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Question about some indie wrestlers

What was Desmond Wolfe/Nigel McGuinness's gimmick?

Did Douglas Williams once have an anarchist gimmick

What is Colt Cabana's gimmick?
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Nigel's gimmick was first that of a european style wrestler and he often won matches using dirty tactics and screwy finishes until he turned face. He won the belt and his gimmick slowly changed from a fan favourite to a full on heel through some genuinely incredible character performances in matches. The fans had started to turn on him so ROH did the right thing and turned him heel, his gimmick was basically that he felt the fans were blood thirsty for turning on him because he couldn't wrestle due to an injury, and he hated the fans for turning on him. He was a godly heel champion that the fans could easily boo, especially in New York where it all first started. He would flip off the fans, wear the belt backwards on his arse because he didn't respect it or the fans all the while being fucking amazing in the ring just to show the fans that they were idiots for turning on him. IMO, the best wrestler to have never made it to the big time and my favourite indy wrestler ever (yes, more than Danielson).

Never cared for Williams tbh, even though he's great in the ring. I can't remember his ROH gimmick at all lol.

Cabana is a comedy wrestler.

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I think Nigel described one of his gimmicks (maybe his overall gimmick dunno) as "a punk rock soccer hooligan... Billy Idol meets Johnny Saint."
Also "I'm the guy who doesn't give a fuck about getting concussions and will just....I forgot what I was going to say because I ended up headbutting everyone, their mother, and ring posts for no fucking reason other than to get people to like me."
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