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Taker vs Cena
Hogan vs Austin
Rock vs HBK
Punk vs Bryan
HHH vs Vince
Goldberg vs Kane
Orton vs Jericho
Rey vs Del Rio
Ultimate TLC Hardyz vs Edge & Christian vs Dudleyz

I'd probably add some stipulations to some of the matches. Not sure what.

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Goldberg vs Lesnar
Taker vs Sting
CM Punk vs Stone Cold (straight edge vs straight drunk)
Daniel Bryan vs Bret Hart (or Angle since Hart can't wrestle anymore)
The Rock vs HBK (once in a lifetime)
Orton vs Cena (Yin and Yang of this era)
AJ vs Lita (with CM Punk as special guest ref)
HHH vs Kane (since these two are pros at burrying people)


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Stone Cold vs The Rock
Daniel Bryan vs CM Punk vs John Cena
HHH vs Vince McMahon
The Undertaker vs Kane
The Shield vs The Dudleyz vs The Hardyz vs The New Age Outlaws vs Edge & Christian (If Edge was able to compete of course) - TLC
Shawn Michaels vs Sting
Hulk Hogan vs Randy Orton
Kurt Angle vs Antonio Cesaro
Chris Jericho vs Dean Ambrose
Goldberg vs Lesnar vs Ryback

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Mark Henry & Big Show vs Goldberg and Lesnar (the latter two managed by Eric Bischoff and Paul Heyman respectively; Tornado match)

CM Punk vs Antonio Cesaro (Stone Cold as ref)

Undertaker vs Hogan (Immortal vs Deadman; loser retires from wrestling)

John Cena vs Daniel Bryan; World Heavyweight Championship; each Bella twin manages their respective boyfriend

Natalya vs Kaitlyn in a Submission match for the Divas championship

Damien Sandow & Wade Barret (with William Regal) vs Los Matadores (with Hector Acosta) vs Ryback and Langston for the Tag Team championships

The Shield vs the Wyatt Family (with AJ Lee)

The Rock vs Randy Orton

Chris Benoit vs Eddie Guerrero vs Owen Hart in a triple threat match for the WWE championship

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Why Lesnar vs. Goldberg? Their first match was terrible and I do not want to see Goldberg in the ring, ever again.

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs CM Punk
John Cena vs The Undertaker
The Shield vs Worlds Greatest Tag Team
The Rock(In his prime, not that shit show of WM29) vs. Dean Ambrose
Chris Benoit vs. Chris Jericho

I don't know, few others.
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