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In Michael Cole's Defense: A look inside the ColeMine

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Okie dokie, I don't post much these days, but when I do, I like to give my own little muses on things around the WWE. Some of you may recall My TNA column around the time of Hardcore Justice, and my semi-fictionalized recap of the history between Undertaker, Kane, and Paul Bearer. Those seemed to be recieved well, so here I am with another one.

Today, im going to talk about a man who has certanly been the giver and reciever of both love and hate in the Internet Wrestling Community. A man who, love him or hate him, has reinvented himself into one of the most controversial heel charicters in recent memory! (WARNING: LONG POST AHEAD!)


Yes, Michael Cole. God's gift to the art of Tool'ery.,,or is he perhaps more than that? What is it that causes him to be sso liked, yet so hated all at the same time?

I think in order to find that answer, We must first look at what Michael was before this transition...Whats that, you say? There isn't much to look at? Well, exactly!

When Cole was a face charicter, he was literally a joke. No, seriously, he was a joke! We all remember The Rock making him look like a jackass, Not to mention Stone Cold kicking his ass for the fun of it..But why? why did they use him of all people? why not a heel like Coachman or--oh wait, they did--but unnlike Coach, Michael had no personality - He was one of thoes cookie-cutter announcer guys that was the perfect prop for Rock or Austin to destroy, because really, the audience wouldn't feel bad for him either way. He had no charicter for which the audience could feel sorry for. If anything, they helped to create the foundation for what was to become his charicter: He was that guy who no one cared about that tried to "Fit in" and be relevant. Like an annoying neighbor that wanted to hang out with you all the time, but you just wanted him to go away.

Perhaps it is because of this image they helped create that when he was an announcer, people already didn't like him. No doubt he came across as bland, to be sure - Again, this is because without Austin, Rock or some established star to work with, nobody would care about him, and nobody DID care about him as a face. Cole was mush. he needed to find his own nitch and run with it and for awile that nitch consisted of him being nothing more than the fall-guy for jokes at his own expence. This is the problem with alot of faces and heels today, they have no persona. nothing that makes THEM unique aside from leaning on afew catchphrases. But Cole would soon find something that made him unique...his ability to be the embodyment of a complete horse's ass!

Not unlike Vickie, who was able to turn her loud, screetching voice into an aspect of a charicter that to this day gets some AMAZING heat when she times her promos right--Cole was able to take his shortcomings and, I feel, turn them into ammo to use for his Charicter--here's a guy who's been trying unsucessfully to get people to like him on comentarry to no avail, and now he's through...You say his commentary sucks? Okay! He's going to use that and say he's now a journalist who reports the facts, and so he can say what he want. You say he sounds like a corporate stooge for WWE? Okay, well now he's going to let that charicter come out and kiss the ass of everyone the ones against WWE hate! fuck you, smarks! --You say Cole will never be J.R.? FINE! Heres somthing for you, he thinks he's BETTER than J.R.!

The beauty of Cole's charicter is that he knows--and I suspect HAS known--that the fans dislike him outside of his charicter, so he's used everything the casual AND internet fan likes to pick on him about and created the living breathing personification of the public's perception of him. Everything Cole is is what we fans thought of him as a face. a moron, untalented, and a tool. but now he's turned that around on ALL of us...in a way, we created HIM if you think about it...he's only being what we were calling him all these years, and rubbing it in our faces.

He knows the public likes Brian Danielson, and would be outraged if anyone said he wasn't made for WWE...so who better to say that than the dooshbag we already dislike? But it's grown into so much more than that. He has been evolving his charicter week after week. At the start of his heel turn, many of you were concerned that he only cheered for certan heels and yet still cheered the faces. I'm going to point out that it was just as I had told you guys: It was a slow transition period. when Cole discovered something fans liked most about a face, and it crossed over against the heel he was warming up to, THEN he would hate them. When Kane and Mysterio were feuding, and Kane accused Rey of taking out Taker, Cole stated that he believed Rey could have done it - he slowly began to be more vocal about his PERSONAL oppinion, not just going full-on heel within two weeks. He wanted circumstances to "push him" to that point of "Okay, I'm sick of this crap, no mister nice Cole" and give it some buildup.

When that happened, He took off--Gone was the "I know I suck, but try to love me" Cole, and now He was turning into a guy who was sick of being picked on. He didn't care anymore. Cole was going to be himself and speak ouut against the faces once and for all and FUCK YOU to anyone who hated his commentary. Soon, it would go to his head...He had replaced J.R. as the main comentator and he was going to assume that his time was now. he was the voice of WWE, and the fans hated it, the internet hated it, and he knew we all did. he was going to rub it in our faces...The jerk we hated all these years finally "Got his due reward" for putting up with us raging on him, and so this is part of his charicter. He came a long way in his eyes to get to this point--HE'S the standared now and he's gonna act like it and watch us squirm.

What I find most fascinating abut his change in charicter is, they have pushed him to the point where he's so cocky and such an asshole that it will be impossible for him to be a face again, he'll allways get some type of huge reaction the deeper his charicter goes to piss us off. Remember Jericho's latest heel run? At first he said he didn't want people cheering him, and he got normal heat. but his charicter kept sinking to new lows and rubbingg his accomplishments BECAUSE of those tactics in our faces and in time got MASSIVE heat. From smashing shawns head through the JeriTron, to damaging his eye beyond Kayfabe repair, to PUNCHING HIS OWN WIFE OUT! Not to mention winning the title in the same night that shawn beats him to a pulp, thus sneaking away the true winner of that encounter. The fans would never want to cheer for him the way things were going because he was just THAT big a prick that we'd never forgive him. Cole is the same way...he finds new ways to come across to the fans as a bigger and bigger bad guy all he time, to the point where--and this is genius, I think--He has SO much faith in his own commentary that he has his own custom area to do it in! The others are not "Worthy" of talking to the great Michael Cole and he doesn't want you touching him for saying his consraversial things, so he's sealed inside the "ColeMine", an im-better-than-you area that renders him seemingly untouchable! Can you imagine the Pop once someone finally destroys it?

Another thing I hear as a common complaint about him is that this feud that he's in with king is unneeded. While I can understand the frustraition that a feud between the announcers is the best built Wrestlemania feud this year, That doesn't mean this feud doesn't help things in the long run. Evey good heel has a feud that establishes his charicter with the fans and this will be used to get Cole to where he wants to be charicter wise when he takes the next step forward with it's exploits. Let's face it guys, J.R.'s not gonna be around forever--even if he were to return after Wrestlemania or something, there will be a time when WWE will need a new voice, and this new voice can't be a run of the mill guy, he has to have something fans relate to, be it love or hate.

Cole can be that person, The great heel comentator. Just as Vince was the heel boss that people hate yet can entertain, Cole can do that too. all he needs is to keep developing his charicter as larger than life and inn charge, and unafraid to be cocky. Thats why JR put him over on RAW - To further his charicter. He's not just that person we laugh at anymore, he's serious about taking over as the voice of the WWE and he's not goofing around. He is now the evil corrupt journalist that says what he wants and the hell with the opposition.

As for his commentary, The WWE can find ways to give him the perfect face comentator to bounce off of. If you saw him on NXT, Josh Matthews and him were gold. I suspect over the coming months and yeard. if they don;t find someone counterballence him, Matthews and him will devolope that chemistry themselves.

For the short term, I see his heel charicter only getting bigger after Mania. He'll probably get revenge on King somehow, or go on to feud wiith a young talent as manager of someone like a Jack Swagger, Which could really help whoever he's aiding to get over. OR, He could be revealed as the GM and further his charicter.

Either way, love him or hate him I think he's found his calling in the WWE, he seems to be having alot of fun with this new direction, and i think if they are serious about making him the new #1 announcer, this Heel rout is just the way to do it. He's taken out the old voice and He's not waisting time in trying to build his own reputation. He's The ANTI-Jim Ross, and I'm loving it!

Well, I hope I didn't bore you and I hope you enjoyed my opinion. I know he comes across as annoying to some, but I do believe that's exactly the idea. He's Michael Cole and thats how his charicter should be.

Thanks for reading! :)
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