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What's the point of being VIP when there's no P's to see me being VI?
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HHH on Smackdown speaks for itself he'd be the Top Heel with a similar Title reign that JBL made us suffer for until he puts Cena over at WM21.

JBL on Raw is a different story altogether, Leader of Evolution? Ric Flair endorsing a former Midcarder would feel out of place and he has no resume or Top guy status for Orton and Batista to feel the need to be under his wing, HHH was the leader for a reason after all, He WAS a Top star, JBL replacing Hunter in Evolution would be counter productive imo and would likely lead to Orton prematurely rising to Top Heel status much sooner with Flair as his personal manager, Batista would either turn Face or Midcard until he gets hot with the fans to the point they need to turn him against Orton and Flair which I'd picture being your World Heavyweight Title match at WM21 provided that he wins the RR.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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