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once again bad english im spanish
how would u fix it

been posting alot about tna just had sugery bored and I got no friends who like wrestling to talk about it with

and I love Tna it could be so good and i dont like the wwe pg era

name 5-10 things you would change and name 5-10 new ideas you would bring.

what would you do with immortal and fortune

who would be your champs (feel free to add titles)

roster cuts

you can bring in two names not in the wwe too bring back

would you create a new stable if not what would be your main storyline in the show

rule ring payperview changes allowed
1. fire russo,hulk
2. develop storylines and rivalries better
3. fight to make impact 3 hours
4. promote and build up payperviews more
5. leave the impact zone more often and travel around the southern states and occasionally others definatley for pay per views.
6. move toward the reality error in big fights have a pre fight video with interviews have tale of the tapes
7. make tna live spoilers r killing it
1.hire paul heyman but dont have him do tht scream outside the ring like he did in wwe
2. make the base of operations philly or a big wrestling town
3. get more investors more money baby
4. bring in aa fighters chavo gurero, bring lashley back or rhino full time
5. tv title be defended on every show
6. make the before the bell pay per view hype videos better
7.build around storm roode crimson joe matt morgan aj styles kaz austin aries kendrick(new character)
8. make abyss an evil monster again
9.six sided ring
tna world title not hw title because small guys can win it too
superfight champion all matches for this match will be snap or tap matches and last man standing
x division title 3rd most prestigous
tv title 4th most prestigous defend it every week on impact
tag team titles
knockout title

every title would have a tourny after bfg
roode world champ
superfight champ samoa joe
tv title aj styles
tag titles crimson and matt morgan
knockouts velvet sky

rule changes
every match weopons tht are at ringside our aloud only in certain matches can u bring ur own objects

if a interference happens the ref escorts the invaders out restarts the match if he sees it.

no countouts

number one contenders tourny
each division will have 8 men or women single elimination
tag team 8 teams

hogan retires off a win you know he doen't want to lose his last match but punches bischoff. anounces he sold his share to dixie so did flair. Dixie comes out announces tna new commisioner paul heyman

gunner abyss leave immortal is disbanded fortune disbands

bischoff stays too fight for control against heyman and dixie.
new stables

dixie mafia
leader heyman and sting without joker gimmick
aj styles
matt morgan
devon and pope
tommy dreamer heymans assitant

leader bischoff
somoa joe
austin aries
christopher daniels
bubba ray
jerry lynn
steiner non wrestler bischoffs body guard

mexican america
jarrett and ma

loco soldiers
chavo homicide and some aaa talent

robbie e and terry cut
abyss back to being evil
hardy rvd new tag team
gunner and anderson lone wolfs

bobby lashley lone wolf main eventer
i would have slammiversery as the main pay per view king of the mountain there every year
have a royal rumble type event
tweak the bfg series

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Dude just post it in spanish it would be easier to google translate
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