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For those who can remember me, I did post quite a lot a couple months back, but then something happened, I don't know what, but I couldn't even log in, my Internet explorer would just shut down when I tried, so I don't think I was suspended.But I'm back now after trying yesterday and it worked and I will re:release my show, starting completely over. I can see there is a lot more traffic then a couple months back, so for those who don't know, i use all curent storylines and angles but develop them my own way. the rosters will stay the same but i don't include any women, or at least I won't until they improve in real life, i will post the new show as sson as posssible with any judgement day matches announced included on the PPV that I will write on the Sunday at Judgement day. However, any matches not announced so far or at Raw tonight, will not be included unless by some sheer luck, I think of the same match. I do have some title changes however, the world and tag on both shows are the same, but there is an I.C. champ on Raw - Chris Jericho, and a u.s. champ on Smackdown - john Cena. I will also include people like Nathan Jones and the Undertaker right away even though they may not return to TV for another few weeks. My shows will be posted Mondays and Thursdays, like the normal raw and Smackdowns, except for this week, my Raw will be up Tuesday or wednesday, and my Smackdown will be up Friday/Saturday, and then they will be posted on normal times. I hope you look forward to it, and I have a big suprise planned for my first show to hopefully impress those who have not read my show before. See you soon with my new show.
I must also apologise to BERD88, for forcing him to cease are writing partnership. Sorry for any inconvenience buddy, but as I have stated in my PM, it wasn't exactly my thought, I hope everything is OK.

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OK, I haven't done previews before but oh well:

Raw comes to you live from little rock, Arkansas tonight, and is sure to be a great show.

New Co-raw GM Stone Cold Steve Austin made an immediate impact last week. Will the Rattlesnake have any other things to announce? will Eric Bischoff take Linda mcmahon's advice and raise the bar? Word going around is that the answer is yes as he has announced that he will shock the world tonight and deliver something bigger than the return of the I.C. title! Find out what it is tonight!

Also, last week christian avoided a match with Goldberg by sending in Rico. This week he is scheduled to face Goldberg. But will he face him? Find out tonight o raw.

Last week Kevin Nash and Triple h were the guests on Chris Jericho's highlight reel segment, which resulted in a massive brawl between the two monsters who are scheduled to meet at Judgement day. What will the world's champion have to say, what will the challenger have to say, and will there even be another "highlight Reel" the same night Chris jericho faces Kevin Nash?

Find out the answer to all these questions tonight on Raw!

it'll be up in a few hours.

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Oh right, OK, I'll do it there in future.

And I'm afraid I have some bad news. i will not be able to post the full show tonight. I did not get back from school until 6:30 my time due to a school trip. I have tried my hardest, infact I'vetyped nearly 2 A4 pages worth of show, which I will post soon. The rest will be up tomorrow. Once again, sorry for any inconvenience.

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Tried posting whole show in one go, didn't work:

we are shown a video package of last weeks events.

Pyro, etc.

JR: Welcome folks, this is once again Jr with Jerry the Ling lawler sitting at ringside
king; that's right everybody, JR's back!
JR: And we have a hell of a night instore for you as our main event is sure to be a slobber knocker when Kevin Nash takes on Chris Jericho
King: And somehow, I think triple H will be at ringside to scout Nash before their encounter at Judgement day.
JR: Also, I'd just like to thankyou Steve Austin, I loved this job and quitting was the hardest decision I've ever had to make but I had to.
King: Hey JR, speaking of Austin, here comes the new Co-GM!

Austin's music hits as he gets in the ring and plays with the crowd a bit before getting a mic.
Austin: Now you all saw last week, I'm not afraid to make big announcements, well I have another one tonight. It's not another beer bash, it's not to do with judgement day matches, it's not naming the particpants of the I.C. battle royal although that will happen tonight. Ok, chit chats over, i would like to reveal my suprise.
eric bischoff's music then hits as he walks down the ramp and gets in the ring.
Eric: Now hold on Austin, this is my night, I'm going to raise the bar, I get to make my announcement first.
Austin: Fine then, just hurry it up.
Eric: Alright thankyou, now everybody, I have an announcement that will shock all of you, it is bigger than any other announcement in the history of the WWE or WCW for that matter. You will never guess what it is, it is so unpredictable, and amazing, and gre..
Austin: *coughs in mic*
eric: oh, sorry. My suprise is that i announce the return of somebody you thought was not going to come back for at least a year, the Rock! at Judgement day!
Austin: that the best you can do bischoff? It's time for my announcement, or should I say announcements? number 1, I hereby unsuspend the Dudley boys, no.2, I hereby rehire Lita, and no. 3, since you owned WCW at one point, I thought why not bring back another midcard title, so next week on Raw, there will be a 6 man pinfall or submission battle royal for the U.S. title, particpants announced at judgement day.
Bischoff: what, oh my god. Fine then, yuou wanna raise the bar higher, well my friend you better get a pole after this announcement,which is.............going to be announced later on!
Bischoff leaves followed by austin.


Austin comes out: Oh yeh, I forgot, the first match will be The Hurricane Vs. rodney Mack in a "5 minute, if Hurricane beats Mack's racist arse, long and Mack are fired challenge". Austin joins the commentators for the match.

Match 1:
"5 minute, if Hurricane beats Mack's racist arse, long and Mack are fired challenge".
Hurricane Vs. rodney Mack.
with just 2 minutes to go Mack is in control. He hits a powerslam for a 2 count. He throws him against the ropes and hits a kitchen sink for another 2 count. he goes for a flapjack but Hurricane reverses it into an arm drag. he waits for Mack to get up and hits the hurri-chokeslam! Mack distracts the ref so Hurricane does a leaping Plancha onto him with just 20 seconds left to go. After another 5 seconds Hurricane gets back in the ring, does the shining wizard on Mack and pins him 1-2-3! the clock says 4:59 as Austin marches to the ring.
here is your winner: the Hurricane.
Austin gets in the ring and stunners Mack and calls security to get them out of the arena.

In the back we see the coach with Bischoff saying there is somebody waiting in the parking lot.

Match 2:
mini battle royal - prelude for Judgement day.
RVD Vs. Kane Vs. Lance Storm Vs. ????
Bischoff comes out and says chief Morley is rehired, if he wins the next match.
All 4 men make there way to the ring.
someway through the match kane is military pressing Morley over his head but Lance comes from behind with a savate kick, and Morley pushes him out of the ring. Morley and Storm concentrate on RVD until RVD jumps up and does a spinning wheel kick. He arm drags Morley and backdrops Storm. He does a crescent kick on Morley, than on storm. then he does a rolling thunder onto both men, he picks Storm up throws him against the ropes and shoulder drops him out of the ring. He goes to do the same to Morley but storm grabs his leg and he turns round into a massive clothesline that sends him out of the ring.
]here is your winner and is rehired: cheif Morley!
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