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What I wanted to put for the title didn't fit. What I wanted to ask was this: If you were to make a DVD with your favorite matches from the Attitude Era up until now, which ones would put on it? The only rule is that you can only choose 20 matches in total. The way I'm going to pick the matches, is by picking my 10 favorite matches from the Attitude Era. and then by picking my 10 favorite matches after the Attitude Era. Also, the order I put them in are not in order of which matches I like most. I put them in order of when the matches happened. Here are my picks:

Attitude Era

Mankind vs Taker: KOTR 1998

Austin vs Taker: Summerslam 1998

Mankind vs Rock: Royal Rumble 1999

Austin vs Rock: WrestleMania 15

Cactus vs HHH: Royal Rumble 2000

Cactus vs HHH: No Way Out 2000

Rock vs HHH: Backlash 2000

Rock vs HHH: Judgement Day 2000

Austin vs HHH: No Way Out 2001

Austin vs Rock: WrestleMania 17

Post Attitude Era

HBK vs HHH: Summerslam 2002

Brock vs Taker: No Mercy 2002

Jericho vs HBK: WrestleMania 19

Austin vs Rock: WrestleMania 19

Brock vs Eddie: No Way Out 2004

HBK vs HHH: Bad Blood 2004

Angle vs HBK: WrestleMania 21

Angle vs Taker: No Way Out 2006

Taker vs HBK: WrestleMania 25

Taker vs HBK: WrestleMania 26

This was a very hard list to make, because I like alot of matches from both eras. But I put the ones I like the most.

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Re: If you were to make a DVD with your favorite matches, which ones would you put on

Angle/Lesnar: WM 19 & SS
Taker/Orton: WM
Foley/Flair: SS I Quit
Benoit/Angle: Steel Cage Raw
Savage/Warrior: WM Retirement
Hennig/Hart: SS 91
Jericho/Michaels: No Mercy Ladder, WHC
Jericho/Mysterio: Bash
RVD/Cena: One Night Stand (MITB Cash-in)
Guerrero/Angle: 2/3 Falls
Guerrero/Benoit (Masked): Japan
Hennig/Bockwinkle: 87? AWA Title

Off the top of my head

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Re: If you were to make a DVD with your favorite matches, which ones would you put on

I'm going to do mine this way...7 from the 1980s, 7 from the 1990s, and 6 for the 2000s

October 1983...Tommy Rich vs. Buzz Sawyer (Last Battle of Atlanta cage match)

November 1986...Road Warriors vs. Midnight Express (Scaffold match at Starrcade)

November 1985...Magnum T.A. vs. Tully Blanchard (I Quit Cage Match at Starrcade)

April 1987...Randy Savage vs. Rick Steamboat (IC title match at WM 3)

April 1989...Ric Flair vs. Rick Steamboat (Best of 3 falls for NWA World title at Clash of the Champions VI)

April 1987...Jerry Lawler vs. Austin Idol (Hair vs. hair cage match in Memphis


April 1996...Bret Hart vs. Shawn Michaels (Ironman WWF World title match at WM XII)

April 1997...Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin (Submission match at WM 13)

July 1992...Rick Rude vs. Rick Steamboat (Ironman match at Beach Blast)

July 1996...Shane Douglas/Chris Jericho/Pitbull #2/2 Cold Scorpio (ECW TV title match at Heat Wave)

December 1993...Ric Flair vs. Vader (WCW World title match at Starrcade)

December 1990...Stan Hansen vs. Lex Luger (US title lariat match at Starrcade)

March 1999...Taz vs. Sabu (ECW World title match at Living Dangerously)

September 2003...Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (Ironman match on Smackdown for the WWE title)

August 2005...Samoa Joe/Christopher Daniels/AJ Styles (3-way dance for the X Division title at Unbreakable

June 2006...Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena (WWE title match at One Night Stand)

April 2004...Chris Benoit/Triple H/Shawn Michaels (3-way dance for the World title at Wrestlemania XX)

February 2006...Christian vs. Jeff Jarrett (NWA World title match at Against All Odds)

October 2009...CM Punk vs. Undertaker (World title match at the Hell in a Cell PPV)

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Re: If you were to make a DVD with your favorite matches, which ones would you put on

Stone Cold vs Bret Hart - Wm 13
Bret Hart vs Taker - SS 97
Canadian Stampede tag match
Taker vs HBK - hell in a cell
Taker vs Kane Wm 14
Austin vs Dude Love - over the edge
Austin vs Taker SS 98
Austin vs Rock Wrestlemania 15
Triple H vs Cactus Jack Royal Rumble 2000
6 man hell in a cell
Austin vs HHH - NWO 2001
Austin vs Rock WM 17
Austin vs Taker Judgement day
Austin vs Angle SS 2001
Austin vs angle vs RVD
Survivor Series 2001 eimiination
Inaugral Brawl
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