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Hello Wrestling Forum, this is OXITRON

And I welcome you to WF's first (now) Summer-Autumn Auction Draft.

Here we have the first match of the second round between HollywoodNightmare and Rugrat.
Who will win? You decide, BY VOTING.
However for your vote to be validated, you must leave a comment of at least 40 words, describing the reason(s) you choose one, and not the other.
Simply, this prevents people asking for quick votes, and ensures fair play.


HollywoodNightmare Presents: Wrestlefest II:

NXT Championship Match:
Michael Elgin vs Neville vs Sami Zayn (c)

In the opening match Sami Zayn defends his NXT Championship against the man that gravity forgot Neville and the powerbomb machine known as Michael Elgin. Will Sami overcome the odds and retain his title? Will Neville become the first ever 2 time NXT Champion? Will Elgin murder the high flyers and add another title to his resume? And what about Chuck and Bob? Will anybody understand this SOAP reference? Find out on the next Wrestlefest!

A regular yet sexy singles match:
Maria Kanellis vs Brooke Tessmacher

Do you like hot women? Do you like seeing them in their underwear? If you answered yes to those questions then I got a match for you! Maria and Brooke were unable to settle their differences in their mixed tag match last show and now they look to do so here by pinning the other in the middle of the ring, 1, 2, 3!

David & David vs Goliath:
PJ Black & Johnny Mundo vs Bam Bam Bigelow

After Bam Bam destroyed Elgin on the first Wrestlefest, he faces a new challenge in the form of PJ Black & Johnny Mundo who will join forces looking to take down the big man. If the high flying duo is successful they'll be rewarded with a tag title shot on Wrestlefest III, if Bam Bam is successful he'll earn a WWE Title shot. Both sides will be looking to give it their all here and the question is who will come out on top?

Triple Threat Tag Team TLC Match:
The Kingdom (Mike Bennett & Matt Taven w/ Maria Kanellis) vs The Wolves vs The Steiners (c)

In what should be an epic match, The Steiner Brothers will defend their World Tag Team Championships against the hard hitting Wolves and the self proclaimed "Internet Darlings" The Kingdom. The Wolves come in as the only team with a history of TLC Matches while The Steiners come in with a great history as a team to their advantage and The Kingdom comes in with youth on their side as well as the gorgeous Maria Kanellis who will lead her husband and his tag team partner to the ring for this war. Who will prove to be the best team here?

I Quit Match:
Samoa Joe vs Hulk Hogan

In our semi main event, Samoa Joe will take on Hulk Hogan in an I Quit Match. Joe is furious after losing to Triple H last time out and has promised to send a message that he's still a total badass by making Hogan quit. Hogan has promised Hulkamania will run wild on Joe and some other shit that nobody understood in his roided up rage filled promo but the question is, who wins and who will be forced to quit?

WWE Championship Match:
Harley Race vs Triple H (c)

In our main event, Triple H will once again be defending the WWE Championship. This time he takes on a whole new beast in Harley Race, one of the best to ever lace up a pair of boots. Will Race prove to be too much for Triple H to handle or will Triple H be able to retain his championship and continue his dominant reign?​

The Rock (c) v Kurt Angle​

Rock having beaten Kevin Nash to become the first RRW Champion is facing a huge challenge in Kurt Angle. Kurt is fresh off a pinfall victory on Rey Mysterio, so will be looking for another impressive scalp.​
Jerry Lynn (c) v Rey Misterio Jr​

Kevin Nash v Rey Misterio Jr

Having been pinned dirty by Kurt Angle on the last show to lose his number one contendership match, Rey Misterio was offered a shot at the Extreme Title by Jim Cornette on the condition that he defeats Kevin Nash. Rey wins
Pentagon Jr (c) v Roman Reigns

For info on why Reigns is in a junior heavyweight title match see below.

The Nasty Boys (Brian Knobbs and Jerry Sags) (c) v The World's Greatest Tag Team (Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin)

Cryme Tyme (Shad and JTG) v Team Soul (Rocky Johnson and Tony Atlas) v The Briscoes.

Lance Storm v Amazing Red v Spud v ...Roman Reigns​

Reigns wins
Having turned Spud inside out to win with a crushing spear, Reigns is told by commissioner Cornette he wasn't actually meant to be in the match as he is heavier than the 235 pound weight limit. However, with his warm cappuccino coloured skin, his dazzling locks and pretty blue eyes all the females in attendance are wetter than a dirty sewer. Cornette sees and smells the fishy aroma of ratings and grants Reigns a title shot against Pentagon Jr. Due to Reigns not fitting the weight limit, Cornette allows the champ to pick the stip.
Rusev v Mike Awesome

Willie Mack v Sean O'Haire​

Commissioner Cornette announces that the winners of these two matches will receive a special reward on the next show. All will be revealed next show​


Remember to leave a 40 word minimum response as to who you're voting on.
It would be unfair to penalise anyone for not voting, but if you're a part of the auction it is expected for you to vote. Unless you're banned. Like Conor.

Player errors:
:mj read ZOMBO's post.

a Stupid Idea from Bad Creative
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Some interesting match-ups on both cards. Rugrat has the more star power but I am more a fan of how Hollywood used his roster. HHH vs Harley Race ME puts Hollywood's card over the top for me.

Vote: Hollywood

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This is a tough one for me, but I think I'm gonna go for HollywoodNightmare on this one. I really like Curry's main event of Rock vs Angle, and if the rest of his card was slightly better, that would have won me over. But the depth of Race/Trips, Joe/Hogan, TLC, the NXT title match and BRA AND PANTIES :drose wins it for me.

Although as Zombo pointed out, looks like HollywoodNightmare has too many stips. I count 3 in a 6 match card, whereas I removed one that I had because I had 3 in an 8 match card. So whereas my post here says HollywoodNightmare, I will save my actual vote until this issue is resolved.

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Errr, if HN has 6 matches and we're allowed stips in 1/4 of our matches, I think two (maybe 3?) stips have to be removed. He has the Bra and Panties match, TLC, I Quit, AND the handicap match (which I'm unsure where that falls in the spectrum of stipulations).

I like his card more, but I'm reserving judgment until @OXITRON makes a ruling here.

Getting molested by Bill DeMott
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Elgin ruining a Neville/Zayn match?!?!?! :fuckthis

B&P match :yay

Joe/Hogan solid co-main

Race/HHH. Love the main event

Love the new combinations of Angle/Rock and Nash/Rey :ambrose

Pentagon Jr. beating the holy fuck out of Reigns in a street fight? TAKE. MY. MONEY. NOW.

Nasty Boys as tag champs :ugh2 WGTT together again makes it tolerable though. :lenny


Very close match but I'm going with Rugrat here. The Elgin inclusion in that Neville/Zayn match swung it for me :quimby

Exploring Planet Alpha
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If it helps sways votes in my favor, I imagine Elgin would just get his fat ass kicked all match. :lol

Also I didn't realize bra & panties counted under the gimmick match stip, I'll remove that and just let it be a normal match (Wardrobe Malfunctions can always happen. ;) ). I would hope handicap matches aren't counted as gimmick matches.

Phantom Thief
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I can't say I really like either card too much but I'll go for the one with Rock/Angle. Because you see, I'm a big fan of both performers in their prime, which I will assume this is match is between. Verily, I say.

Still searching
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This is the hardest match of the round to judge for me as I really prefer HollywoodNightmare's undercard but Rugrat's main event is just on another level. I'm giving the slight edge to HollywoodNightmare however as the entertainment factor throughout just outweighs the draw of Angle/Rock for me.

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Strong opener, and while putting Elgin in the opener with Zayn and Neville wouldn't ruin the whole match, I do agree with Socko in that the match would be better if it would just be one-on-one between Zayn and Neville.

No fucks given about Maria v Brooke.

Not really a fan of the next two matches either. Handicap matches are never anything special, and not really sure if I'd want to see Steiners anywhere near ladders or not.

Joe-Hogan could be good I guess. Would watch out of curiosity.

Main event looks amazing. Must-see.


Don't really care about any of the first 6 matches with the exception of Awesome vs. Rusev which looks... well, awesome.

Mysterio always worked well with bigger guys, so I believe he could bring out the best in Nash.

Mysterio vs Lynn has the potential to steal the show here.

Rock and Angle always worked really well against eachother, inside and outside of the ring. Really strong main event here.

I'll give this one to Rugrat, because ultimately it came down to who has the better co-main event, and Rugrat's in my opinion was the better one out of these two.

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In honesty I'm not particularly interested in either card but I'd rather see another Rock vs. Angle in their primes in this day and age, as well as Nash and Mysterio over Joe and Hogan which, maybe because I'm not a TNA fan, doesn't interest me whatsoever. Harley Race vs. HHH would be cool without a doubt though, but still, I'd prefer Rugrat's 2 major matches.

The undercard for both was just :woah
Rugrat's was frankly awful and HollywoodNightmare had Elgin in the match with Neville and Zayn which would've been fantastic without him, and PJ Black & Johnny Mundo in a handicap against Bam Bam is very meh. Overall just not interested in anything but what I mentioned in the first paragraph, so Rugrat barely inches in front.
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