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Impact spoilers for 5-24-2012

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Dot Net reader Bill Martin is at the TNA Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando, Fla. and is passing along updates. You must refresh the page for the latest updates.

Kazarian won what appeared to be a dark match.

It's Open Fight Night week.

1. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated ODB and Eric Young to win the TNA Knockouts Tag Titles.

Rob Van Dam called out Gunner, which led to a match.

2. Rob Van Dam pinned Gunner. Van Dam flew three-quarters of the way across the ring and won with a Frogsplash.

3. Devon and Garett Bischoff fought to a no-contest in a TV Title match. Devon and Garett shook hands before the match. A few minutes in, two wrestlers wearing sweaters hit the ring and had the upper hand for a moment, but Devon and Garett cleared them from the ring.

4. Austin Aries defeated Joey Ryan to retain the X Division Title. Aries won with what appeared to be a brainbuster.

Bully Ray called out Joseph Park from the stands. Park held a trial by fan reaction and the verdict was guilty. Ray punched him in the stomach and then hit him with his chain. He grabbed the mic and laid down in front of Park and yelled not guilty.

Bobby Roode came out for the main event. A.J. Styles and Kurt Angle came out. Hulk Hogan came out and selected Styles to face Roode.

5. Bobby Roode defeated A.J. Styles to retain the TNA Title. Roode worked on A.J.'s shoulder throughout the match. After a number of near falls for both men, Roode got the win.

Roode had a party for becoming the longest reigning TNA Champion. After confetti and champagne, Hogan came out. The lights went out and Hogan brought out a special guest: Sting! Sting beat Roode out of the ring.

Hogan announced the new time 7:00 p.m. CT starting time for Impact and announced that the first match on that show will be Roode vs. Sting in a lumberjack match.

from :http://www................../artman/publish/TNA/article10025166.shtml
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wait what happened to the fatal four way?

and yeah im not seeing much build for slammy. i wonder if they'd throw sting in kotm if they went down that route. sting/roode one on one again doesnt appeal much to me

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isnt it suppose to be a fatal 4 with angle,aj,ray,and hardy? wtf?

sounds pretty good tho. ray and park segment sounds good.

dont know who joey ryan is but hope hes better then alex silva.

aj vs roode should be good, but aj gets a match vs roode because hogan picks him, really? whateva. aj needs to be rebuilt by being put back in the x division.


so is sting returning the big surprise for 5-31?

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I think it's pretty much official that the KOTM match is coming back.

Gail on twitter: Spoilers are wrong so don't get your panties in a bunch. It's amazing how ppl believe everything they read makes me laugh And if they were right, I would say, Get Over it!!!!
That would explain why there's no fatal four way. Also, Joey Ryan probably wasn't on the show, which is surprising because I believe he's friendly with Hogan.

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update:1. Gail Kim and Madison Rayne defeated ODB and Eric Young in a non-title match.

Powell's Update: Bill was under the impression that the titles were on the line, but a TNA source informed me that it was actually a non-title match. My apologies for the misunderstanding.
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