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Indy Show Draws More Than TNA

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- A Southern All-Star Wrestling independent show at the Nashville Fairgrounds last night headlined by WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler vs. Bill Dundee reportedly drew 1,700 paid fans. In comparison, TNA’s recent farewell tribute show at the Fairgrounds only drew 900 fans.

Dutch Mantell special refereed the match that saw Lawler defeat his longtime rival in a 16 minute match with the piledriver.
Source F4Wonline.com / Wrestling-Edge.com
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· Lucy Snorebush
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Again, you must not realize how huge the Dundee/Lawler feud was in Memphis. The match likely drew people in that quit watching wrestling long ago, but remember and loved this feud back in the day.
I'm well aware of the feud but you can't use this as an excuse. TNA should be selling out every house show they do or atleast damn near close to it. I often wonder how/many the crowd would be if Impact tickets weren't handed out for free.
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