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May not mean anything, but... http://www.pwinsider.com/article/55...ition-of-wwe-magazine-kaput-and-more.html?p=1

The 2/21 Chris Jericho book signing in Dallas, Texas has been canceled. Thanks to Brad Ward.
For reference, RAW is in Fresno, California. Also see http://www.chrisjericho.com/

Monday, February 21 – 12:00pm
Fort Hood
Book signing
761st Tank Battalion Avenue
Fort Hood, TX

Monday, February 21 (CANCELLED)
Book signing
3600 McKinney Avenue
Dallas, TX

Tuesday, February 22 – 7:00pm
Book signing
3700 Torrance Boulevard
Torrance, CA
Possible Jericho on RAW on the Monday evening? (not sure about distance etc, so not sure if this is logistically possible, but thought I'd raise it). Book signings for him finish a few days after that, he is free from February 27th.

Edit: Ignore, see: http://twitter.com/#!/IAmJericho/status/37979298413416448 - although point about book signings finishing on February 27th remains.
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