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I was thinking the other day of how the crowd at NXT are usually those that know quite a bit about wrestlers and what-not. They knew who Owens was, and that Finn does bodypaint (that marking out chant). And the relation between Owens and Zayn. So I thought what if something truly awesome happens.

We heard all about Owens joining WWE, but what if it was a shock? What if Zayn won the title and the lights went out and Kevin was standing behind him? How loud would the eruption in the audience be? I believe it would have gone down as the single greatest moment in NXT history.

Now let's take that into a future idea. Why not do everything you can to keep a new signing a complete secret until the moment it happens. Imagine any moment where the lights go out and music plays, a spotlight turns on in the perfect spot on the stage ala Baron Corbin. And there, standing in a small amount of smoke covering the stage is Adam Cole!

I think moments like these are great, let him shock the fans and then explain himself. It can be during a tag match, put Baron and Bull on a team against local wrestlers, they destroy them but then end up brawling to the back. Cole comes in and destroys them even more and tosses them out. He gets a mic and it all begins.

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