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Indy Show Draws More Than TNA

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- A Southern All-Star Wrestling independent show at the Nashville Fairgrounds last night headlined by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee reportedly drew 1,700 paid fans. In comparison, TNA’s recent farewell tribute show at the Fairgrounds only drew 900 fans.

Dutch Mantell special refereed the match that saw Lawler defeat his longtime rival in a 16 minute match with the piledriver.
Source F4Wonline.com / Wrestling-Edge.com
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the whole point is that you need to promote your stuff, it doesn't matter if your guys are a draw or not, you could have the biggest draw ever, but if you don't promote the hell out of it, you wont get people to watch it, in many people's eyes, hulk hogan, jeff hardy, kurt angle, are bigger draws than jerry lawler, and yet a show with jerry lawler is getting more people to see it than the hulk hogan returning show

just make noise, tell everyone "HEY GUYS WE GOT THIS!!! COME WATCH IT IT WILL BE AWESOME" the whole idea of making it a mistery wont make them watch, it wont make them give ppv money, specially on TNA, they dissapointed potential viewers too many times, you got right now a chance with the "new they" storyline, give us something good, promote it properly, and you will see viewers rising, its no rocket science
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