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Indy wrestling of the 90's

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What are some of the best indy matches of the 90's? I know about the Gilber/Jack matches as well as the Lightning Kid/Lynn and Lightning Kid/Sabu matches but what are some others? Is there anything else that really stands out or is worthy to watch?
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I guess it depends on what you'd call an "indy".

If you consider Smokey Mountain an indy then there's probably a ton of good shit over the course of its existence worth checking out. I actually sent a guy an email a couple days ago about picking up all of the SMW TV from '92 and '93, because it's a promotion I've seen very little of.

There's probably a decent chunk of OMEGA stuff worth looking at, too. I've only got a few bits and pieces of OMEGA footage here, but there's a Hardys v Helms & Venom match from '98 (July, I'm sure) I have that's terrific. Haven't really watched any of the other stuff yet, but it's something I'll have to do at some point.

USWA has *tonnes* of stuff that looks boss.

Got a bunch of other semi-obscure stuff lying around here from ECWA, NWA2000, etc., although I don't think I've actually watched any of it yet.
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