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As the WWE is moving into a new era who out of the mid card do you think will become a big player in the buisness ?

R-truth - pfft no
John Morrison - YES
Dolph Ziggler - HELL YES
Daniel Bryan - Yep
Sheamus - No idea
Mark henry - Nope he will retire soon
Great Khali - nah
David Otunga - LOL
Husky Harris - I dont think so
Micheal Mcguillicutty - ..........
Mason Ryan - Maybe
Alex Riley - He should do

Ive probably missed out a few but who do you rekons a mid carder for life or a future player ?

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John Morrison - Future WWE Champion if/when he gets (only slightly) further over with the crowds.
Dolph Ziggler - Already a former World Champion, I doubt WWE would book bury another after the Swagger fiasco.
Daniel Bryan - I'm predicted a while back Bryan vs. Punk for the WWE/World Title at (a future) WM. I think he's got a big future as a main event face.

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Sheamus should be back in the near future (hopefully!). Morrison will remain in the mid-card a little longer I think, but maybe makes it to the main event in 2013 or 2014 (otherwise it's getting too late for him). I also want to see Dolph & Bryan headlining pay-per-views. Swagger should also get pushed again in my opinion. WWE actually has a lot of young talents, they just need to make use of them in the right fassion.

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Mid card booking is terrible. Feuds have no meaning and go nowhere. It's hard to tell who is good enough to rise to the top when their talents at this level are not showcased. My guess is that when someone at the top gets hurt or retires, they'll find someone to prop up with a storyline or gimmick to fill in a gap. Until then, the mid carders will remain mid carders.

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R-truth - :lmao
John Morrison - Probably
Dolph Ziggler - Definitely
Daniel Bryan - No.
Sheamus - Absolutely.
Mark henry - A final run wouldn't surprise me.
Great Khali - Doubt it.
David Otunga - Otugna is going somewhere alright... Unemployment line ect.
Husky Harris - Who?
Micheal Mcguillicutty - Second generation star; possible.
Mason Ryan - Yes.
Alex Riley - Good chance.

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Who the hell knows? Their midcarders are so directionless, I couldn't tell you if they are going to be jobbers or main eventers 2 months from now.

As for who I think has talent or is worth focusing on:

R-truth - Awful. He's a one dimensional comedy act.
John Morrison - Uh....FUCK YES!
Dolph Ziggler - Same as above
Daniel Bryan - Absolutely, yes.
Sheamus - Well he's a victim of "too much, too soon" and we're seeing it now.
Mark henry - When is he going to be let go? Jesus he's been there almost 15 years and he has accomplished NOTHING.
Great Khali - He's done.
David Otunga - God I hope not.
Husky Harris - No.
Micheal Mcguillicutty - Ziggler is more like Hennig's son than he is.
Mason Ryan - He's just another body.
Alex Riley - Yes. Focus on him.
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