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I’m the Booker

Chairman- Vince McMahon


Monday Night Raw


General Manager:

Raw- Eric Bishoff

Smackdown!- Paul Heymen

Raw championships:

World Heavyweight Championship- Randy Orton

WWE Intercontinental Championship- Christian

World Tag Team Championship- Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade

Women’s Championship- Trish Stratus

Smackdown! Champions:

WWE Championship- Kurt Angle

WWE US Championship- Eddie Guerrero

WWE Tag Team Championship- Basham Brothers

WWE Cruiserweight Championship- Billy Kidman

Raw Roster

John Cena
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
The Undertaker
Rob Van Dam
Rey Mysterio
D-Von Dudley
Bubba Ray Dudley
Mark Jindrak
Garrison Cade
William Regal
Lance Storm
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly
Stacy Keibler
Matt Morgan
Simon Dean
Chris Jericho
The Hurricane
Spike Dudley
Scott Steiner
Ric Flair

Smackdown! Roster:

Brock Lesnar
Kurt Angle
Triple H
The Rock
Chris Benoit
Eddie Guerrero
Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero
Paul London
Billy Kidman
John Bradshaw Layfield
Shannon Moore
Jamie Noble
Rene Dupree
Sylvain Greiner
Diamond Dallas Page
Rob Conway
Booker T
Hardcore Holly
Billy Gunn
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O’Haire
Orlando Jordan
Steven Richards
Doug Basham
Danny Basham
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy



Jim Ross

Jerry Lawler


Michael Cole


The first four shows of each show will not be fully written out. It will all be in paragraphs just like Wolf Beast sometimes does Raw. Backlash will be the first full written show. Also this BTB will start after Wrestlemania XX.

The first show will be posted soon. Their will be no Raw preview or Smackdown preview because I’m starting from scratch. Hopefully this BTB will go far. Wish me luck!

Also I will be working on my own pace. So maybe one week I’ll get three shows maybe in one week or maybe only one show a week. Pay-Per-Views will be on Saturdays or Sundays. But don’t complain about it.

Finally, roster cuts and adds are/will happen in the course of the wrestling year.

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Goodluck *Green Day*.

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Great Rosters and Champions.Good luck with this.

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Wow.Your quick!I'll be reviewing for sure,

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I'll be reading for sure, nice start with the info. I like how your putting some respect into the U.S and Intercontinental Championship bbelts with Christian and Eddie Guerrero. Also looking foward to seeing what you do with both tag team divisions and the cruiserweights. I'm okay with your weekly shows being written out in summary form and I'm thinking about doing it myself seem I never have enough time to write out or even start the PPV after writing a lengthy weekly show. Goodluck, hopefully this can be a long and successful BTB!

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This should be very good, good luck with this.....You're starting after WM20! Good job! There were much more talented people back then. I see no divas at all on Smackdown, hopefully you add some! you may have missed out on some divas that were around during WM20 such as Gail Kim, Nidia, Terri, Torrie, Miss Jackie, Dawn & Jacqueline..hopefully you do well with what you've got. check out my BTB Diva Fan Fiction

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Opening Video


J.R and King welcome us to the first Raw after Wrestlemania XX. They talk to us about Randy Orton defeating the odds and retaining his World Heavyweight Championship against Shawn Michaels. Smackdown’s Brock Lesnar defeats Raw’s John Cena in a grueling battle.

Randy Orton comes out and brags about his victory against Shawn Michaels and nobody will end his reign as champion. Randy plays a tribute video on the titantron for himself with him winning the championship from John Cena at Armageddon and Randy beating The Undertaker at the Royal Rumble. Shawn comes out and wants a rematch for the title. Randy laughs and says that Shawn isn’t worth getting a title shot. Eric Bishoff walks out and announces Shawn Michaels versus John Cena for the Number one contenders spot for the World Heavyweight Championship. Shawn smiles as Randy Orton shakes his head and laughs. Shawn with a super-kick! Randy goes down and Shawn puts the title on his shoulder and pats the title.

The first match of the night was Rey Mysterio going one on one against Matt Morgan. Rey Mysterio’s quickness helped him in the beginning of the match but Matt Morgan’s size made a big difference and Rey goes to the top rope and Matt catches Rey and slams Rey’s body onto the ring. Matt Morgan with a Power-bomb and covers and gets the win! Matt continues to destroy Rey Mysterio and throws him out of the ring! Matt Morgan leaves the ring and stomps on Rey. Until… Rob Van Dam comes out and takes it to Matt Morgan. Matt runs away and Rob helps Rey back up and both men shake hands and begin to walk to the locker room.

John Cena gets interviewed and tells Brock that what they started isn’t over. John gives credit to Brock for the win, but John adds that he is now after Brock and now the World Heavyweight Championship!

Chris Jericho complains to Bishoff that he wants Batista tonight in a Wrestlemania rematch. Eric says he can’t do that but he says that he can give him Batista soon though.

The next match was Trish Stratus facing Jazz with no title on the line. Jazz has advantage of the whole match with her clotheslines to Trish and a Power-bomb! Jazz picks up an easy win. Shaniqua comes out and takes down Jazz. Trish gets back up and Shaniqua uses the belt as a weapon and takes down Trish with the belt! Shaniqua holds up the title with the crowd giving lots of heat to Shaniqua and leaves the ring watching Trish and Jazz try to get back up to their feet.

The World Tag Team champions, Mark Jindrak and Garrison Cade make an open challenge for the World Tag Team championship. Every week until they loose they face two hometown heroes.

The next match was a Tag Team match with Carlito and Christian facing Booker T and Rikishi. Carlito and Rikishi start in the ring, Rikishi’s size puts his team in advantage in the beginning of the match until Christian got the referee’s attention and Carlito with a low-blow on Rikishi. Later in the match Christian and Booker T find themselves the legal men and Booker T gets full advantage of the match and gets the Book-End! Booker covers and Carlito pulls Booker T out of the ring and smashes his head on the steel steps. The referee calls for the bell to end the match. Carlito and Christian double team on Booker T but Booker’s partner Rikishi makes the save and clears out the ring! Both Booker and Rikishi look at each other and raise each others hands in the air. Christian and Carlito run to the back as Booker T and Rikishi want Carlito and Christian to get back to the ring.

Goldberg arrives at the arena all pumped up and everything. Todd Grisham interviews Goldberg asking Goldberg who’s next? Goldberg laughs and says that later tonight someone is next! Goldberg walks away and Todd is giving Goldberg a weird look.

Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley are joking around with the tag team championship open challenge. Bubba Ray says that the Dudley Boyz are the only ones that deserve a shot not these hometown losers. D-Von agrees and walk on.

The next contest was a singles match with The Undertaker facing Kane. The Undertaker beats Kane like he did the night before. The Undertaker gets a chokeslam and a Tombstone Piledriver. The Undertaker does his legendary pose then Big Show’s theme music plays and Big Show walks out with a microphone saying that he isn’t scared of The Undertaker and can beat The Undertaker within’ seconds! Big Show enters the ring and a chokeslam to The Undertaker! Big Show hooks the leg and counts to three. Big Show gets back up and leaves the ring with lots of heat.

Shawn Michael’s is shown praying and leaves the locker room. John Cena is pumped up and makes his way to the ring.

A Backlash commercial airs showing a poster of Randy Orton with the World Heavyweight championship and the air date of Backlash.

The main-event was for the Number one contenders spot for the World Heavyweight championship against John Cena and Shawn Michaels. Shawn and John start off slow and begin to pick up the pace in the match with John Cena getting the upper-hand. Cena with a clothesline on Shawn Michaels and covers and Shawn kicks out before the referee could get to two. Cena already goes for the F-U and Shawn gets off John’s shoulders and runs to the ropes and a spine-buster from Cena! John gets the F-U! Cena covers and the count and Shawn kicks out! John can’t believe it neither can the crowd. John goes for a clothesline and Shawn ducks and John clotheslines the referee down and Shawn with Sweet Chin Music no! Cena ducks and the F-U! John covers but no referee! Goldberg’s March begins to play and Goldberg runs down to the ring and a Spear to John Cena! Goldberg spears John Cena! Goldberg leaves the ring and jumps over the barricade and gets lots of heat. The referee gets back up and looks confused seeing both men on the ground. Shawn jumps back up and begins to tune up the band! John gets back up and the Sweet Chin Music! Michaels with a Sweet Chin Music! Shawn covers and is the new number one contender for Randy Orton’s World Heavyweight championship! Shawn gets back up and referee Mike Chioda holds up Shawn’s arm up and from behind an RKO to Michaels from Orton! The RKO! Randy holds up his title in the air and smiles. The crowd gives Randy lots of heat as the Raw logo appears and fades to black as Raw goes off the air.

WWE Backlash

Buffalo, New York

April 11

Theme Song: TBA


Randy Orton © vs. Shawn Michaels- World Heavyweight championship

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Very short. It has to be a lot longer to be better. Also you should actually write your promos out instead of saying randy orton comes out and tells us....The matches are too short to be real matches.

Keep trying you will get better.

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This is okay! Very short, i don't really enjoy quick summaries but it was still okay! It isn't exactly what i had in mind but you probably did your best. keep up the good work....8/10

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Don't worry about some of those comments, they obviously didn't read the beginning where you said the weekly shows would be in summary form and the first filly writeen show would be Backlash. I actually like reading things that are shorter because I can concentrate on the idea's behind them instead of the amount of writing. Quick Review......

Opening segment was common but well booked. It was kind of obvious Michaels would win though after that confrontation. Nice way to end it with the decapitating super kick, good segment but just makes the result of the main event a little obvious.

Didn't like Morgan beating Rey, I wonder what RVD was doing out there. Maybe a friendship between him and Rey ending in an eventual fued like Rey/Eddie in the WWE.

Triple Threat Match is on the way, hard to believe Jazz would beat Trish easily though.

Interesting teams with Christian/Carlito and Booker T/Rikishi, I like Christian and Carlito better as single wrestlers though but who knows they might just be teaming to set up a fued.

Sick of Taker/Kane but good to see a Big Show/Taker fued in the works, don't remember seeing that fued since pre-Wrestlemania 19.

I knew Shawn would win, it should be a tremendous match at Baacklash with Orton retaining hopefully. Orton hits the RKO to elevate the fued, nothing more to say.

Good effort but I think you need to find some new ways to start fueds than interference. If I remember right every match had interference either during or after the bell. Seem you only had one promo at the beginning maybe write that out in scipt form then the rest you can do in summary. I don't mind what your doing but others will so take that into consideration. Keep it up

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Sorry here is your full review ignore my previous comment.

Randy Orton/Shawn Michaels

Seems like classic Randy Orton. HBK vs. Cena should be good.

Rey vs. Morgan

Ok match, nice to see RVD make the save.

Cena segment

Nothing special.

Trish vs. Jazz

Why do the first too match have interferences?

Booker T and Rikishi vs. Carlito and Christian

Carlito and Christian seem like a good team, I would like to see where you go with this.

Big Shown/Taker

Pretty cool, the feud should be interesting.

Main Event

It was obvious HBK was going to win but good match.

Overall: 6/10. Try not to have people come down to the ring after every match.
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