley, the franchise regroups by the turnbuckle

after about 2 minutes O'Haire Gets Up his face is a Crimson Mess

Shane Runs at him but is nailed with a heavy martial arts kick.

O'Haire Picks up Shane for a Gorilla Press slam But Shane nails the top of the cage!!!

He Then Picks up douglas and Rakes his face against the cage

DOuglas now is also a crimson mess

New Jack runs to the ring as Sean is leaning against the cage, new jack stares sean in the face and removes a staple gun from his pocket, Douglas is right behind o'haire as o'haire ducks and Brings douglas to new jack's stapel gun as new Jack accidentaly staples Douglas' face.

O'Haire Picks up Douglas for the dominator

O'Haire covers Shane for the 1-2-3

"LAdies and gentlemen Here is your new and first Inertia World Champion"

"Tony Shiavonie and larry Zybsko Signing off for Inertia Wrestling and TNT"

"stay tuned for the TNT original movie

***please post what you think i really need Information, and i love to hear what you liked about the debut show of inertia wreslting"

If you dont like something or would like to see something on this show Please give me some feedback

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I am glad you picked two ringside commentators who work well together. If you run this correctly there could be some awesome dialouge. You had Triple H mention Ted Turner give him a deal, but never actually specified what it was. Of course, if we all read close it points out pretty clearly he is a powerful booker. And, try making it a bit more clear on who is saying what so we won't get caught up and have to backtrack to read through again.

The first match was pretty predictable. You have two men towering 6'4" a piece, both weighing over the three-hundred pound mark versus two men who are cruiserweights. I think you made a bit of a fumble Shannon Moore had emt's come out to take care of him and cart him to the back, leaving Shane Helms versus both the Faces of Fear. Either someone should have came out to aid him, which might have made a good promo with the Faces of Fear and Tar Heels later on, or called the match in favor of the Faces of Fear.

I was disappointed with the second match. Tommy Dreamer and Raven two competitors who made hardcore wrestling, hardcore wrestling. Both of them are not standing after ten seconds is borderline ludicras. Mick Foley took how many chairshots from the Rock in that Last Man Standing match, more than five, I think more than even ten. And, these guys go down with a drop toe-hold like that. Would sadden any ECW fan.

I am glad to see Sean O'Haire get a rightful push he deserves in this new business by winning the champonship belt. I have seen from your title tournament, that most main eventers are younger, new generation wrestlers or those who are hardcore from ECW. You have started it like this, I would like you to continue it like this. What I am saying is if these were your main eventers now, I would dislike seeing Sting, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, or Booker T somewhere down the line with the title. Takes away from what I think you have made clear in the promotion.

Besides that I would say stop using the comments in the middle or end of the matches. And, maybe write another match or two. For two hours of television five is way below par, they can normally get six or even seven matches a night.

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one bad thread after another......It does sound dumb when the shows title is inertia! that could draw people away. think about it. you go up to your friend and ask him did he see inertia last night? he would not answer that.

also these guys do get alot of exposure:Rey Misterio JR, booker t, christian, rvd, apa (not acolytes),and randy orton.
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