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Welcome Ladies and Gents to "In Their Prime Wrestling"! Episode 1

It's simple but sweet. We have a list of superstars from today, yesterday, and maybe a few in the future. EVERYBODY is in their prime here at PW. On my end ANYTHING that happens will be decided by the flip of a coin, and I will go from there.

The date is unknown and irrelivant.

There is no "Prime Champion" yet... However there is a "King Of The Ring" Style tourney. But, that's later.

Lets start off with the Ladies division. We also will hold a Queen of the ring style tourney.

Women include:

1) Moolah vs
2) Mae Young

3) Alundra Blaze vs
4) Lita

5) Trish Stratus vs
6) Christina Von Eerie

7) Sherri Martel vs
8) Jazz

Now for the Mens "King Of The Ring"

1) Bret Hart vs
2) Jake Roberts

3) Randy Savage vs
4) Harley Race

5) Andre The Giant vs
6) Rey Mysterio

7) Randy Orton vs
8) Ultimate Warrior

9) Lou Thez vs
10) Stone Cold Steve Austin

11) The Rock vs
12) The Undertaker

13) Batista vs
14) Owen Hart

15) British Bulldog vs
16) Big John Studd

17) Nick Bockwinkle vs
18) The Miz

19) Shawn Michaels vs
20) Roddy Piper

21) Kevin Nash vs
22) Chris Jericho

23) Matt Hardy vs
24) Jeff Hardy

25) Goldberg vs
26) Doink The Clown

27) Jerry Lawler vs
28) Brock Lesnar

29) Kurt Angle vs
30) Chris Benoit

31) John Cena vs
32) Bob Backlund

Also, there are 6 people from this list (of Men) that are gonna be removed from this Fed, it's gonna be random. There will be eventually other titles once the Champ is crowned. We are gonna have some interesting tag teams developing. And match types.

The commentators are Jim ROss and Bobby Heenan.

The GM is Mike Tyson.

Stay tuned as I will update often.

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This is the first round of the tournament to crown the NEW PW champion.

Starting off with Bret Hart vs Jake Roberts

Bret Hart Defeats Jake Robers via countout as Goldberg comes to the ring and grabs Jakes Snake.

Harley Race defeats Randy Savage by way of submission

Rey Mysterio defeats Andre the giant by running circles around the Giant for 10 mins, and eventually wearing the big guy out till he eventually ends up on his back due to being so tired he couldn't move to even kick out.

Ultimate Warrior attacks Randy Orton as he enters the ring, never giving Randy a chance. The Ultimate Warrior pins Randy Orton in about 2 mins or just a PURE beatdown. As Randy gets to his feet after the match, he looks PIST.

Lou Thez out wrestles Stone Cold... WHat looks to be that Stone Cold agreed in the ring t a pure wrestling match, and the match went on a SOLID 15 mins, almost to time limit. Lou Thez pinned Austin at the very last second. The crowd gave both a standing ovation. Austin offered a beer to Thez and tipped and drank, as Austin went for the gut kick to set up for the stunner, Thez caught his leg and took him to the mat outwrestling him, yet again.

The Undertaker beats The ROck via way of no show. I guess The Rock is out making another movie. The Rock as been removed from PW for the time being.

Batista beats Owen. Owens foot is on the bottom rope WAY before the second count, but the ref missed it. And as Owen was trying to explain his case to the raf after the match, and the ref looked like he was gonna change his decision, Batista powerbombed the ref. So the decision stood cause the next match had started.

The British Bulldog beat Big John Studd in an arm wrestling match. Before the match started, in the back the two agreed to have an arm wrestling match to determine the winner. After the match, Studd destroyed the table and the announcers booth, feeling like he was cheated out of a win cause he is not Right handed.

Nick Bockwinkle beat the Miz by way of submission at 7:43

HBK defeats Roddy Piper in a true classic match. Two amazing heels so cool, the crowd was actually chanting for both men. 10 mins of pure cheating by both men, with BOTH putting on an excellent wrestling clinic. At the end, Piper offered a hand shake, but both men went for a slap, then a takedown, then a FULL on brawl with refs getting injured,a nd officials, pouring into the crowd and out of the arena, armed guards finally broke the two up. This is far from over for these two. Crowd was on FIRE for this match.

Chris Jericho beats Kevin Nash in a brutal match, both men bloodied and Chris Jericho just happened to fall with his arm over Nash as both men were knocked out.

Both Hardys were DQed when they called out Mike Tyson to tell him that they both quit. I guess we'll get a reason sooner or later.. Chris Jericho gets a bye next round.

Goldberg completely DESTROYS Doink the clown in a matter of 12 seconds. Doink never even took off his jacket. Doink The clown is injured, and has to be carried out on a stretcher... Not sure we will ever see him back in PW again.

Jerry Lawler outsmarts Brock Lesnar at 5:05 by countout. Lawler spent most of this match running from Lesnar and landing little shots here and there enraging the big man... At the very end, Lesnar was chasing Lawler around the ring, and just before the ref his the 10 count, Lawler slipped in the ring, and Lesnar was counted out.

Lesnar then grabs the mic and DEMANDS he be re-enterd in the tournament. Mike Tyson comes out and says it's not pothible, and that everyone has earned their chanth. Your eliminated, thorry. Brock comes after Tyson, and Tyson lands a few punches, and Lesnar goes for a takedown... But the refs break it up.

Kurt Angle beats Benoit in a traditional wrestling match at 6:19.

John Cena gets a HUGE pop from the crowd upon his enterence. Bob Backlund gets a silent ovation. Bob Backlund goes for a handshake, but Cena just punches him smooth in the face, and literally out wrestles Backlund much to the shock of the crowd. Cena wins. After he wins he grabs the mic and says he is tired of doing the same 5 moves over and over, and panning to the kids. No more! He picks up Backlund and puts him in the Surfboard and holds him there for roughly 3 mins. Breaking both of Backlunds arms. Bob Backlund is stretchered out of the arena. Cena tells the fans, they haven't seen anything yet. Both announcers don't know what to make of this.

Mike Tyson comes out and says the womenth match is no linger a King of the Ring style match... It's now a battle royal.

Christina Von Eerie throws Moolah and Mae Young out to win the womens title. Moolah coles back in and knocks Christina on her face. Christina comes up with a bloody nose, and rshes twords Moolah and Moolah slips out of the ring just in time to see Christina hit the ropes. Moolah never looks back and walks twords the back fixing her hair, as only Moolah can.

John Cena walks out to ringside where Christina is still celebrating her new title... Nodding his head in approval. She smiles at him as we go off the air.

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Welcome to the SECOND round of the championship tourney! This again is FOR the PW world championship.

To start us off in round two we are gonna have the first match... Bret "The Hitman" Hart vs Harley Race!

But before that we notice Christina Von Eerie come to the ring with a Mic.

"Moolah, simply put, you cheapshotted me... My nose is broken. But I say we do this here... NOW!"

Moolah comes to the top of the ramp.

"Did I break your pretty little nose, well, don't take it personal. I would break my own grandmothers nose if she cheapshotted throwing me out of the ring like you did. Now, that's not very ladylike, is it?"

GM Mike Tyson shows up on the screen.

"You two are gonna have a match, and it is gonna happen after the second round."

Crowd pops.

Second round is starting.

Harley Race defeats Bret Hart as they both went the FULL 30 min time limit... Much to the delight of the crowd. Sadly the time limit was met, and the match was considered a draw, but their MUST be a winner. 3 mins into overtime, Harley Race drops the knee into Brets temple of his eye, stunning him, and Race holds him down for a pin... 1-2-3! Race helps Bret up after the match, but Bret is FURIOUS... Saying that Harley Race punched him, and that it was illegal... The Ref then explained to Bret that it was a knee... ANd that it was completely legal. Bret looks as if he feels bad for shoving Race. Race offers his hand, and Bret slaps it on his way out of the ring... Confused and groggy.

Rey Mysterio gets thrown around like a stuffed animal the entire match, but catches The Ultimate Warrior with a Huricanrana/pin for the three count in a match that lasted about 5 mins.

Undertaker DQed vs Lou Thez. Undertaker overpowered Thez throughout most of the 18 min match. No matter how many times Taker pinned Thez, he would kick out... Undertaker finally decided that the ref was counting slow and beat him up... 3 Last Ride Power bombs, and a chairshit to the face. The ref is hurt BAD... Mike Tyson comes out and fires Undertaker right on the spot. Undertaker is now out of PW.

In a dud of a match, Batista powerbombs The Bulldog 4 times... Both men looked tired after about the first three mins, taking the crowd out of the match. Batista wins.

Interviewer Bane Tyson is standing with both HBK and Nick Bockwinkle before their match. Someone came and whispered something in HBK's ear before the interview even started.... HBK runs off. Nick makes his way to the ring, and no HBK... The cameras head to the back and see HBK lying on the floor with Daniel Bryan walking off with a steel bar. Nick Bockwinkle is considered the winner, and advances.

Chris Jericho is seen sitting in the crowd during all of this. His match was supposed to happen next, but due to The Hardys being gone, he has no match, and awaits Nick Bockwinkle in round 3.

Goldberg DESTROYS Lawler in a 1:19 to move on. Lawler was limping to the ring a little bit, and Goldberg clipped him and it was over from there.

John Cena completley out wrestles Kurt Angle and much to the heavy boos from the crowd... End up pinning Kurt Angle. After the match Cena looks like he is gonna help Kurt up but instead throws him over the top rope and spits on him. VERY heavily booed. Grabs the mic.. "Goldberg, see you soon".

Christina Von Eerie and Moolah fight on the ramp as Moolah is on her way to the ring, Christina attacks her from behind... They fight all over the building, NEVER hit the ring, the show is LONG over and they are still battling. Officials and armed security pull the two apart. One of the officials is masked and as he is holding Moolah, drops her on her head... then you can sort of see a bit of laughter, and a smile from Christina. The crowd is still in their seats watching this, and they have NO CLUE who to cheer or boo. MASSIVE confusion, and this looks like it's the start of something very interesting as we go off the air.
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