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Im sooooo glad ODB is back and im nto a fan but shes good to have around

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before people say im jumping on her band wagon. shes a great wrestler.. nothing to look at. that match with maddison on Impact was VERY good. Im hoping on day i will turn on Impact and i will hear Awesome Kongs music.

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ODB's just another reason for me to skip the knockouts segments. I find her unbelievably annoying, and everytime she puts her hand on her crotch or slaps those watermelons she keeps under her top i get a little sick in my mouth.

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Yeah I can see how Daffney would gross some people out. lol

I like ODB to a certain extent. I think I'd like her alot more as a badass heel though. I just can't get behind her face character.

I'm glad she's back though.

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ODB is a great talent to have on the roster. Such a refreshing change of pace from the typical Diva/Knockout. And she can go.
I agree however that she would make and excellent heel. But she's so over with the crowd that I don't think its possible.
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