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If your a wrestler please answer this

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I am fixing to go to wrestling school I'm 5'8 160 pds. I am training to be a manager/ref/jobber.

I am a poet and songwriter so I'm thinking maybe I could be a good promo guy if I work at it.

Besides a good manager is a good talker that's what their there for right? (<- Serious question)

Also I am pretty much a massichist which is proably good since I'll be in constant pain when ever I start training.

Now here are just three short questions that have been crossing my mind.

1) How do I know if the instructors are screwing me or not?
What I mean by that is how do I know if they are actually teaching me the right way to do things?

2) Is it normal for schools to host sessions only once a week?

And finally...

3) What is some advice you can give me as far as training goes?
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1. If it's a no-name promotion, then yes, you should be a bit worried about being ripped off. There's is really only one way to train someone how to wrestle, although there are some times where it might not feel right. If it doesn't seem right, i.e, the trainer is telling you to not hold back and just lay into people, or is telling you to take shortcuts when it comes to moves, then you're with the wrong trainer.

2. Yes, yes it is. I started with a company (and still work for them) that only trains once a week. There were a few times where we did an extra day of nothing but mat wrestling, but they were few and far between, and were normally used to brush up on things. Most schools, however, do two a week classes.

3. Gym. Hit the weights, I'd suggest 5 days a week, with each day being a different set of muscles (like Monday's do arms & back, tuesday do chest and biceps, Wednesday take a day off, Thursday abs, Friday work legs, Saturday cardio or anything you think needs extra work). That schedule I just posted can be changed, depending on which day (or days) you train.

You should also do a lot of cardio work. Run, ride a bike something - but it needs to be a substantial amount, because Pro Wrestling is a very high-cardio sport. Not only do you have to worry about running the ropes, but you also have to bump constantly, lift other people with little to no help, and breath correctly so that you don't gas yourself 2 minutes into a 7-10 minute match.

Pay very close attention to the trainer. The first thing, when you start doing bumps, is that they'll ingrain into your head, "Tuck your chin". If you don't pay attention, you'll knock yourself silly on your first bump, and could give yourself a concussion. Paying attention to how your trainers are doing the moves and holds is key; you do something wrong, and you could badly hurt or even kill someone.

That's all I've got. :)
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