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Who Should The Undertaker's Last Opponent Be?

If Undertaker Were To Have One Last Match, Who Should It Be Against?

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Personally, I'm leaning towards the idea that Undertaker has gone into retirement. However, I can't rule out the possibility of him returning for one final feud/match. With that said, who do you think it should be against? I see a few possibilities...

1) Brock Lesnar- This one is pretty obvious. After vanishing from the scene, Undertaker returns to challenge Brock Lesnar for one more match to avenge his only WrestleMania loss. Of course, the tricky part to me would be coming up with a reason for Brock to agree to a re-match.

2) Sting- Of course, this one depends on if Sting really has signed with WWE and can still work another match. Casual fans may not be too interested in it, but I think long time and hardcore fans would be, especially if the match is hyped as being a truly once in a lifetime event, being booked as the only time the two will ever face each other in the ring and the last match for each man.

3) Bray Wyatt- For myself and others, this is a personal dream match/feud. The two characters would work so well against each other. True, Bray won't get the huge rub of ending the Streak if he wins, but I still think their could be a lot of intrigue in a story between the two. Bray could call out Undertaker, saying that an ordinary man, Brock Lesnar, finally proved that Undertaker was just a false idol. But Bray is no false idol, and if Brock can beat him, Bray can make him disappear. Eventually, Undertaker returns to except the challenge, saying that he will take all of the darkness in Bray's Heart and turn it against him.

or, something like that...:p

4) John Cena- This one is a little difficult. I'm not sure the interest in a Take/Cena match at WM is really there for fans (casual or hardcore) now that the Streak has been broken. You can't have Cena turning heel to end the Streak for example, and since the Steak is over, I'm not sure in what way Cena would need to challenge the Undertaker. Before, he could say that challenging the Streak was the only thing he hasn't done in his career, but now he can't say that because the Streak over. However, to my knowledge, Cena has never beaten the Undertaker clean one-on-one (correct me if I'm wrong). Perhaps Cena could call him out, saying he wants to know if he could defeat the Undetaker before he decides to retire.

5) Daniel Bryan- This wouldn't be my first choice, and I'm not sure what the story would be. However, their were rumours a few months ago the 'Taker wanted to work with Bryan for this year's WM match. Obviously, who knows if that's true, and of course a lot has change since then. But if Undertaker heals up well enough, I'm sure he and Bryan could put on a five star match worthy of being 'Taker's last. Plus, you can't say now that Bryan isn't a big enough star to face The Undertaker at WM, because he's just as big as CM Punk was who got o challenge him at WM 29.

6) Someone else- Those five I think are the most likely opponents, but if you have your own ideas, feel free to share!

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Biggest Sting mark, but I'm going with Wyatt or GTFO!
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