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Indian Microsoft phone scam

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Has anyone ever had any fun with these?

My mum usually strings them along for a while claiming to be a cleaner but earlier I kept one the phone for ten minutes, eventually saying he was confused and asked if he needed help.

I then told him how I used to do quality assurance for xbox but they ignore everything you say, so i said I work for Microsoft and he hung up.

How fucking stupid are they, they try and make you install software on your own pc to give them access and why dont microsoft crush them.

Next time I am going to keep him on there for as long as possible then say I have a mac
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It's not them, who's stupid. People are stupid, if someone tells them to do that and they do that.
Never had this myself, nor do I know anyone who has. But I have seen many videos on Youtube and some of them are really funny. This one guy was saying how he only had one arm and was using it to hold the phone. Good shit.
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