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And so we begin again.

Speaking of that AAW 2/19 card, it does look hot:

Two have my favorite indie wrestlers of the '10s going at it even with Sami being gone for so long. Probably going to bust each other up.

If you are going to have Abyss wrestle then you might as well have it be with three other large lads with weapons in play.

So. Many. Spots. You don't even know.

Another high octane match on this card. They had a really good match in EVOLVE last year so look forward to them doing it again.

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Got the Kevin Steen; Not Another Steen DVD today. In comparison to WWE, PWG do a great job IMO when picking the matches for these compilation dvds.

This along with the recent Young Bucks best of features the best of the best tbh.

Hoping to get the Generico one next.

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SMV just released a BOTI for Ethan Page

1. Interview - 105 Minutes
2. Ethan Page vs. Sterling James Keenan (VPW "Summer Bash 2" 8/16/08)
3. Ethan Page vs. Teddy Stigma (VPW "We Live for This" 2/20/09)
4. Ethan Page vs. Michael Elgin (IWA Mid-South "Benefit for Acid Jazz" 6/7/09)
5. Ethan Page vs. Adam Cole vs. Chris Dickinson vs. Greg Excellent (Force 1 "No More Sorrow" 4/30/10)
6. Ethan Page vs. Josh Alexander (AIW "It Feels Good to be a Gangsta" 4/26/13)
7. Ethan Page vs. Player Uno (C*4 "Triumph" 11/23/13)
8. Ethan Page vs. Player Dos (C*4 "Maximum Overdrive" 3/14/14)
9. Ethan Page vs. Buff Bagwell (AIW "JLIT- Night 2" 5/24/14)
10. Ethan Page vs. Louis Lyndon (IWC "Super Indy XIII" 6/14/14)
11. Dog Collar match: Ethan Page vs. Eddie Kingston (AIW "Hell on Earth X" 11/28/14)
12. Ethan Page vs. RD Evans (Alpha 1 "Mat Rats" 1/18/15)
13. Extreme Rules: Ethan Page vs. Tyler Thomas (Alpha 1 "Immortal Kombat 3" 5/10/15)
14. Ethan Page vs. Biff Busick (Alpha 1 "Assemble" 6/14/15)
15. Ethan Page & Josh Alexander vs. Gym Rats (Alpha 1 "Seppuku" 7/12/15)
16. Ethan Page vs. Allysin Kay (AIW "Battle of the Sexes 2" 8/14/15)
17. Ethan Page vs. Johnny Gargano (AAW "Jawbreaker" 10/9/15)

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First two matches announced for Wrestlecon. Taking advantage of the Scurll/Ospreay hype and I guess those two are strictly working just the two EVOLVE events and not the WWN Supershow.


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Extremely late on this but here it goes.

PWG BOLA- Stage One​

1. Brian Cage vs Aerostar *1/2
-Ok-ish opener but there were a lot of botches in this one. Finish fell flat.

2. Biff Busick vs Andrew Everett ***
-Really solid match. Both styles meshed well. Dug the finish. No complaints here.

3. Mark Andrews vs Will Ospreay ***3/4
-I may be overrating it but I enjoyed this a lot. Had a really old school CZW BOTB vibe to it. Two young guys just going out there and killing it.

4. Angelico/Evans vs Ricochet/Swann ***1/4
-Exactly what you would expect given the names in it. Really good match.

5. Trent vs Trevor Lee ***
-Nothing too memorable but a really solid match.

6. Drago vs Pentagon Jr. **1/4
-I honestly just couldn't get into this one at all tbh. I felt like it was missing something, just not sure what that thing is. But coming out of it, I was a bit let down. Time constraints didn't help at all either.

7. Fenix vs Matt Sydal ***1/2
-Now this was good, really good. Sydal could have sold the leg better but overall this was a damn fine tournament match.

8. Mount Rushmore 2.0 vs Eurotrash ***1/2

-Pretty much what you'd expect from these opening night BOLA tag match main event. Impressive debut for Scurll.

1. Marty Scurll vs Rich Swann **1/2
-Good opener. Finish was a bit iffy but it was enjoyable for what it was.

2. Angelico vs Jack Evans :lmao
-I honestly don't know where I'll place this match on the star scale but goddamn Jack Evans killed it out there...on the mic! Lots of antics and shenanigans during the match that are highlights of this tournament. For some reason, Evans wanted to be a heel during this tournament and by God did he entertain.

3. Chris Hero vs Timothy Thatcher ***1/2
-Solid work from these two as expected.

4. Aerostar/Fenix vs Drago/Pentagon Jr ****
-Yes, I'm overrating it but I was marking out the entire time. Loved this match so much. Had a sort of TLC II vibe to it, minus the tables, ladders and chairs of course. Drago and Pentagon made up for the previous night.

5. Tommy End vs Drew Gulak **3/4
-This was on its way to being something great, then it just ended. Still a well booked and well executed match given its spot on the card.

6. Mike Bailey vs Drew Galloway ***3/4
Wow. So this was good. Really damn good. Really, really damn good. Ok, this was great. Where was this Drew Galloway in WWE? I take back everything I said about him being dull and boring because he was the opposite of it in this match. Speedball plays the underdog role so well and Galloway just knows how to throw his weight around in the ring. One of the best of the tournament if you ask me.

7. Ricochet vs Zack Sabre Jr ***
-I found this match to be just 'good'. Nothing really blew me away and nothing really stood out.

8. Mount Rushmore 2.0 vs Biff Busick/Andrew Everett/Trevor Lee ***1/2
- This match lacked any real structure and it felt like they were just taking turns doing big spots and hitting each other with stuff. Meh, it was fun to watch but I don't see myself ever returning to it again tbh.

1. Brian Cage vs Jack Evans **1/2
-Again, not sure what to make of these Jack Evans matches other than, what the hell possessed him? Whatever it was, it made for some of the most entertaining highlights of the night.

2. Biff Busick vs Chris Hero **3/4
-A decent match. Felt like the finish wasn't necessary but it is what it is.

3. Trevor Lee vs Marty Scurll ***
-Another good bout. I believe this would have been a first time encounter between the two.

4. Pentagon Jr vs Zack Sabre Jr. ***1/2
-I liked this. Hardly doubt these two ever crossed paths before but if this is going to be the first and only time then I am quite pleased with what I got.

5. Mike Bailey vs Tommy End ***1/4
-Kicks, kicks and kicks! Loved the atmosphere for this one as well. Tommy, Tommy Fucking End! Speed-fucking-ball!

6. Will Ospreay vs Matt Sydal ***1/4
-Another quality match.

7. Mount Rushmore 2.0 vs Ricochet/Swann/Angelico/Fenix/Angelico ***
-Typical multi-man tag team intermission match.

8. Chris Hero vs Jack Evans **1/2
-Forget Chris is awesome, Jack is awesome. Not much to write about tbh, except for the fact that Evans is the reason the Rock finally tweeted Chuck and Trent.

9. Mike Bailey vs Will Ospreay ***
-Standard Bailey arsenal vs standard Ospreay arsenal. Not a bad match but you can tell they were just hitting their signature moves because, well, fuck it we've been going nonstop for three nights now.

10. Zack Sabre Jr vs Marty Scurll ***1/4
-I liked this match. Had a really nice World of Sport feel to it. *clap* British wrestling *clap*

11. Team Ciampa vs Team Taylor ***
-Another fun tag team match for a break. They recycled the slow-mo spot from last year but who cares? At the time this was part of Chuck's 'retirement' tour. It was fun and it served its purpose.

12. Chris Hero vs Mike Bailey vs Zack Sabre Jr. *
-Oh, fuck off. After three fun nights of wrestling this piece of shit match is what ends it? From the moment I saw that Hero was going to the finals I jsut knew that they was going to be some hokey, contrived, stupid looking three-way chain wrestling. And guess what? There was! What made it worse was the stupid comedy spots that, imo, had no place in the FINALS of a tournament. I get that everyone was tired but maybe, just maybe shaving 15 minutes off of it would have helped. Just a terrible match.

A fun weekend of wrestling marred by an awful finals. Jack Evans was the real MVP of this tournament though (Y)

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I'm selling a couple of DVD bundles. Figured I'd post for anyone who may be interested.



If anyone from Canada is interested let me know. I listed it in USD because I figured it would likely be sold to someone there, and the Canadian Dollar is worth significantly less than the US Dollar so I wanted to even it out a little.

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Can't go wrong with a CHIKARA show, nothing exceptional but all the matches were at the very least decent :thumbsup


Looking forward to the rest of the season, hope something big happens since 15 was so calm and all.

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Another DVD review cause I'm bored.


1. Pinkie Sanchez & Arik Cannon vs Jigsaw & Fire Ant ★★½

2. Akira Tozawa vs Samuray Del Sol ★★★¼

3. Johnny Gargano vs John Davis ½★

4. Ricochet & Rich Swann vs The Super Smash Brothers ★★★½

5. Chuck Taylor, Drew Gulak and Orange Cassidy vs Scott Reed, Caleb Konley & Cheech ★½

6. El Generico vs Sami Callian ★★★½

7. CIMA & AR Fox vs Genki Horiguchi & Ryo Saito ★

-Opening match was meh. Ugh, Arik Cannon. Post match the Scene attacks the DUF. I thought DUF were heels but clearly they're not. I don't know.

-Tozawa/Del Sol was neat. Only problem I really had was Del Sol eating shit on the barricade and barely selling it. But whatever.

-Gargano/Davis existed solely to advance the angle. Don't think it went more than one minute.

-Tag team match was pretty damn fun as expected. The wrong tag match main evented.

-Sigh, The Scene.

-Generico/Callihan was good but that's about it. Had higher expectations.

-Fuck the main event. I'm so glad DG USA is no longer around. I own 13 DG USA DVDs and apart from a match or two, the shows are pretty damn boring largely in part due to the generic, cut and paste Dragon Gate wrestlers. I'm not familiar with the smaller promotions in Japan but I have a hard time believing Horiguchi is a star- in any country.

And I've always found CIMA to be overrated. Quite frankly, the only good talent to come from there, imo, is Tozawa and Yamato. The rest put me to sleep. The "do more" philosophy" of Dragon Gate doesn't help either. This match was basically generic Japanese moves combined with one of the worst heat segments ever! The match is a plodding mess (like pretty much any other match in DGUSA featuring the DG roster) and I popped for the finish not because it was good but because it was finally over. Terrible match and terrible main event for an overall terribly booked show. Are the DUF heels or faces? What about the Gentleman's Club? I'm not a fan of shades of gray booking at all. DGUSA has got to be Gabe's biggest failed experiment ever. And why am I stressing over a show that took place in 2012?

Despite three good matches, none of them are strong enough to really warrant the purchase of this show. I got this DVD for $5 in the Highspots Clearance section. I don't even think it's worth that little.

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"Sigh, The Scene."

Never has so little said so much. I think that's pretty much everyone's thought.

Which is a shame cause I met Caleb Konley once and it was one of the nicest "talk to a wrestler" experiences I have ever had.
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