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Who would you pick? Keep in mind, everyone you choose MUST have a new gimmick or look.

My picks...

Have him return bald, but with a mask aswell. He would ditch the fire and now wrestle in working class clothes and align himself with the Wyatt Family. Kane can keep the mask as a prop... like Rowan's sheep mask. If you want an idea of how I think Kane should look, check out See No Evil.

Kofi Kingston
He's in desperate need of a change and I think Wyatt should have captured him after his loss last night and made him the newest member. Kofi would now wrestle in a vest and jeans, and grow his beard out. A lot of people will disagree and probably call this idea terrible, but I think Kofi could pull it off. Look at all the guys who were in the Ministry back in the day.

Drop the childish attitude. He is not a baby and he shouldn't be acting like one. I'd repackage him as a heel manager, maybe for a tag team. He would now wear a suit and dress like a business man and demand people to take him seriously. He would be now called Mr. Postel.

Drew McIntyre
I'm gonna be stereotypical and give this guy a Braveheart gimmick. Wrestling needs more characters and iconic looks and we have never had one of these before. Drew can come to the ring with a kilt and a sword. This would be all for the benefit of his career.

Heath Slater
Make him the new Jeff Jarrett basically. Bring Jimmy Hart back as his manager and have Slater smashing guitars over people's heads. Slater should maybe start singing aswell.

Your thoughts?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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