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"If ya smell, you're fired!"

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Anybody else laugh every time they hear this in the WWE Intro Vid/Montage? Or am I just incredibly childish?


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It's ironic in hindsight how McMahon pulled JR from that intro(and used the Cole's "It's Electric" line) for appearing at UFC 116. Now WWE is openly namedropping UFC on Raw, and HHH was an unidentified belt carrier for Mayweather.

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Yes, sir, we promised you a great main event here tonight…
Gorgeous George…
Freddie Blassie - The Maker of Champions…
Andre The Giant…
Everyone has a price…
Well ladies and gentlemen, it is electric…
if you smelllllll…
you're fired…
Gimme a Hell Yeah…

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Love the intro. I've always loved their different intros over the years.
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