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If you were in WWE who would be your manager?

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It can be ANYONE of ALL time for the 1st, the second has to be today on the current roster

ill start

My all time: The Grand Wizard or Bobby Heenan to close to call

Current: Eve Torres because has of todays storyline she has been a pretty good buisness woman, and shes hot so yeah.
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All time: Booby Heenan
Current: Heyman
All time: Jimmy Hart

Current: David Otunga
I want the Nature Boy.

No one else is worthy.
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All time: Jimmy Hart or Armando Estrada

Current: AJ Lee
I would be escorted to the ring by all the attractive divas because I would be WWE's residential pimp.
All Time: Jim Cornette

Current: Paul Heyman

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Past would be Cornette. Dont know much his work back then but guy sounds like he knows alot and has the passion for the business.

Kaitlyn would be my manager right now.
Paul Bearer. One of the best managers ever.
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