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Rollie posted a challenge in the TNA Thread to book for Xplosion without using anyone involved in Immortal or an immortal angle, and also that you can not use current contenders for the TNA World title... So I've taken that challenge up but with a little bit of a twist... Here's my back story.

How it all went down:

Mick Foley, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are gathered around a conference table.

Mick: Before we discuss the plans for next weeks Impact Wrestling program, I wanted to take a moment to inform you that we've welcomed back someone that you guys are all familiar with.

*Mick nods toward a the doorman*

He opens the door and in steps 'Big Sexy' Kevin Nash.

Hogan is one of the first to stand to his feet and greet the guy, grabbing the big mans arm and pulling him in for a brief hug.

Hogan: Welcome back brother.

Bischoff rises and shakes Nash's hand.

Bischoff: Yes, it's good to have you back big man!

Russo simply nods at Nash.

Mick motions for Nash to have a seat. There's an empty seat next to Hogan and Bischoff but Nash makes his way to a seat next to Foley.

Bischoff: So Kev, what brings you back to TN.... No Impact Wrestling?

Nash: I had a discussion with Mick and he felt that I had some insight and ideas that might be worth sharing.

Mick: I know that Kevin has history with all three of you, and I know that it might seem a little foolhardy on my part being that this whole thing could blow up in my face, if say Nash here were to forget why he left TNA in the first place and join forces with "the boys" again.... It's a calculated risk on my part but, as Kevin said, without a doubt in my mind I believe he still has some knowledge to impart; both to the boys in the back as it pertains to their work in the ring and their work on the microphone, as well as to the over all direction of Impact Wrestling programming.

Hogan: You'll get no arguments from me. I've always held Big Sexy's knowledge of the business in high esteem.

Bischoff nods and smiles.

Russo: I don't mean to cut this little reunion short but I've got a lot do.. So if we can get down to business.

Mick: Alright then, Vince, where were we... Ah yes, you were telling us all about continuing your idea to squash the X-Division.

Nash: Excuse me? Squashing the X-Division?

Mick: Yes, Mr. Russo here has discovered the internet and has taken notice of the IWC's comments about how the X-Division has received no love since the arrival of certain folks sitting here in this room...

Nash: And..his response is to give the X-Division TV time, but to demolish them in the process? Oh yeah, that will go over.

Russo: The plan is two fold Kev, first we build Abyss up and turn him back into the monster that he should be. Second, we destroy the X-Division for the sake of rebuilding it.

Nash: If you hadn't forsaken it in the first place, there'd be no 'rebuilding' needed.

Russo smirks, and Bischoff shifts a little bit uncomfortably in his seat.

Russo: Just give it time, wait and see how the fans respond when one of the X-Division boys win their title back from Abyss.

Nash: You gave the X-Division title to Abyss? You're shittin' me?

Bischoff: It was pure genius!

Kevin chuckles

Mick: Let's move on to the knock out division. Vince?

Hogan: A pure waste of television time if you ask me.

Bischoff: Hulk we've talked about this before, sex sells. Not only do we have some of the hottest women in professional wrestling today but we also have some of the better performers.

Hogan: And you already know my stance on that Brother, there's only one performance that I've ever been interested in from women.

Russo: We can try to work that into future programming if you like Hulk.

*laughs from around the room*

Russo: We've already got a reincarnated Zombie lesbian angle going on right now where Winter has mind control over Angeline. We've got to bring this to a conclussion here in the near future. We've tossed some ideas around and we're leaning on having Velvet plant a nice kiss on Angelina to bring her to.

Kevin: A fairy tell ending, I don't like it...

Bischoff: I think it's a great idea, Kev, what don't you like about it?

Kevin: Dead horse... stick in hand.. Do you really believe that no one will see this coming? Hell, you might as well have an antidote on a pole match.

Russo raises an eyebrow. Kevin shakes his head.

Mick: We can discuss this further later, I've got a meeting with the Network shortly and we really need to move on to the Heavyweight Title storyline.. Vince?

Russo: If you missed it Kev, we recently had Disco Inferno on a Stinger Sit Down with Anderson dressed up as an old school Sting. The current plan is to have Sting lose the title to Anderson at the next pay per view and Anderson will beat Sting down after the match putting him on the shelf for quite some time. Disco Inferno will come to his aid and then begin feuding with Anderson for the title.

Kevin rolls his eyes.

Kevin: What the hell is that? Disco Inferno, really? Have you all been hit in the head with a stupid stick or something?

Bischoff: I don't know if I like your tone...

Hogan: What is your prob bro?

Nash stands up and paces

Kevin: This.... all of this.... sucks ass.

Bischoff: What, do you think you could do better?

Kevin: You bet your ass I could do better!

Bischoff: I wish you could prove it, I really do, but seeing that you aren't in charge here and don't have your own company to run I guess we'll never find out. So if you'll just sit your ass back down....

Mick: Hold on a second Eric... You're forgetting your place, you might think you are running the show but you don't do anything without the backing of the network, and need I remind you I represent the Network, therefore in this meeting I AM the Network. And I think I want to see what Kevin can do with all of those ideas running around inside his head.

Hogan leans toward Bischoff and whispers in his ear, Bischoff laughs his evil little laugh.

Bischoff: That's a great idea Hulk...Okay, we'll give him a shot, but here's the deal I don't want him involved in Immortal's business and I don't want him involved in the Heavyweight Title picture. Let him prove himself!

Mick: I can deal with that, what do you have in mind?

Bischoff: We have a show called Xplosion that we've been toying with asking the network for a seperate hour long broadcast on Wednesday night... Being that the Network is present in this room and wants to give Big Sexy a shot, how about giving him Xplosion he can use any superstar not involved in an Immortal angle and any superstar not currently in the Heavyweight Title picture. He can pick his own staff, announcing, interviewers etc. What do you say?

Mick: A second show, noone from Immortal, nor anyone currently feuding with Immortal and no Sting, RVD, nor Anderson?

Bischoff: Right... Do you two have the balls to take on this challenge?

Mick: Oh I've got the balls, and inspite of what Russo may think I'm sure Big Sexy's got the biggest set of balls in the room! You've got yourself a deal, I'll get you that seperate show for Xplosion.

((It's late, I will edit this and modify the colors to my intended format tomorrow when I post the Roster))

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Implosion Wrestlig

Kevin Nash

Don West
Jeremy Borash

Ring Announcer:
So Cal Val

Christy Hemme

Champioship Belts:
Implosion World Television Title- Samoa Joe (7/06/2011)
Knockout's Singles Title- Mickie James (Pre-Implosion)
Knockout's Tag Title- Sarita and Rosita (Pre-Implosion)

Mens' Division:

Samoa Joe
Kurt Angle
Scott Steiner
Matt Morgan
Douglas Williams
Eric Young
Shannon Moore
Jessie Neal

Women's Division:

Ms. Tessmacher
Angelina Love
Mickie James
Madison Rayne

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ImplosionWrestling Preview:

Live from the Impact Zone on Wednesday June 29th we will see the reincarnation of Xplosion now known as Implosion Wrestling. Mick Foley and Kevin Nash are sure to be there to introduce you to the superstars of Implosion.

Scheduled to appear Scott Steiner and Matt Morgan; have these two men settled their differences or is Implosion simply a new venue for them to continue their heated conflict?

ODB has been on the prowl and has beaten down Velvet over the last few weeks, what is going to happen this week? And now that Velvet has her hands tied with ODB how will the Angelina Love and Winter relationship effect the rest of the Knockout Division.

The British Invasion is back and better than ever and it has been confirmed that they will face off against Mexican America, and Ink Inc in a three team elimination tag match!

Also scheduled to appear Crimson and Somoa Joe. Joe, whom is not typically a man of many words, reportedly has some things to say!

The Implosion World Television title will be relinquished by Eric Young into Comissioner Kevin Nash's hands and Nash will have a huge announcement about when, where and how we will crown Implosions first Champion!

Be sure to tune in, you don't want to miss Implosion, where wrestling truly matters.. It has to, we only have an hour!

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One suggestion: Don't use too many colors in the same post, i know you have done it in the original post to give one color each to russo, eric etc etc but imo black bolded would have been better, even in the above post, the heading looks very odd. Keep it in one color, and use a font one or two more than the text font.

Other than that, will be looking forward to the show, as you have mentioned you are taking this as a challenge not to use anyone from the Immortal angle

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Intro package plays to the music of Skillet "Awake and Alive", the likenesses of Samoa Joe, Crimson, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Mexican America, the lovely ladies of the Knock Out division, all in ring action shots, Joe hitting a buster, Steiner locking someone in a Steiner recliner, Matt Morgan laying someone out with a big boot! And the knockouts with Madison Rayne screaming at the top of her lungs and pulling at her hair in the middle of the ring, Mickie James delivering a kick, Miss Tessmacher bending over to pick her glasses up off the matt, Zombie Angelina taking slaps from Velvet but shaking them off as if they were nothing,
ODB taking a swig as she walks down the ramp to the ring, and Tara laying Madison Rayne out with a punch!

Fireworks, and we are live!

Don West: Live from the Impact Zone, welcome to the reinvention of Xplosion, now Implosion. I'm Don West and I'm joined by Jeremy Borash.

Jeremy Borash: It's good to be here tonight, we are going to see something new out of this brand of Impact wrestling. What do you think of the new name Don?

Don West: I find the name change a little bit confusing to be honest with you. There's been no explanation behind the name change,and it sounds too similar to the promotions Impact Wrestling namesake.

Jeremy Borash: Well, you might not like the name but what do you think of the new catch phrase?

Don West has no chance to respond as "Bang Bang" plays as Mick Foley's music hits... and out walks the Network representative himself! He makes his way to center ring.

Mick Foley: Welcome to the very first show here on Implosion, I thought we'd start the night off with a Bang... *Bang Bang*

Mick smiles and winks.

Mick Foley: I could stand here and talk to you for 15 minutes or so, but we are trying to do things a little differently here on Implosion than what's going on over on the (Mick air quotes) "main brand" of Impact Wrestling. But before we get things going..

A new variation of the "Wolf Pack" music plays, and Kevin Nash, with newly black dyed hair with only some hints of grey, joins Foley... Foley smiles and hands the microphone over to Nash.

Kevin Nash: I'm back, and better than... Oh my bad! wrong era, wrong promotion, and, in my opinion, wrong man for the job.

The fans that get the reference laugh.

Kevin Nash: Big Sexy is back as Commissioner of Implosion Wrestling. Xplosion is gone, they took the X.... Division...out and away from us and being that they don't be seem to be making much of an Impact on this business over on their show, I'm going to get things exploding from the inside out!

Crowd cheers!

Kevin Nash: But before we get down to some action, there's one matter of business I need to attend to.. Eric Young, if you would please make your down to the ring... And make sure you bring that belt you've been holding on to for the last several weeks.

Youngs music plays and he makes his way down to the ring, clutching the belt to his chest as he does. He stands face to face with Nash. Nash stretches out his hand motioning for Eric to hand over the belt. Eric is reluctant, starts to hand it to him, then pulls it away.. Eric scans the audience with a pleading look.

Kevin Nash: It's a new day Eric, we need to start things off the right way. I promise you, you'll have the same opportunity as everyone else in the back to reclaim this belt... Now, if you will, please hand it over.

Young reluctantly hands the belt to Nash, but as it's in Nash's hand Young is still clinging to it. Foley pats Eric in the back and whispers in his ear... Eric relinquishes the belt and then turns to walk way. He climbs out of the ring and starts up the ramp he gets a few feet, and then stops and looks back. He turns to leave again, walks a few more feet and stops to look back. He starts to turn-around and leave for good, but thinks better and turns and runs back to the ring.

Nash is glaring at Young. Young approaches and appears to be saying something to Nash.. Nash looks a bit astonished but hands the belt back to Young one last time. Young plants a long kiss on the belt, then holds it up next to his face and begins stroking the belt.. Finally, he hands it back to Nash and heads back to the back.

Kevin Nash: *Takes out a handkerchief and wipes off the belt before Holding it up above his head* Here tonight, we will crown our first ever Implosion World Television Champion, in our main event an over the top rope battle royal! Participating in that match tonight, Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, Suicide, Sangriento and Eric Young! I hope you enjoy the show!

*Commercial Break*

Don West: We are back and already in the ring for our triple tag team elimination match, we have Mexican America; Hernadez and Anarquia.

Jeremy Borash: These two men have been causing a lot of problems as of late and have proven to be a dominant force in Impact Wrestling, but tonight they face their biggest challenge to date as they face off against not one but two other teams.

Brittish Invasion Theme* As Douglas Williams and Magnus make their way to the ring.

*Tattoed Attitude* Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal make their way to the ring.

Opening Match: Mexican America VS Brittish Invasion VS Ink Inc (3 tag elimination match)-

Jesse Neal and Anarquia start things off with Neal overpowering Anarquia. Neal connects with some strikes and kicks. He works Anarquia into a headlock. Anarquia manages to back Neal into his own corner, allowing Hernadez to tag in. Anarquia and Hernandezwork together on Neal in the corner, Neal slumps down against the bottom turnbuckle. The ref forces Anarquia out of the ring.

Hernandez is choking out Neal with his foot crushing his throat against the bottom turnbuckle. The ref counts and Hernandez has to let up. Hernandez turns his back and walks away from Neal, raising his arms posing to the crowd to a cascade of boos.

Neal rises to his feet, Anarquia reaches for some hair but his hands just can't grab the spikes. Neal rushes at Hernandez. Hernandez turns around right into a spear. It takes a lot out of both men, and they both attempt to crawl back to tag in their partner. Neal moves to the wrong corner, but manages to tag in Douglas Williams. Hernandez makes it just in time to tag in Anarquia. Williams makes it to Anarquia first and hits a running knee to the chest, Anarquia falls back on the matt. Williams lifts him to his feet and then nails him with a snap suplex, then pulls him to his feet and nails another suplex, then a third.

Williams plays to the crowd a little and they let him hear it! Anarquia is still down, Williams tags in Magnus. Anarquia slowly rises to his feet, Magnus rushes Anarquia and hits a neck breaker. Magnus ends up dangerously close to Hernandez corner and pays the price. The ref is checking on Anarquia who is clutching his neck while Hernandez lays a fist upside Magnus head. Magnus is staggered a little but confronts Hernandez, Anarquia comes to and nails Magnus with an reverse DDT. He makes the cover, Williams attempts to come in for the save but Hernandez is quick on his feet and nails Williams with a big boot. 1-2-3 *Magnus eliminated*

Douglas Williams, already laid out in the ring, is the next legal man, with Anarquia still being the other legal man. Anarquia makes the quick cover on Williams, 1-2 no he kicks out. Anarquia rises to his feet, taps his forehead as if he were thinking and heads over to Ink Inc's corner, he slaps Shannon Moores chest tagging him in. Anarquia smiles and starts to walk away. Shannon Moore smirks and slaps Anarquia in the back, effectively tagging him back in. Anarquia turns back to Moore and slaps him again in the chest tagging him back into the match. Moore taps Anarquia on the shoulder as he turns to walk away, Anarquia turns around to face Moore and Moore pokes him in the forehead between the eyebrows and motions that he's the legal man again. Anarquia gets angry and slaps Moore in the face, No you're the legal man! Anarquia thinks hes got away with one but Moore grabs Anarquias hand pulls him back to ropes and slaps his other hand in Anarquia's palm. Moore than throws a forearm into the face of Anarquia, it staggers Anarquia and turns him around a bit. Jesse Neal has climbed the turnbuckle and jumps for a drop kick on Anarquia as he turns to face Moore, Douglas Williams has come to when Neal connects with the drop kick, as Anarquia is falling back, Williams rolls him up in a Schoolboy for the 1-2-3. *Anarquia eliminated*

Hernandez,already in the ring but too late to break up the three count, pulls Williams to his feet and
sets him up for a powerslam right into the pin 1-2-3. *Williams eliminated*

Shannon Moore is next in the ring but Hernandez completely overpowers Moore backing him into the corner, he backs away and hits a running bodypress in the corner, then he lays some elbows into him and some kicks to the midsection. Hernandez lifts Moore onto the top turnbuckle and hits a northern lights suplex from the top. Preparing to make the cover, and wanting to secure a pin fall, Hernandez rushes Neal and gives him a running shoulder block between the top two ropes, sending Neal to the floor doubled over. The big man then climbs the rope and hits a splash on the smaller Moore, making the cover 1-2-3. *Moore eliminated*

Neal comes to and climbs back into the ring rushing Hernandez, Hernandez returns the favor from earlier and hits a variation of a lowered shoulder block and a spear on Neal. Hernandez makes the cover 1-2-3. *Neal eliminated*

Anarquia makes his way back to ring with Sarita and Rosita and the three celebrate in the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Don West: We return and Mexican America has a victory but apparently is refusing to leave the ring.

Anarquia: *says something in Spanish and then changes to english* Standing before you is the future of Implosion Wrestling, the future of America.

Rosita and Sarita: That's right!

Hernandez: We've proven ourselves as a force to be dealt with. And inspite of all efforts to hold us back, we will climb to the highest mountain in this company. And just like these dos damas muy calientes in the ring with us *motioning towards Sarita and Rosita* we too, will have gold around our waist!

Hernandez drops the microphone and nods his head at the crowd. Mexican American then leaves ringside.

Jeremy Borash: I don't suppose it would do any good to tell Hernandez that I don't think there's any tag team gold here on Implosion.

Don West: Most likely not... Wait, what's that.. I'm getting word that Christy Hemme has someone in the back.

Cut to the back, where Christy Hemme stands by with Scott Steiner.

Christy: Scott, tonight you are involved in the main event match, an eight man battle royal for the Implosion World Television Title. Also involved in that match are a number of men that you're familiar with, but one that you've most recently had a number of altercations, Matt Morgan. How do you go into a match for the title without Morgan getting to you? Is he in the back of your mind?

Scott: Morgan? Morgan, isn't that a girls name?

Christy: It is but that's his last name, his first name is Matt..

Scott: Matt, Mike, Madison, Morgan, it doesn't matter! If he thinks he's going to come between me and that title, he's got another thing coming. I'm going to treat him like the little bitch ass, Morgan, that he is.

Matt Morgan makes an appearance, interrupting the interview.

Matt: Bitch ass?

Scott: Do you need to clean your ears out boy?

Matt: Bitch ass eh? And If I just happen to stand between you and that title what do you possibly think you can do against me tonight to keep me from winning that belt myself, old man!

Scott: Old man? Don't old man me, boy. Ya see I've got the biceps and the pecs and the moves that'll make your ugly ass girlfriend scream! I'm the king of the jungle gym and you don't even belong in my playground.

Matt: King of the Jungle Gym? Playground? Really? Are you a pedophile or something...

Scott: What-o-file?

Christy whispers in Scotts ear. Scott starts fuming and sputtering.

Scott: I ain't no damn pedophile! You big ******* pencil d...

Matt: Listen here Scott, I'm the DNA of TN.. oh wait, We're not that company anymore.. So let me say it like this, I'm the specimen that's better than the rest of them. I'm the blue print, I'm the man with the plan and tonight I'm walking over and through anyone and everyone to win that belt, and that includes you Big Poppa Chump!

The two look to be about to come to blows but are seperated quickly by D'lo Brown, Al Snow and security.

*Commercial Break*

Don: We're back and about to kick off some Knock Out Division action!

Jeremy Borash: For the past few weeks ODB has repeatedly attacked Velvet Sky, tonight Velvet starts off the Knock Out's Debut on Implosion attempting to exact some revenge against ODB. She'll be teamed up with Tara and Mickie James in a six woman tag match against ODB, Madison Rayne, and Angelina Love

Don: You can't forget about Winter at ringside. That gives us 7 of the most talented women in professional wrestling today, all center stage here on Implosion!

Middle Match: Velvet, Mickie, Tara VS ODB, Madison, and Angelina-

Velvet and ODB start things off. Velvet comes out of the gates in a rage, she throws wild punches, and elbows and a kick to the gut. She completely surprises ODB, catching her offguard gaining the upperhand. Velvet, however, is over-confident and when she attempts a suplex, she discovers she's just not strong enough nor has enough momentum to get this big woman off her feet.

ODB counters and hits Velvet with a suplex of her own. ODB goes on the offensive, climbing atop Velvet, and pummels her with some fists of her own. She grabs Velvet by the hair and begins slamming her head into the canvas. ODB pulls Velvet to her feet and whips her into her corner, ODB charges and slams into Velvet in the corner. ODB backs away allowing Velvet to fall to the ground.

Winter yells something to Angelina, and Angelina tags ODB's shoulder, effectively tagging herself in. ODB looks at Angelina and ignores her. As Angelina climbs into the ring, ODB pulls Velvet to her feet, she grabs her around the torso lifting her into a bear hug. Angelina then lands a kick to the back of Velvet and ODB drops Velvet to the matt, as the ref forces her to her corner.Angelina goes for the cover 1-2 Mickie is in for the save. Madison Rayne rushes Mickie, gains the advantage and forces her to the ropes and clotheslines her over.

Tara isn't standing for this and comes in to force Madison out of the ring. The two brawl to the floor below.

Angelina attempts to put Velvet into a cobra clutch, but she manages to slide back between Angelinas Legs, grabs Angelina by the hair and pulls her backward to the matt. Angelina shrugs it off and rises to her feet, Love hits her with a snapmare. Love again shrugs it off and rises, Sky hits a snap DDT and Angelina stays down. Sky goes for the cover, 1-2 ODB breaks it up, pulling Sky by the leg to the corner. ODB stands her up and chops her into the corner.

Winter screams, getting ODB's attention, ODB looks behind her and sees Angelina charging towards the corner, ODB attempts to move away, but Velvet regains composure and moves out of the way while simultaneously shoving ODB into the corner. Angelina slams a running elbow into the side of ODB's head.

The Impact stuns both Angelina and ODB, Velvet takes advantage and hits a diving neckbreaker on Love, she makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Winter is beside herself and climbs into ring, knocking Velvet down from behind. ODB looks on with interest as Winter and Love lay the boot to a downed Velvet.

Tara and Madison are still fighting on the floor. Mickie attemps to come to Velvet's aid and is about to attack winter but is cut off when Angelina snaps her head in apparent realization to her partners impending danger. Love takes Mickie out, while Winter continues the assault on Velvet.

*Chyna* Her music plays as the big woman makes her way down to ring side. She doesn't even have to climb all of the way into the ring before Winter is bailing out. Chyna stands in the ring defensively over Velvet, motioning for Winter to bring her ass back into the ring.

Winter smiles, cocks her head and motions for Angelina to follow, and the two back away from the ring. ODB looks on Winter and Angelina in wonder.

*Commercial Break*

Jeremy Borash: Coming up next our main event of the night! But before we get to that, let's go back stage, Christy stands by with Samoa Joe.


Christy: Joe it's been awhile since you've been in contention for a title. You can stand toe to toe with just about anyone in this company but tonight it's not one on one, it's an eight man free for all. Are you prepared?

Joe: Am I prepared? Christy, I'm as prepared as I'm ever going to be. And as far as it not being a one on one match, that doesn't concern me, not at all, not even the tiniest bit. See I'm hungry Christy. And as you mentioned it's been a long time since I've held gold, and my hunger will not be satiated until I am a Champion once again! The odds don't matter to me, whether it be one, two, three or more, the odds for all of them is that Joe is going to kill you!

Main Event: Kurt Angle, Matt Morgan, Crimson, Samoa Joe, Scott Steiner, Suicide, Sangriento and Eric Young-Eight Man Battle Royal

The action is fierce from the start as wrestlers that have been fighting on again off again go at each other. Suicide and Sangriento lock up and exchange chops and moves. Steiner and Morgan brawl in the corner. Crimson, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe all exchange punches kicks and grapple holds.

Eric Young hangs out, eying the belt that sits ringside in So Cal Val's lap.

So Cal thinks Eric is eyeing her and appears a bit apalled.

We see some speed and agility on display as Sangriento and Suicide counter each others moves. We get to our first elimination when Suicide leap frogs a charging Sangriento, Sangriento stops his momentum on the ropes but that's his first and final mistake as Suicide clotheslines him over and onto the floor.
*Sangriento Eliminated*

Suicide celebrates a rare win against his new nemesis by leaning on the rope and pointing at Sangriento but his celebration is short lived as Kurt Angle has broken away from the brawl with Joe and Crimson and Angle catches Suicide in an Angle Slam right over the top rope and onto the floor
below *Suicide Eliminated*

Matt Morgan and Scott Steiner wrestle on the matt, Steiner has Morgan in various holds and locks, trying to weaken the strong young man. Steiner appears to have weakened Matts will and possibly even injured his leg as he hobbles when they make their back to their feet. Steiner takes the fight to Matt, bashing him in the back with numerous forearms. Morgan appears to be further weakened and leans on the ropes for support. Steiner begins trying to force him over the top rope. Kurt Angle heads over to try to help get Morgan over. With both men forcefully pushing on Matt, Matt continues to resist but eventually is forced over the top rope, he holds on to the rope as he flips over and the movement of the rope causes both Kurt and Scott to come over as well.Matt lands safely on his back on the matt's edge, while Steiner lands hard on the floor. *Steiner Eliminated*

As far as Matt knows Kurt has hit the floor as well, so Matt turns his back to the ropes and focuses his attention on Eric Young, whom is now sitting on a turnbuckle in a corner still eying the belt. Matt approaches the corner, getting Erics attention, Eric appears as if he's going to stand on the turnbuckle and turn and face Matt to jump toward him but a big boot to the turn buckle cause Eric to lose his balance and he lands legs outstretched, groin first into the turnbuckle. Eric clutches at his midsection only to have insult added to injury when Matt easily pulls him backwards into the ring, hard on to the canvas. Matt then picks Eric Young up and tosses him easily over the top rope. *Eric Young Eliminated*

Crimson and Joe continue to brawl. They each manage to hit some high damage moves, a samoan drop by Joe, a spear by Crimson. However, neither can get the upperhand and knock the other over the top rope

Kurt Angle did NOT hit the floor, he held on to the ropes and is able to flip himself back into the ring. After eliminating Eric Young Matt Morgan is against the ropes looking down at Eric, his back to Angle. Angle rushes Morgan and grabs him by the feet dragging him into the ring Angle locks in the Angle Lock! Morgan is writhing as Angle focuses on his apparently injured leg. Morgan appears to be about to pass out
but slowly is able ot make it to a rope and locks on for leverage. Angle lets go of the lock and watches on as he allows Morgan to use the ropes to climb back to his feet. This time Angle sees that Morgan is gimpy and uses that to his advantage as he grabs on to Morgan's good leg lifting him up and over the ropes attempting to knock him down to the floor below, this time Angle goes over and hits the floor while Morgan manages to use the ropes and pull himself back up and prevents his leg from hitting the floor. *Kurt Angle

Matt makes it back into the ring to find Joe and Crimson locked up in the rope, Crimson has Joe up against the ropes and is pressing his advantage. Joe resists and it goes back and forth. Matt Morgan is nursing his bad leg and lets them struggle away. When it appears that Crimson might actually have Joe on his way out, Morgan rushes over and slams into the two, his momentum take all three men over the top. Crimson is carried up and over Joe and lands first *Crimson Eliminated* but Joe and Matt Morgan appear to land simultaneously.

Joe raises his arm in Victory, Matt Morgan slaps Joes arm down and raises his arm in Victory. Earl Hebner looks on not knowing who won.

*New variation of the Wolf Pac music* as Kevin Nash makes his way to ring side. Joe and Matt are in each others faces, and a shoving match ensues.. When they see Nash in the ring, they stop and look up at him. The scene is replayed on the big screen as Hebner comes in and begins talking to Nash. Nash watches the screen.

Don West: Well folks we are all out of time, and it looks like we may have ended this night the way it began, without an Implosion World Television Champion. Be sure to tune in next week for answers.

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At the close of last weeks Implosion, Kevin Nash and Earl Hebner watched the ending of the Main Event match play out on the screen. The show closed without a clear winner of the Implosion World Television Title. Commissioner Nash is expected to make an announcement this coming Wednesday night; will he award the title to Samoa Joe, or will Matt Morgan walk out the champion?

The lovely ladies of Mexican America are scheduled to face off against the tag team combination of Velvet Sky and Ms. Tessmacher.

And in other potential Knockout Action, Mickie James is scheduled to appear.

The ladies of Mexican America aren't the only members of Mexican America scheduled to appear, Hernandez and Anarquia reportedly have something on their minds and intend to have a discussion with Kevin Nash, as if Nash doesn't already have enough on his plate with the Championship mess.

It's shaping up to be a wild night of Implosion Wrestling, be sure to tune in!

Implosion Wrestling where wrestling really matters..... It has to, we only have one hour

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Wednesday July 6th 2011

Intro package plays to the music of Skillet "Awake and Alive", the likenesses of Samoa Joe, Crimson, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Mexican America, the lovely ladies of the Knock Out division, all in ring action shots, Joe hitting a buster, Steiner locking someone in a Steiner recliner, Matt Morgan laying someone out with a big boot! And the knockouts with Madison Rayne screaming at the top of her lungs and pulling at her hair in the middle of the ring, Mickie James delivering a kick, Miss Tessmacher bending over to pick her glasses up off the matt, Zombie Angelina taking slaps from Velvet but shaking them off as if they were nothing, ODB taking a swig as she walks down the ramp to the ring, and Tara laying Madison Rayne out with a punch!

Fireworks, and we are live!

Don West: Welcome to Implosion here at the Impact Zone. Last week Commissioner Nash intended to crown a new Implosion World Television champion, but.. well roll the footage.

Video package plays out the scene to the end of last weeks main event, Crimson has Joe backed against the Ropes, Matt Morgan charges and slams into the back of Crimson, the moment takes all three men over, Crimson sliding up and over the top of Samoa Joe and first onto the floor and then shortly after both Joe and Matt Morgan appear to hit the floor at the same time.

Jeremy Borash: Shortly after that Kevin Nash came down to the ring, and he and referree Hebner watched the video but unfortunately we ran out of time. But to all the viewers at home, don't you worry, you didn't miss a thing. Even after we were off the air Commissioner Nash was unable to make a decision and we are expecting him to make an announcement here tonight.

Commissioner Nash's music plays as the Big Man makes his way to the ring.

Kevin Nash: Last week we had one hell of a main event, an eight man over the top rope battle royal, and it didn't fail to disapoint.. At least the action didn't fail to disapoint, the fact that we were unable to crown a Champion, on the other hand, did disapoint. And tonight I plan to rectify that problem.

The crowd cheers

Kevin Nash: Last week there were 6 clear cut losers, but there were also two men for which things weren't as cut and dry. I've decided that the best way to handle that is to let those two men battle it out, one on one in tonights Main Event.

*Mexican America's Music* The entire stable makes their way out to the ramp.

Hernandez: Let me get this straight, last week you put Anarquia and myself in a match against two lesser tag teams, while guys like Suicide, Sangriento and Eric Young got to participate in a match for the title! A match that had no clear winner. But Anarquia and I clearly won our match. And tonight, tonight once again you have two losers,*the crowd boos* cause that's what they both are, neither won that match, so
they both lost.. and you are giving two losers another chance at the title... ¿Qué diablos?

Anarquia: Es correcto, what the hell holmes? I thought you were going to run things differently on Implosion than how they run things on Impact? Cause over on Impact, they held us back every chance they got. We should have been World Tag Team champions, but they never gave us any respect.. because we are Mexican! You're no better than Bischoff and Hogan, holmes, you're actually worse because you claim to be different!

Kevin Nash: Hold on now boys. Before you go citing racism let me remind you who's in charge here, and who makes impartial decisions. The decisions made on last weeks show was in the best interest of giving all these fans here at the Impact zone, and all the fans watching at home, the very best of Implosion Wrestling action. You two could not have been in both the main event and also in the that great tag match that the two of you won. I put you in the first match of the night, because I wanted to kick Implosion off with a bang, and you delivered.

Hernandez: That's right we delivered, and tonight it's your turn to deliver. You need to add Mexican America to the mix for that Title.

Anarquia: That's right, holmes, put us in that match tonight.

Kevin Nash: Am I hearing you correctly? The two of you want in the championship match tonight, where only one man can win the title?

Hernandez: You heard us, esse', we want in that match!

Anqarquia: That's right, we're the only men that won a match last week, we earned the right to be in that match!

Kevin Nash: *Rubs his chin and then chuckles* You're right, you two are the only men that won a match last week. So to show you that I'm a boss that listens to his employees, and to show you that I'm impartial and fair, you two have got a deal. Tonight's main event will be a no disqualification fatal four way match!

Hernandez rubs his hands together and smiles

Don West: Well there we go, tonight will decide our champion in a no DQ fatal four way. I sure hope Kevin Nash knows what he's doing. Mexican America, as a pair, have a distinct advantage over the other two competitors as they can work together to win the belt!

Jeremy Borash: That remains to be seen, both of the other men are competitors and last week they outlasted 6 other men!

Don West: After the break we'll kick things off with our first match of the night, Sangriento, Suicide and Eric Young face off in a triple threat match!

*Commercial Break*

Don West: We're back and ready to get down to some Implosion Wrestling action.

So Cal Val is in the ring, looking stunning as usual, making the introductions.

*Key music Sangriento* The masked athletic and super technical wrestlers hits the ring.

*Key Music Suicide* Our long term masked super technical wrestler hits the ring.

*Key Eric Youngs Music* A doppleganger of Suicide appears, outfit and mask identical to the suicide already in the ring, makes his way down

Jeremy Borash: What is this? Two suicides?

Don West: Clearly that's Eric Young!

Jeremy Borash: The music and introduction would indicate so, but... Oh well this could be interesting.

In the Ring Earl Hebner calls the second 'Suicide' over to him. Hebner motions for him to take the mask off. The second suicide refuses.

Don West: I think Earl Hebner wants to be 100% certain who is who in this match, and has asked him to take his mask off.

Jeremy Borash: I don't think he's going to get what he wants.

Hebner: I need to be able to tell the two of you apart, take off the mask.

The second suicide shakes his head. He then motions Sangriento to stand in one spot, then Suicide in another spot while he stands in a third spot, he then motions for them to walk circular in and out weaving motion amongst each other... When one stops, the other two stop.. This doesn't confuse Hebner and he walks right up to the second suicide. Second Suicide still refused to remove the maskand motions for the other two guys to walk circular motions weaving in and out amongst each other.. Sangriento doesn't want to but second suicide stomps and reluctantly they commence their little 'ball under the cup" game. Hebner approaches the correct second suicide yet again, and once again he refuses to take the mask off. And as before he motions for the other two to begin 'mixing it up'.. This time both men refuse and do not cave into second suicide's stomping, but rather they both attack him. Hebner has no choice but to signal the bell to start the match even though second suicide is still masked.

Opening Match: Sangriento VS. Suicide VS Second Suicide?

Both Suicide and Sangriento whip second suicide into the ropes, he rebounds off and together they double clothesline him. Sangriento pulls second suicide to his feet and whips him into the corner. Sangriento charges and delivers a running high knee to the chest. Second Suicide stumbles forward from the corner and is about to fall when Suicide rushes in, leaps, catching the nearly fallen Second Suicide with a hurricanrana
which definitely sends him to the canvas.

Suicide rises to his feet, and plays to the crowd, Sangriento then launches a sneak attack on Suicide, hitting a bull dog. And then with Suicide down, Sangriento runs toward the corner and uses the turbuckle and ropes to spring board onto the fallen Suicide. Sangriento pulls Suicide to his feet, meanwhile Second Suicide is making his way to his feet and groggily moving toward the opposite corner.

with Suicide on his feet, Sangriento runs the ropes and leaps at Suicide, but Suicide catches him mid air. Suicide has Sangriento at chest level and appears ready to toss him behind him with a falling away slam, however Sangriento manages to catch a hold of Suicide's head and turns it into a reverse DDT. Both men impacting the canvas relatively hard.

This gives Second Suicide some time to move in on the action. Suicide is the first to rise to his feet, but is met with a drop kick from Second Suicide. Suicide falls over the back of a rising Sangriento, whom uses it to his advantage turning it into a schoolboy and an attempted cover 1-2, Second Suicide pulls Sangriento off, breaking up the three count. Sangriento jumps to his feet and he and Second Suicide exchange some chops. Second Suicide gains a strength advantage, having Sangriento staggered he irish whips him into the ropes, he attempts to clothesline him but Sangriento ducks under the clothesline and tries to hit a kneckbreaker on Second Suicide. Second Suicide slaps Sangrientos hand away from his kneck and rather than hitting a kneckbreaker, Sangriento simply falls hard back first onto the canvas.

Suicide has made his way to the top of turn buckle, seeing this Second Suicide claims the next nearest turnbuckle to Sangriento. Suicide leaps attempting a splash on Sangriento, but Sangriento gets his feet up catching Suicide in the chest. Second Suicide simultaneously leaps, and lands a leg drop across the throat of Sangriento. Second Suicide goes for the cover, 1-2, no he kicks out.

Second Suicide gets up a seemingly a bit upset. He pulls Suicide to his feet and whips him over the top rope and to the mat below. He then turns to face Sangriento only to find Sangriento is up and springing off the ropes at him. Sangriento gets his legs around Second Suicides head and commences to twist and spin around Second Suicides head, and waste and then back up to the head. He appears to to hit the hurricanrana again, but when his legs are wrapped around Second Suicides head again, Second Suicide grabs his legs and turns it into a power bomb. Second suicide makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Earl Hebner goes to raise Second Suicides hand, but he doesn't allow him to, as he is reaching up and taking the mask off.. Earl Hebner then raises the victorious hand of a smiling Eric Young.

Don West: Like I said, Clearly it was Eric Young.

Jeremy Borash: Like you said? Sure! I'm positive there were moments that you had your doubts.

Don West: Regardless, Eric Young picks up the win tonight in an amusing opening match. And I understand that we've got some hot knockout action comping up next.

We cut back stage where we see Velvet Sky and Ms. Tessmacher in the girls room, Velvet Sky adjusts her top for the camera to see while Tessmacher is in the background leaning over lacing up her boots.

*Commercial Break*

Don West: We are back and ready for a Knock Out Tag Team match.

*Cue Mexican America's Music* As Rosita and Sarita make their way down to the ring. So Cal Val announces Rosita and Sarita, and then announces their opponents.

*Cue The Beautiful People's Music* And Velvet Sky and Ms. Tessmacher make their way down to the ring.

Jeremy Borash: This is an interesting pairing in Tessmacher and Velvet Sky. I would have never guessed that either two of these girls had all that much in common.

Camera closes in on the two Knock Out's asses as they make their way down to the ring. As they climb the ropes, Velvet motions for Tessmacher to follow her lead as she does her typical rump shaking, and prolonged bent over the middle rope entrance. Ms Tessmacher does it perfectly!

Jeremy Borash: I, uh, stand corrected.

Don West: Are you also standing at attention?

Jeremy Borash: Moving on.....

Second Match: Rosita and Sarita (Knockout Tag Champions) VS Velvet Sky and Ms. Tessmacher in a non-title match.

The bell rings as Rosita and Ms. Tessmacher start things off, they lock up and Tessmacher gains the advantage working her arm. Tessmacher puts Rosita in a headlock and then flips her over onto the canvas, releasing the hold. Tessmacher stomps her a couple of times and drops an elbow. Rosita is down but not out, as Tessmacher rises, Rosita attempts a schoolboy pin, 1- no Tessmacher kicks out. Rosita is up on her feet quickly and rushes Tessmacher, Tessmacher turns right into a hurricanrana. Rosita moves swiftly to her corner and tags in Sarita.

Sarita is quick to Tessmacher, who is still down, and waits behind her for her to attempt to rise. Tessmacher is slow to rise and Sarita clubs her in the back, Tessmacher falls forward again, Sarita stands over her back, pulling Tessmacher up by her hair and then locks in a camel clutch.

Velvet Sky comes in for the save with an axe handle to the head of Sarita, breaking the hold. The referee forces Velvet back to her corner. Sarita get's in Velvet's Face and then slaps her. Velvet pissed, tries to get in the ring but the ref restrains her, but while his back is turned Rosita has come into the ring and has locked Tessmacher into a camel clutch of her own.

Velvet is pointing and screaming frantically for the ref to look, while Sarita is chopping Tessmacher across the chest while Rosita has the clutch locked in.

The ref finally turns and looks at what's going on. Having none of it, he forces Rosita to break her hold. The ref marches Rosita to her corner, which finally allows Velvet a moment to get in the ring and attack Sarita. The two exchange a couple of chops before Velvet lands a kick to Sarita's gut and then nails her with a DDT.

The ref turns around, to find Velvet back in her corner extending her hand for a tag, while Tessmacher slowly crawls to the corner. The ref sees Sarita down but has no clue how or why. Tessmacher appears to be about to make the tag, as Sarita rises to her feet. Sarita rushes over to grab Tessmacher by the legs and pull her away, but Velvet stretches in further practically falling over the rope to make a succesful tag. The ref motions that the tag was good. Sarita fumes, but rushes to Velvet, still half way over the ropes and gives her a hand bringing her up and over hard onto her butt. Sarita, then locks in a headlock, but Velvet manages to reach up and grab Sarita by the back of the head and slowly stands and then falls right back down to her butt, essentially hitting Sarita with a jawbreaker.

Sarita is forced to let the hold go, and slightly doubled over clutches at her chin. Velvet rises and then nails Sarita with a quick snap suplex. Rising she then nails her with a quick kick to the head. Velvet goes for the cover, 1-2, No! Rosita makes it in for the save. Tessmacher rushes Rosita and hits her with a Lou Thesz Press, but while on top the two roll across the ring, and they roll out to the floor below and continue brawling

Velvet is up and pulls Sarita to her feet from behind and locks in an octopus stretch. Sarita taps out!

So Cal Val: And here are your winners, Velvet Sky and Ms Tessmacher.

Ms. Tessmacher makes her way back to the ring and the referee raises both hers and Velvets hands in victory.

Don West: What's going on, look behind you!

Behind Velvet and Tessmacher, ODB has come from the stands. ODB pulls Tessmacher by the arm, spinning her around right into a DDT. Before Velvet realizes what has happened ODB slams a forearm into her back, knocking her forward to the canvas. ODB jumps on her back and begins slamming Velvets face into the canvas repeatedly.

*Cue Chyna's music* As Chyna once again makes her way to the ring, this time with a bit more speed. ODB bails out as Chyna climbs into the ring.

Rosita, feeling brave, climbs back into the ring and nails Chyna in the back. It doesn't even faze Chyna, Chyna turns around and looks at the smaller wrestler. Rosita gathers her courage and hits the ropes and attempts a crossbody, Chyna catches her and turns it into a sidewalk slam.

Sarita climbs into the ring but Chyna sees her coming. Chyna lands a knee to the gut of Sarita, doubling her over. She positions Sarita's head between her legs, double locks in her arms and plays to the crowd, they love it. Chyna then nails the Pedigree.

Unbeknownst to Chyna, Winter and Angelina Love have hit the ring, and as she rises from the pedigree the two slam into her back. Knocking her to the ground, practically on top of Sarita.

Seeing the numbers turn ODB climbs in the ring and the three stomp the hell out of Chyna. Velvet is slowly making her way to her feet and goes after ODB and the two brawl. Tessmacher is still down, and the numbers are still against Chyna.

Mickie James and Tara rush to the ring, coming to Chyna's aid. They send Winter and Anglina love scrambling to get out of the ring. ODB joins the two as they make their way back up the ramp.

Mickie and Tara help Chyna to her feet. Velvet helps her partner to her feet and the five of them stand in the ring together staring down the backpedalling Trio of Angelina Love, Winter and ODB, with Sarita and Rosita slowly following them up the ramp to the back.

Jeremy Borash: That's two weeks in a row that Chyna has come to Velvet's aid, what do you suppose is going on there?

Don West: Does it really matter? That's two weeks in a row that the lovely ladies of the knock out division haven't failed to deliver!

Jeremy Borash: Coming up shortly our main event and we are expecting that to deliver us our first Implosion World Television Champion.. but that's after the break.

*Commercial Break*

We're back, and Christy Hemme has Mickie James, Tara and Chyna in the interview room.

Christy: Once again Tonight we saw Chyna come to the aid of Velvet Sky. Last week Angelina Love and Winter bailed out, but tonight the two attacked Chyna from behind, apparently seeking revenge. Chyna I have to ask, what is your interest in Velvet Sky?

Chyna: What makes you think I have any interest in Velvet?

Christy: Well it's just that you've come to her defense twice.

Chyna: Maybe, if it were you in that ring being undeservedly beaten down, I would have come to your defense.

Christy: But I wouldn't be in the ring, and it appears that nearly everyone's attention is focused on Velvet as of late, ODB, Angelina and Winter...

Chyna doesn't appear happy that Christy is still going with this line of questioning. Mickie James pulls the microphone her direction.

Mickie James: Listen here Christy, the whole story here is that she did the right thing. She made a stand for the defenseless, and when it came down to it when those spineless cowards, Anglina and Winter attacked her from behind as well, Tara and I here followed her lead and we did the right thing as well.

Tara: Between Mickie and I, we've had to put up with a lot of BS over the past few months. We've righted some of the things that were wrong in the Knockout Division and we will continue to do what's right.

Tara slaps Chyna in the backside as she and Mickie make their way from the interview room. Chyna, expressionless, just watches them go. Christy appears ready to ask Chyna another question, but Chyna glowers down at her giving Christy second thoughts.

We cut to the locker room, Matt Morgan is lacing up for the main event. Scott Steiner comes into the picture.

Scott: I came to wish you good luck in your match tonight.

Matt (raises an eyebrow): You, you're wishing ME good luck?

Scott: Yeah and believe it or not, I WANT you to win that title tonight.

Matt: And why is that?

Scott: Ya see I'm not done with your punk ass, you and me, we have some unfinished bizness. And if you win that title tonight, I'll be waiting to take it away from you.

Matt, finished with his boots, rises to his feet and gets in Steiners Face

Matt: Is that so?

Steiner leans forward, looking up into Matt's face.

Scott: Boy, if it wasn't so, I wouldn't have said it.

Matt smiles and nods.

Matt: I can't wait!

Matt Morgan brushes past Scott Steiner, and makes his way out of the locker room.

We cut to Commissioner Nash's office. Nash is seated behind his desk and the camera pans to show that Kurt Angle is standing opposite Nash.

Nash: I can't make any promises Kurt.

Kurt: I'm not asking you for anything more than what I deserve. I single-handedly put TNA on the map, and even though I didn't come out the victor in last weeks battle royal, I still deserve a title shot against whoever claims that belt tonight.

Nash: Kurt, I appreciate what you've done for TNA, and for that matter what you've done for the wrestling business. You've had a storied career Kurt, and you've held a number of world titles.

Kurt: Fourteen.

Nash: Woooah hoooh, fourteen?

Kurt: Fourteen time world champion and, I might add, one olympic gold medal!

Nash: So you've had your day in the sun.

Kurt: My day in the sun? My days aren't done, Kev, not yet!

Nash: You've still got some gas in the tank, fair enough. But in the interest of being a fair commissioner, like I promised last week, I'm going to give everyone on the roster a fair shake, young... and old, alike.

Kurt: Old huh?

Nash: Kurt, let's just see how things play out tonight, and we'll let next week worry about itself.

*Commercial Break*

Don West: We're back and ready for our Main Event of the night.

*Cue Samoa Joe's Music* Crowd chanting "Joe is going to kill you" So Cal Val announces Joe as he makes his way to the ring.

*Cue Matt Morgans Music* So Cal Val announces Matt as he makes his way to the ring. He climbs in and gets in Joes Face. The two stand toe to toe.

*Cue Mexican America's Music* Both Hernandez and Anarquia come to the ring together forcing So Cal Val to announce them together.

So Cal announces Earl Hebner as the referee of the match.

Jeremy Borash: For all intents and purposes, it looks like they just might be playing the numbers game tonight.

Don West: We'll have to wait and see how that works out for them.

Main Event: Samoa Joe VS Matt Morgan VS Hernandez VS Anarquia- NO DQ Fatal Four-Way for the Implosion World Television Title.

The bell rings and Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe go at it, exchanging punches, ignoring Hernandez and Anarquia.

Mexican America stand back and watch, kicking back against the ropes.

Matt Morgan demonstrates his strength and backs Joe into the corner, and throws his regular flurry of elbows to the head of Samoa Joe, or attempts to, he doesn't get very many in before Samoe Joe lifts him and lands a Atomic Drop/ball buster. Matt clutches at his groin, doing a dance he spins 360, only to be met with a clothesline by Joe.

At the moment that Joe hit the clothesline on Morgan, Hernandez rushes in and delivers a clothesline of his own to Joe. Joe hits the canvas, and Anarquia moves in on Morgan for the cover,Hernandez punishes Joe on the canvas keeping him away from the save, 1-2, Morgan kicks out. Anarquia is up, Matt is up and angry. Anarquia launches an attack but is met by a big boot. Morgan makes the cover on Anarquia, 1-2, No Hernandez has let up on Joe and makes it over in time to make the save.

Morgan and Hernadez stand face to face, a partnership and rivalry in their past, they lay into each other. Joe rises and clobbers Hernandez in the back, Hernandez turns around right into a belly to belly. Joe manages to lift the big man up and over, tossing him behind him. Joe rises, turns and looks behind him at the layed out Hernandez. Matt grabs Joe's neck from behind, places a hand on his tights and lifts him into a reverse choke hold slamming him belly and face first into the canvas.

Matt Morgan stands alone, arms raised high for the crowd... Anarquia still on the ground takes Morgans knees out from behind, and Morgan crumples backwards like a load of bricks.

Hernandez is up and makes the cover on Samoa Joe 1-2, no Joe kicks out. This enfuriates Hernandez, and he stomps the hell out of Joe. Joe rolls trying to avoid the stomps, his rolls take him to the edge of the ring and Hernandez stomps him down and out onto the floor. Hernandez then joins Anarquia and the two team up on Morgan. They pull him to his feet and lift him together and slam him right back down to the canvas.

Hernandez makes the cover for the 1-2, No Morgan kicks out. He and Anarquia pull Morgan to his feet and deliver a second slam. Anaquia makes the cover 1-2, Hernandez pulls Anarquia off of Morgan. "What are you doing?" Anarquia backs away from Hernandez. Hernandez pulls Morgan to his feet and runs him to the ropes and throws him up and over.

Hernandez get's in Anarquia's face and appears to be saying something to him. Anarquia holds his hands up and is backing down. Hernandez points at his own chest, and then at Anarquia's and then down at the canvas. Anarquia nods, appears a bit reluctant, but lays down on the mat. Hernandez taps his own head, motioning that he's a genius.

Behind him he doesn't see that British Invasion has hit the ring.

Hernandez goes for the cover....1-2 No Magnus and Douglas Williams break it up, they pull both of Mexican America to their feet and the four brawl to the outside of the ring.

Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan both make their way to their feet and back to the ring. Seeing Mexican America with their hands full, the two go at it again. Joe gains the advantage after a leaping kick to the taller mans head. Morgan flops. Joe goes for the cover 1-2, Matt kicks out. Matt sits up, and is subsequently met with a chop to the back and then Joe rushes the ropes, rebounds and delivers a kick to the chest of Morgan. Morgan, is on his back once, again, and is then met with knee to the head from Samoa Joe.

Scott Steiner is seen making his way to the ring.

Joe goes for the pin, 1, Steiner is up on the rope getting Joes attention, Joe isn't distracted, 2, Steiner steps into the ring, the ref's arm almost makes it down for 3 but Morgan kicks out. Joe gets to his feet and and makes his way over to Steiner getting in his face, the two get into a bit of a shoving match near the ropes. They exchange blows, giving Morgan time to rise to his feet. Morgan rushes at the two, ready to
deliver a big boot to the back of Joe, Joe somehow knows it's coming and ducks out of the way. Morgan delivers the boot to Steiners chest, sending him up and over the ropes down to the floor below.

Morgan is a bit surprised at Joes quickness, and even more so when he turns around into an irish whip right into the corner. Joe then gets a running start and slams into Matt in the corner. Joe chops away at Morgan in the corner. Matt starts climbing the corner, apparently trying to back away and get a height advantage over Joe. Joe presses in, and continues the assault. Matt is sitting on the turnbuckle and Joe takes advantage of this fact and actually lifts the big man onto his shoulders into a fireman's carry. Joe moves to the center of the ring and hits the Death Valley Driver. Joe makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Earl Hebner grabs the Implosion World Television Title and brings it to Samoa Joe, raising the arm that holds the title in victory.

Samoa Joe throws the belt on his shoulder and slaps the belt a couple of times for effect. He looks at the destruction of Steiner on the floor below, Matt Morgan behind him, and Hernadez and Anarquia laid out by Magnus and Douglas Williams. Joe smiles and nods.

Don West: At long last, Samoa Joe's title drought has come to an end. And what a way to win it!

Jeremy Borash: What's in store for the new champ? Will he and Kurt Angle go at it one more time, or will Nash give someone else an opportunity?

Don West: Implosion is all about opportunity and wrestling. We are off to a great start and we barely got started last week. And it's only going to get better! Destination-X is just around the corner. Check out the website for an announcement about Implosions involvement in that pay per view. We're all out of time her tonight, be sure to tune in next week.

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Implosion Feedback

I'll focus on the first show. I think you should always put that date and year somewhere near the top of each show. I notice you did this for the second show, so that is good. Well described opening video. The commentary was very good and detailed throughout the show. I'm not sure why Don was criticizing the new name, but I guess you are going somewhere with that in a kayfabe sense? In the tag elimination match there was possibly a bit too much smirking and smiling bit still a good match.

Women's match was also pretty good, and will be interesting to see where you go with Chyna and ODB after this. I wasn't really a fan of the way the main event wasn't resolved, but I guess a decent cliff hanger for the next show. Some good spots in this match like when Angle hit the Angle put Suicide over the top rope with the Angle Slam. I think 'Olympic Slam' sounds better but I guess it's a copyright thing that they say Angle Slam in TNA. As this is a btb, I think you can call it what you want though (don't think calling it the OS will affect how realistic things sound), that is if you prefer the name Olympic Slam too. Also, I think the match flowed well between the bigger moments. Nice work bud, and good luck with this thread. (Y)

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Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the matches, I'm pretty weak when it comes to writing them. I enjoy writing the segments and interviews quite a bit more.

That spot in the tag match where Anarquia and Moore are going back and forth with their tag in tag out, smile, smirk, slap, poke and grab was just in there for a bit of comedy. I don't view Moore as being a serious kind of wrestler, similar to how Eric Young was just lounging around in his match. And also a bit how he was clowning in the second show's match... Eric's shenanigans are only going to get funnier too, (I hope)

In regards to Chyna coming to Velvets rescue, was she rescuing her from ODB, or was it Angelina and Winter? Chyna is pretty vague about it during the interview in the following weeks episode, but I'm going to stretch this one out a bit. Given the limited roster, the Knock Outs division really is the deepest division I have to use and the good thing is that Chyna's fresh to the division so I want to exploit that, get her in some interesting feuds, as long as I can.

In regards to the main event's cliffhanger, I needed that in there for the following weeks show and even though the build up at the start of the next show combined with who won the main event might not seem to make sense, I promise that I'm also going somewhere with this too.

Feel free to drop a line now and then, and thanks again for the review.

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The network has graciously given Implosion Wrestling a subsite apart from the main brand of Impact Wrestling.
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On Wednesday night Don West asked you to check out the new website for some news regarding the upcoming Destination-X pay per view. The show will be coming to you live from the Impact Zone on July 24th 2011.

If you would recall, it was announced on Impact Wrestling earlier this year that the show would be this coming Sunday, July 10th. We were fully expecting that July 10th show to take place without representation from Implosion Superstars, due to the fact that Commissioner Nash and Implosion would have only had two shows under their belt. However, Network Representative Mick Foley met with executives on behalf of Implosion Wrestling and an agreement was made between himself, Hogan and Bischoff, and the network to postpone the show for two weeks to give Implosion some more air time and an opportunity to show the fans just what Implosion Wrestling is all about, this way they are equally represented at a Pay Per View that falls during their first month of existence!

Kevin Nash was pleasantly surprised to be given this opportunity, and had this to say "You know, I didn't expect Implosion Wrestling to be included in the Destination-X pay per view on such short notice. I was counting on being included in August's Hardcore Justice show. But you know what, I'm glad that Mick Foley went to bat for us and got us in this months show! I mean, you don't want to miss out on show casing the talent of the boys in the back. It's a great opportunity for us to get Implosion's name out there, and show the world what we can do!"

Eric Bischoff was none-to-happy about the delay of 'Impact Wrestlings' Pay Per View. Although Bischoff and Hogan agreed to the delay and to the inclusion of Implosion Wrestling, he's made it clear that Implosion will get the first three matches of the night, and will have their own ring apron branding their portion of the Pay Per View with a name being something other than Destination-X. According to Bischoff "Destination-X is a name that belongs to Impact Wrestling. Implosion Wrestling, albeit a part of the Impact Wrestling family, is being treated as a seperate entity, kinda like that drunken uncle that you disowned but shows up every Christmas. Therefore Hogan and I do not feel that they should wrestle in our Pay Per View under our Pay Per Views name. Furthermore, this is how it's going to be come every pay per view for the remainder of the year. Nash and his staff are just going to have to come up with their own 'catchy' PPV names. I know it's short notice, and I wish them the best of luck with their name choices, but sometimes, like this pay per view proves, things change with little to no notice!"

There's been no comment from neither Mick Foley nor Kevin Nash as it pertains to the Pay Per View name. Perhaps there will be an announcement this coming Wednesday Night. Be sure to tune in.

And be sure to check in with us online, where wrestling REALLY matters!

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Implosion Preview​

Last week we saw Douglas Williams and Magnus interefere in the Implosion World Television title match, attacking Hernandez and Anarquia. This interference, followed by a Scott Steiner appearance allowed Samoa Joe to win Implosions coveted title!

As a result Mexican America will have a chance to exact some revenge on The Brittish Invasion.

And what about some repurcussions from the Scott Steiner appearance in the title match? Evidence points to the idea that Steiner was there in an attempt to help Matt Morgan win the title. However Matt Morgan isn't buying this and has requested, and was awarded, a match against Steiner!

Over the past few months Velvet Sky has been the target of a number of attacks from Winter and Angelina, and more recently ODB. Chyna has taken interest in these attacks and has come to Velvets defense on a couple of occassions. This week Velvet goes one on one with ODB, with Chyna in her corner!

Be sure to tune in!

Implosion Wrestling where wrestling really matters..... It has to, we only have one hour

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Wednesday July 13th 2011, Live from the Impact Zone.​

Intro package plays to the music of Skillet "Awake and Alive", the likenesses of Samoa Joe, Crimson, Scott Steiner, Matt Morgan, Mexican America, the lovely ladies of the Knock

Out division, all in ring action shots, Joe hitting a buster, Steiner locking someone in a Steiner recliner, Matt Morgan laying someone out with a big boot! And the knockouts

with Madison Rayne screaming at the top of her lungs and pulling at her hair in the middle of the ring, Mickie James delivering a kick, Miss Tessmacher bending over to pick her

glasses up off the matt, Zombie Angelina taking slaps from Velvet but shaking them off as if they were nothing, ODB taking a swig as she walks down the ramp to the ring, and

Tara laying Madison Rayne out with a punch!

Fireworks, and we are live!

Don West: Welcome to Implosion. We are a week removed from crowning our first Implosion World Television Champion and only a half a week away from Implosions foray into the Impact Pay Per View scene. When it comes to Pay Per Views, it is expected that the title be on the line. I fully expect a number one contender to be named here.....

*Cue Samoa Joes music* "Joes Gonna Kill You" chants start as the big Samoan makes his way to the ring, opening up tonight's show.

Don West: ... tonight. And here the champ is now, let's hear what he has to say.

Samoa Joe: Two weeks ago I made it clear that I was hungry, hungry for a title. I also made it clear that my hunger would not be satiated until, once again, I had *holds up the belt* one of these around my waist....

The Crowd Cheers.

Samoa Joe: Technically two weeks ago noone won the title match, but in reality I won here *points to his head* and here *points to his chest*.

The crowd responds again.

Samoa Joe: I had the heart of a champion, I outlasted seven other oponents. I withstood a persistent assault from a young and equally hungry Crimson, and then when Matt Morgan attempted to take both Crimson and myself out, I proved my resilience once again and managed to keep myself from hitting that floor just long enough to make the match a draw, a tie if you will, with Matt Morgan... Yet, in reality I won. You see I won a rematch with Matt for the title. But rather than it being a one on one match, like Matt Morgan and I deserved, a couple of punks had to come out here and cry to the comissioner that they should have been included in the match.

The Crowd Boos at the mention of Mexican America.

Samoa Joe: And they got their way and almost stole one... But the way I see it, in the end they got what they deserved!

The Crowd Cheers.

Samoa Joe: And tonight I'm here to make a recommendation to Comissioner Nash that he give Matt Morgan what he deserves, a match with me one on one, like it should have been, for this title at the Pay Per View.

The Crowd Cheers. *Cue Comissioner Nash's Music* Kevin Nash makes his way to the ramp.

Kevin Nash: Let me get this straigh, you come out here talking about Mexican America crying and talking their way into last weeks match, but you wanna come out here and name your own opponent at the Pay Per View? Does that about sum it up?

Samoa Joe: Sounds about right to me. So, how about it? You said you want to do what's fair, and that seems fair to me, does it seem fair to you?

*Samoe Joe points at the crowd in attendance and they respond with Cheers again*

Kevin Nash: I said it from week one and I'll say it again, I'm all about being fair. I stand by my decision last week when I granted Hernandez and Anarquias request, and tonight I will do what's fair and..... At Desination Xcellence!, that's excellence without the E in front of it. *Nash turns and waves to the camera* Hi Bischoff and Hogan.

The crowd boos.

Kevin Nash: Let me say that first part again, at Destination Xcellence *Pause* we will have Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan one on one in a steel cage match for the Implosion World Television Title!

*Cue Comissioner Nash's music* Nash exits the stage after his announcement is made.

Don West: Destination Xcellence? Once again it looks like Comissioner Nash is playing off of Impact Wrestlings names and doing what he can to stick it to Hogan and Bischoff.

Jeremy Borash: I love it! Think about it Don we get to open up Destination X with Xcellence!

Don West: Excellent!.. speaking of excellent, starting things off tonight we have two of wrestlings premier tag teams, Mexican America and Brittish Invasion going at it.

Jeremy Borash: One thing is certain, Mexican America are seeking revenge on Magnus and Douglas for ruining their chance to win the Implosion World Televion Title last week.

Don West: I'm certainly glad that the British Invasion put an end to their plans, Anarquia was just going to lay down for Hernandez, while Morgan and Joe were unable to do anything about it!

*Mexican America's music Hits*

So Cal Val: On their way to the ring, accompanied by Sarita and Rosita, Hernandez and Anarquia, they are Mexican America!

Hernandez and Anarquia make their way down to the ring, with Sarita and Rosita in tow. As Anarquia gets into the ring he grabs a mic and proceeds to speak before British Invasions music has a chance to play.

Anarquia: Last week dos loco vatos, stuck their noses where they don't belong. They stuck them in our business. And tonight we are going to show them what happens when you stick your nose where it doesn't belong....

Hernandez takes the mic.

Hernandez: It get's broken!

*Cue Brittish Invasion's music*

So Cal Val: and their opponents, Douglas Williams and Magnus, they are the Brittish Invasion!

Magnus and Williams make their way to the top of the ramp, Douglas Williams, microphone in hand.

Williams: The only thing that will be broken tonight is your will.

Magnus grabs the mic out of Williams hand.

Magnus: On the contrary, afterwards I just may break one off with one of their poco caliente puta's!

Hernandez and Anarquia have heard enough and climb out of the ring and up the ramp, Williams and Magnus meet them half way and the four brawl outside the ring.

*Commercial Break*

Jeremy Borash: We are back! And while we were on break Earl Hebner tried futilely to break this brawl up and to get both teams in the ring....

Don West: Futiley is an understatement. Even with the help of the other referrees they weren't able to break this brawl up and just moments ago....

*Replay from the commercial break* While the two teams contine to brawl outside the ring and the referrees get pushed around while trying to break it up, Big Sexy's music hits and Commissioner Nash makes his way out to the ramp.

Kevin Nash: If you four have that much pent up anger that you need to get out, and just can't find your way to the ring, then I see no alternative than to change this match into a no holds barred, falls count anywhere match.

Earl Hebner then motions for the bell to ring.. *We cut back to the action*

Opening Match: Mexican America VS The Brittish Invasion

Anarquia and Douglas Williams brawl outside the ring, exchanging punches, and kicks, while Hernandez and Magnus do the same. Anarquia gets the upper hand on Williams and slings him into the barricade, Williams hits the barricade back first and clutches at his lower back in anquish and drops to his knees. Anarquia moves in behind Williams, digs his knee into his back, grabs Williams arms and pulls them back towards him, applying more pressure to the lower back as well as the shoulders.

Magnus appears to also be taking it Hernandez with some hard punches, and elbows. Magnus goes to whip Hernandez into the ring, but Hernandez gathers enough strength reversing momentum and whips Magnus into the rails. Magnus hits the rails hard and slumps against the rail. Hernandez sizes Magnus up, takes a step back and runs at Magnus intending to give Magnus a big boot and knock him over the rail into the crowd. Magnus ducks out of the way and Hernandez only ends up racking his own groin on the top of the rail. Magnus takes advantage and pulls Hernandez off the rail and suplexes him onto the hard floor.

Williams has broken free of Anarquia's submission hold and the two continue to brawl outside the ring, while Magnus pulls Hernandez to his feet and finally forces him into the ring. Magnus slides into the ring, gives Hernandez a moment to rise to his feet. Hernandez rises slowly and is slightly hunched over, Magnus charges and nails Hernandez with a running knee lift, effectively knocking Hernandez upright and backwards against the ropes. Magnus approaches Hernandez, and lifts him up and onto his shoulders preparing for the Tormentum. He appears ready to delivery it when Sarita slides into the ring from behind and low blows Magnus. Magnus is forced to let Hernandez go, Hernandez landing on his feet. Magnus doubles over and drops to his knees. Hernandez appears groggy and Sarita tends to trying to get him back into the match by shaking his shoulders. Hernandez comes to life at the same time Magnus is rising to his feet. Hernandez charges as Magnus turns right into a spear. Hernandez, lifts Magnus to his feet and nails a powerbomb. He makes the cover for the 1-2-3.

Outside the ring Anarquia has Douglas Williams handled, while inside the ring Hernandez motions for Rosita to join Sarita in the ring. He then motions to toward the fallen Magnus and motion for the two to have at him. The two women begin stomping and kicking Magnus. Rosita goes as far as to spit on Magnus!

Mickie James and Tara make their way down to the ring and break up the beat down on Magnus. Mickie and Tara begin brawling with Rosita and Sarita. Mickie hits Rosita with a Lou Thez Press and is wailing on her. Herandez grabs Mickie by the hair and pulls Mickie off of Rosita. Hernandez slings Mickie hard into the corner.

At this point Comissioner Nash has seen enough, his music hits as, once again, he makes his way down to the ring.

Nash: Whoa, whoa!

This gets everyone in the rings attention. Kevin Nash climbs over the rope and gets in Hernandez face.

Nash: First of all, you need to keep your hands off of the women. You do something like that again, and I might be forced to put my hands on you.

Nash turns his attention toward the ladies.

Nash: As for the four of you, if you want to fight, we can make that happen. But it's not going to happen here tonight.

The crowd boos.

Nash: The four of you represent the top of the Knockout's Division. We have the Knockout Tag titles in the ring, we have the Knockout Title in the ring, and Tara's been breaking women in half in the ring for years. So, if you want to do this? *All four ladies nod* Then we're going to do this right. We're going to do this at Destination Xcellence, in a title for title womens tag team match.

Sarita and Rosita smile. Sarita points at Mickie, and then motions around her own waist.

*Commercial Break*

Don West: We are back!

*Replay of Kevin Nash announcing the womens tag match at Destination Xcellence*

Jeremy Borash: Right before the break Comissioner Nash announced a title for title Knockout's Tag match for the pay per view. I wonder how that's going to work?

Don West: I have it under good authority that Sarita and Rosita can win by pinning either Mickie James or Tara, and that the lady in the ring making the pin on either one of those two would walk out with Mickies belt. On the flip side, it doesn't matter if Tara pins an opponent, Mickie would retain her title and the two together would become Knockout tag champions.

Jeremy Borash: Pretty straight forward, and makes for an intersting dynamic. Sarita motioned that she was going to take Mickies belt from her, but what if Rosita is the one that makes the cover?

Don West: That's an interesting point, would they be able to coexist as Knockout tag champions if one covets the singles title that the other holds?

*Cut to the office where Eric Young is petitioning Kevin Nash for something*

Eric: Kev, when you came you here you promised to be fair, and you promised me that I would have a shot to get my belt back. And three weeks in, here we are and you haven't done either.

Kevin: Excuse me?

Eric: You haven't done either. First you took my title away, that wasn't fair! and then you, you haven't given me a shot at the title, like you said you would. So thats actually three things you now aren't. You aren't fair, you break promises, and you're a liar.

Kevin: Three things huh? Isn't breaking a promise the same thing as being a liar? *Eric looks a bit sheepish but nods* Then that would be two things.

Eric: So you admit it? You're an unfair, promise breaking, liar, and you can count!

Kevin: Listen Eric, you're forgetting two things here, first of all I'm in charge and that belt belongs to Implosion Wrestling, and the title was taken from you to start things out at ground zero. Second, I put you in that eight man battle royal for the title and you wasted the opportunity you were given. Instead of using your God given wrestling talent, you sat on the turnbuckle making googley eyes at the belt for the entire match.

Eric: You booked me in the wrong match.

Kevin: What?

Eric: You booked me in the wrong match. I thought we were friends Kev?

Kevin: What does that have to do with anything? And what are you talking about I booked you in the wrong match?! I put you in the damn title match just like you wanted, against eight other deserving superstars, what more could you ask of me?

Eric: You know me Kev, and if you were my friend you would have made that match a one on one match between me and that Sangriento guy. Just between you and me He doesn't know how to wrestle, he just runs and slides and jumps around a lot. I could have beaten him for the title, but you didn't give me a fair shot.

Kevin: I don't know what the hell has gotten in to you Eric, but you have to snap out of it. You had your shot, a fair shot, and you blew it. You need to get your eyes off of that belt, and set some other goals for yourself.. And might I suggest that those goals include concentrating on wrestling again, if you do that you just might get back into contention for some Implosion Wrestling gold!

Eric: You can't hold me back forever Kev! I'm going to win some gold! You'll see.

Eric walks away, Kevin just shakes his head, watching as Eric goes.

*Cut back to ringside as ODB's music plays*

ODB makes her way to the ring.

So Cal Val: On her way to the ring, O D B.

*The Beautiful People's music hit as Velvet Sky makes her entrance*

So Cal Val: and her opponent, being accompanied by Chyna, Velvet Sky!

Chyna makes her appearance and follows Velvet to the ring.

Second Match: Velvet Sky VS ODB

Velvet starts things off quickly taking it straight to ODB. Slapping and chopping and kicking, catching ODB by surprise from the early going.

Don: I don't know if it's pent up anger and frustration or confindence because she has Chyna in her corner, but Velvet has really brought it right out of the gates.

Jeremy: She's got ODB back pedalling.

ODB backs out of the ring and Velvet appears ready to follow, but Chyna yells at her.

Chyna: No, stay right in the ring, she wants you to come to her, you make her come to you.

Velvet smiles and nods, then turns to ODB outside the ring.

Velvet: That's right bitch, you want some of me, you get your ass back in this ring!

ODB slams her hands down on the mat in frustration and climbs back in the ring, as she rises to her feet she is met with a clothesline by Velvet, whom jumps right on top of ODB

and begins reigning down fists. She grabs her by the head and begins slamming the back of her head into the mat. The ref calls for her to let her go, Velvet continues slamming her head into the mat. The ref pulls Velvet off of ODB and motions that Velvet had ODB by the hair. Velvet argues with the ref and tells him that he's full of it. This gives ODB enough time to make a come back, she slams into the back of Velvet knocking Velvet into the ref. The ref tumbles to the mat, Velvet practically on top of him.

ODB:Come on whore, get up! Velvet rises and charges ODB, but is met with a clothesline. ODB pulls Velvet to a standing position by the back of the head, lifts her and nails a fallaway slam. ODB raises her arms and yells at the crowd. ODB points at Chyna and then down at Velvet.

ODB: Why are you with this trash? You used to be great, now your nothing more than a has-been!

Velvet comes to and sneaks up behind ODB and attempts to roll her up in a school boy. (by now the ref is up) 1-2 ODB kicks out. Velvet is first to her feet and meets ODB with a clothesline, ODB rises up again, another clothesline from Velvet. Velvet pulls ODB to her feet, from behind, and sinches in the octopus stretch. Chyna is clapping for the submission hold. However, ODB uses her strength and backs Velvet hard into the corner turnbuckle. It looks like it has knocked the wind out of Velvet.

ODB turns and charges Velvet, ready to hit a body avalance on her as she is still in the corner, Velvet ducks out of the way and as ODB runs right by, Velvet connects with a kneckbreaker! Velvet makes the cover and gets the 1-2-3.

Velvet jumps to her feet estatic about the win. ODB is up and nails Velvet from behind knocking her face first to the mat, ODB jumps on her back and starts slamming her face into the mat. Chyna slides into the ring and ODB stands up to face her, the two get in each others face...

*Winters Music hits* And Winter and Angelina Love make their way to the ring.

Chyna looks at ODB, and then back at Winter and Angelina. Feeling surrounded the first thing she does is nails ODB with a clothesline, then slides out to the ring below to face Winter and Angelina, however as she's sliding out, Angelina climbs in the ring. Chyna appears to be ready to turn back to Velvets defense but Winter catches her attention, motioning her with a come hither expression. Chyna looks towards Angelina, and then back again at Winter and then oddly enough slowly follows Winter as Winter is backing up the ramp.

Angelina and ODB do a number on Velvet in the ring, before Chyna finally comes to her senses and has to run all the way back down the ramp to make the save. Angelina and ODB bail out of the ring, Angelina rejoins Winter, while ODB looks on at the two as they back up the ramp, and then at Chyna while she tens to Velvet.

Don: What the hell was that?

Jeremy: I have no clue, it seemed for a moment there that Winter had some sort of mind control over Chyna as well.

Don: This interest in Velvet has been building for some time and it appears to be getting even more bizarre.

Jeremy: I can't wait to see what happens next between these four ladies. Be sure to stay tuned, we'll be right back after this brief break.

*Commercial Break*

We return backstage where Christy Hemme is with Matt Morgan.

Christy: Matt first of all I want to congratulate you for earning a title shot at the upcoming Destination Xcellence pay per view. But tonight you face the man, whom is partially responsible for you getting that match, Scott Steiner. Why did you request this match?

Matt: Scott Steiner is in no way, shape or form responsible for getting me that title shot at Desination Xcellence. The reason I got that match is because Samoa Joe was gracious enough to petition Comissioner Nash due to the mockery of a match that we were placed in last week. As for this match with Steiner, there's speculation that Steiner tried to interefere last week and cost Samoa Joe the match, which would make me the champion. So, I requested Steiner tonight because I want everyone to know I had nothing to do with whatever plans he's got floating around in that little pea-brain of his. Tonight, Scott, win lose or draw, we end this.

Matt walks away.

We cut to the ladies lockerroom, where Chyna is helping Velvet to a seat.

Velvet: What the hell happend out there? I thought you had my back? Wasn't the whole point of you being there to protect me from beatdowns like I just took.... need I say again!

Chyna: I'm so sorry Velvet. I don't know.... I dont know what came over me.

Velvet: I know you've been out of the ring for a long time, and have a little ring rust, but when you were out there barking orders telling me to stay in the ring, that I was playing into OBD's plans, why the hell didn't you take your own advice?!

Chyna appears lost in thought and doesn't respond.

Velvet is frustrated and leaves Chyna to her thoughts.

We go ringside. *Big Poppa Pumps Music Hits* Steiner appears on the ramp.

So Cal Val: On his way to the ring, Scott Steiner.

Steiner makes his way to the center of the ring, stretching, flexing and kissing his biceps for the fans.

*Matt Morgan's music hits*

So Cal Val: And his opponent, Matt Morgan!

Morgan rushes to the ring

Main Event: Matt Morgan VS Scott Steiner

Morgan hits the ring running, he slides in but Steiner is on the offensive and stomps Matt quickly in the back. Morgan shakes it off and grabs Steiners legs pulling them out from under him. Steiner hits the canvas hard. Morgan then climbs on top of Steiner and begins raining down fists to the side of the head. The ref attempts to pull Morgan off.

Morgan gets to his feet and gets in the refs face.. They exchange words and the ref rings the bell signalling that the match is offically underway.

Morgan turns his attention back to Steiner and is ready to pull him to his feet, as he does Steiner delivers a low blow. Matt makes an overexagerated "Oh face" and bends over clutching at his groin. Steiner runs the ropes and clotheslines Morgan to the ground. Steiner then proceeds to stomp Matt into the canvas. Steiner works his way behind and puts him into a sleeper. Morgan struggles against the sleeper and slowly starts to rise to his feet. Steiner holds on, Morgan shows his strength rising completely to his feet with steiner on his back.

Morgan reaches up and grabbing Steiner by the back of the head, Morgan flips Steiner over his head and slams him down but Steiner manages to change his hold on Morgans head and turns Morgans slam into a variation of the diamond cutter type Kneck breaker. Steiner quickly rolls Morgan over and makes the cover, the ref counts 1-2, Morgan gets his shoulder up.

Steiner sits up on his knees and looks at the ref, cussing him for what he thinks is a slow count. Steiner then goes to work on the head of Morgan, putting him in a headlock and then pounding the top of his head with a closed fist. Morgan struggles to get out of the headlock, rising to a knee, Morgan appears ready to deliver an elbow to the gut of Steiner but Steiner surprises Morgan by letting the hold go and then pushing Morgan from behind forward chest first into the second rope. Steiner then moves in for the Steiner recliner, pulling Morgan up off of the ropes, he locks it in. The ref looks in, checking to make sure that Morgan isn't in the ropes, Morgans hands aren't on the ropes due to the lock but they do extend beyond the ropes. The ref tells Scott to break the hold. Scott stretches Morgan even more. "He's not in the ropes now" The ref starts counting. 1-2-3

Steiner releases the hold and barks at the ref. He turns his attention back to Morgan, pulling him to his feet only to attempt to clothesline him right back down. Morgan slips under the clothesline, moves forward, rebounding off the ropes and back toward Steiner, whom turns and is met with a spear from Morgan.

Morgan rises to his feet and yells, getting a reaction from the crowd.

Steiner slowly rises to his feet, Morgan is ready, and picks him up and slams him down with a sidewalk slam. Morgan makes the cover, 1-2, Steiner kicks out.

Morgan rises to his feet and waits on Steiner to do the same. Morgan rushes Steiner, and clotheslines him down, Morgan waits for Steiner to rise again, then again rushes and clotheslines him down. Morgan waits a third time for Steiner to rise, Morgan rushes and delivers the Carbon Footprint. Steiner is down. Morgan gets up on the turnbuckle and throws his arms up, playing to the crowd.

In his moment of celebration, Hernandez and Anarquia, make their way to the ring. Anarquia distracts the ref by climbing into the ring. While Hernandez works his away around the ring to where Morgan is, still standing on the ropes in the corner. Hernandez gets Morgans attention, the two have words, but Morgan wises up and turns around on the ropes, to turn his attention back to Steiner.... Too late, Steiner punches Morgan in the gut, forcing Morgan to take a seat on the turnbuckle. Steiner climbs the ropes, going to landing strikes to the head of Morgan. The crowd actually counts, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. Then Steiner performs his signature, Frankensteiner huricanrana off of the top ropes, sending Morgan to the canvas below. Steiner crawls over to Morgan and makes the cover.

By this time Anarquia has climbed out of the ring and the ref has turned his attention back to the match. He sees Steiner making the cover, and slides over making the 1-2-3.

So Cal Val: Here is your winner, Scott Steiner.

The ref raises Steiners hands, as Anarquia and Hernandez climb into the ring. Steiner looks at them a bit in surprise, but they pay no attention to him and both go to work on Matt Morgan.

Steiner backs out of the ring and lets Mexican America do whatever it is they came to do, but he sticks around watching the spectacle.

Hernandez lays the beatdown on Morgan while Anarquia grabs a mic and leans over Morgan.

Anarquia: You said last weeks match, a match that Mexican America MADE, was a mockery? Let me tell you something holmes, you know what is a mockery? It's you in another title match. You proved tonight, once again, that you can't hang in the ring holmes. You shouldn't be in the title match at the pay per view, Mexican America should be in a title match long before you... Since Comissioner Nash started up Implosion wrestling, you've lost how many matches? One?, no; two?, no, three times now holmes. Mexican America has won
two out of three times, we deserve...

*British Invasion's music hits* as a banged up Magnus and Douglas Williams have heard enough and rush to the ring. Mexican America scatter leaving Morgan alone in the ring as Brittish Invasion has come to his aid.

Hernandez and Anarquia start walking back up the ramp but are stopped when *Comissioner Nash's music hit* and the big man steps out on the stage in front of them.

Kevin Nash: You two seem to be getting into everyone's business here tonight, and I can see that Magnus and Williams aren't quite done with you guys, and being that we have one more match to book for the pay per view a week from this Saturday, I think I have a great idea!

Hernandez motions at he and Anarquia and then at Magnus and Williams. "We already beat them, they don't get another shot at us, put us in the title match"

Kevin Nash: They don't get another shot at you huh? Well since I'm in charge here, I'll decide who gets to face whom. And at the pay per view, we are going to make sure that we put on the absolute best display of wrestling action that Implosion Wrestling is capable of, so in our opening match of Destination Xcellence, it's going to be Mexican American VS Brittish Invasion...

The crowd cheers, but Nash continues

Kevin Nash: Versus Ink Inc

The crowd cheers again, and once again Nash Continues

Kevin Nash: Versus Scott Steiner and his partner will be Eric Young, in a four team tag match.

Steiner looks upset. "What, you going to put me in a match with that.. freak?"

Kevin Nash: and to prepare for that match, next weeks Implosion Scott, you and Eric will team up against.... Ink Inc.

Don West: Well there you have it, all three matches are now set for Implosions part of the Sunday July 24th pay per view.

Jeremy Borash: We're all out of time folks, tune in next week, where Steiner and Eric Young are confirmed for a match against Ink Inc...
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