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iGeneration Wrestling info

Monday Night Shockwave
Thursday Night Xplosion

-Shockwave Championships-
iGeneration Championship
North Atlantic Championship
New England Tag Team Championship

-Xplosion Championships-
iGeneration Championship
Xtreme Championship
International Tag Team Championship

-Shockwave Commissioner-
Shane McMahon

-Xplosion Commissioner-
Shawn Michaels

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What are the rosters gonna be?
I hope its a non-wwe one, as WWE is basically in most of the feds on this forum.

Good title belt names and show names.

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Shockwave Roster

Shockwave Roster

AJ Styles
Jushin Liger
"Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels
Low Ki
Nick Mondo
Jerry Lynn
Jason Cross
Jonny Storm
Scotty Anton
"White Trash" Johnny Webb
Damien Steele
American Dragon
Lance Storm
Erik Watts
Paul London
Joel Maximo
Jose Maximo
the Amazing Red
Youthanazia's Matt
Youthanazia's Josh
Brian Christopher
EZ Money
GQ Money
Lash LeRoux
Crash Holly
"Sugar" Shane Helms
Juventud Guerrera
Johnny Swinger
Jamie Knoble
Rob Conway
Nick Densmore
Jeff Hardy
Jason Sugarman
Chris Sabin
Jimmy Yang
Shark Boy
Palm Beach Boy Scott
Palm Beach Boy Jon

- Current Champions -
iGeneration Champion: Xavier --> April 27, 2003
North Atlantic champion: Vacant
New England Tag Team Champions:Vacant

Xplosion Roster

Chris Jericho
Kurt Angle
Ron Killings
Rob Van Dam
Matt Hardy
Chris Benoit
Justin Credible
Steve Corino
Randy Orton
"Wild Cat" Chris Harris
"Cowboy" James Storm
Quiet Storm
Chris Divine
Doug Bashman
Eddie Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Joey Matthews
Christan York
Reckless Youth
Julio Dinero
Super Crazy
Kid Kash
Chavo Guerrero
Mike Modest
Shannon Moore
Chris Chetti
Chris Hamrick
Damien 666
Trent Acid
Mike Sanders
Evan Karagias
Brad Armstrong
Jorge Estrada

- Current Champions -
iGeneration Champion: Xavier --> April 27, 2003
Xtreme Champion: vacant
International Tag Team Champion: Vacant

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Good rosters- limited number of WWE guys which I like.
Could have had some more NWA/XPW guys though.
But I will be reading the first show to see what it is like.

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iGeneration Point of No Return
April 27, 2003

iGeneration Championship Tournament
- Round 1 -
(1) Xavier pinned Johnny Webb
(2) AJ Styles pinned Lance Storm
(3) Jushin Liger pinned Christopher Daniels
(4) Jerry Lynn pinned Sabu
(5) Chris Jericho pinned Kurt Angle
(6) Chris Benoit made Steve Corino submit
(7) Rob Van Dam pinned Edge
(8) Damaja pinned Ron Killings

- Quarterfinals -
(9) Xavier pinned AJ Styles
(10) Jerry Lynn pinned Jushin Liger
(11) Chris Jericho pinned Chris Benoit
(12) Rob Van Dam pinned Damaja

- Semifinals -
(13) Xavier pinned Jerry Lynn
(14) Chris Jericho made Rob Van Dam submit

- Finals -
(15) Xavier pinned Chris Jericho to capture the vacant belt

~Theres no highlights on this PPV due to it being all tournament matches which would make it almost too much action to cover~
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