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I was looking through WWE's website a few days ago and i noticed something...

Triple H vs Sting was in the Slammy awards voting for match of the year, but nowhere to be seen in this... http://www.wwe.com/inside/top-25-matches-of-2015

Also on that list, the NXT women's fatal 4 way is at number 5, with Sasha vs Becky at number 15.

Yet, in this list...


Sasha vs Becky is at number 5 with the fatal 4 way nowhere to be seen, and in THIS list...


Sasha vs Becky is at number 9, and again, the fatal 4 way is nowhere to be seen.

I know this is a minor thing in all honesty, but it makes me laugh that the WWE's own staff can't even show some level of continuity with how they rate their own matches, they seem to be suffering from the commentator's disease of serious memory loss. :lol I might be missing something with how the matches were voted on and by what people, but this is just silly IMO.

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If you want to completely understand this, you need some Steiner's math.

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