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New BPL season starts tomorrow can't wait,with the next season starting I will choose which wrestlers would be which team in the BPL.

John Cena = Man UTD - Always stay on top no matter,they always win which makes them hated by others who are not fans of them.
Randy Orton = Chelsea - They were a force in the mid 00's,although now they have had a down period and are not what they once were.
Cm Punk = Man City - New kid on the block trying to knock the top dog of their perch,exactly what City are doing to UTD.Punk is holding the WWE which Cena always has and Man City have the BPL which UTD always win.
Ric Flair = Dominated the 70's and 80's and now their both an living joke,their both no what they once were
These are not BPL teams but still.
Sting = A.C Milan - They were both a powerhouse name in the 90's,now they are not quit as good as they once were.
Undertaker = Real Madrid - They we always be a big name,they will always be the most feared name in the history of their profession.
Alberto Del Rio = P.S.G - They are both very rich and powerful with money.

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Manchester United - John Cena - The top team/star of this era.

Manchester City - CM Punk - Been the Champion of 2012, trying to establish themselves as the top star over Cena/Man Utd

Arsenal - Chris Jericho - Won a few Championships in the early 2000s, still a main event player but mainly jobs to the top stars, and can't win the 'big one' anymore.

Everton - Christian - Been on the cusp of main event for years, but never really established themselves in the main event/top 4, spends most of the time in the upper mid card/mid table.

Stoke - The Great Khali - Both are horrible to watch and need to be future endeavored/relegated.

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CM Punk as Man City? Erm No.

Using EPL is too difficult to I'll use European clubs also.

John Cena - Manchester United - Because were the best and lay claim to winning it 19 times, THE CHAMP IS HERE! should be catchphrase come May :))

Sheamus - Manchester City - Extremely rapid rise to the top from out of nowhere without really paying his dues and likely being positioned as the face of the company

CM Punk - Borrusia Dortmund - Scratched and clawed to break the 'status quo' of German football in Bayern and did it the right way, their never going to be consistently top or even Champions League winners but currently have a top side and are League Champions. SHOW THEM SOME RESPECT EUROPE'S ELITE!

Hulk Hogan - Liverpool - Potentially one of the greatest, not very likeable and a quite delusional.

The Rock - Barcelona - One of the best of all time but people don't like to give credit due to some other issues which cloud the judgement their just a bit special.

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Man United: John Cena large fan base but everyone else hates him

After 10 minitues i cant think of anymore


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I ll try do from European Teams
John Cena-Man United.Single biggest name.

Randy Orton-Real Madrid.The biggest name outside Man Utd

Sheamus-Man City.Sudden rise to the top

Ziggler-Arsenal.Flashy.Won once.But nobody remembers it

CM Punk-Chelsea.Abundant talent.Reached top,fell down and now won again

Undertaker-AC Milan.

Daniel Bryan-Barcelona.Practiced for years.Now the single best thing in football

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BPL? If you're gonna change the Premier League into an American style league name it's EPL, ignoring the fact that no one in the UK does anyway. It's just the Premier League.

LOL, Swansea might have an issue with the (EPL) 'English' Premier League, what with them being from Welsh land and all.

Quite a few people, UK and abroad used to call it the EPL, i agree BPL doesn't sound right either, just PL would suffice. :cool2

And fuck off to anyone calling MU Cena, yes, it maybe true, but FUCK YOU, how dare you!!!

Besides, Cena is a spurs fan. Apparently.

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Oh god, I foresee a lot of flame in this thread.

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The Miz = Liverpool.
Once full of greatness now reduced to the mid card/mid table, people wonder if he can return to the top, while others would be happier if he got relegated.

I think Man City were more like John Cena last season, overcoming the odds to beat a much bigger opponent

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Kane - Liverpool/Leeds = once feared but not anymore.
Stoke like Mankind - dangerous and ugly as fuck.
Triple H is like Man Utd. Love him or hate.
Arsenal are like HBK. Always put on a great show but end up lose at the end.
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