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Say if in 2004, Triple H decided to work Tuesdays and stayed on SmackDown, but Bradshaw would get drafted to Raw and proceed to become JBL on the red brand. Would JBL still be as successful as he had been on SmackDown in our timeline? How different would the career trajectories be for John Cena, Batista, and Randy Orton, who were being groomed to become the top superstars for the next several years, and even Triple H who was undoubtedly the top star at this time and now suddenly being on his own on the opposing brand? I could see things possibly turning out the same over on Raw but a few weeks after Bradshaw's transformation, he'd join Evolution and basically take HHH's role for the next year (Orton winning the WHC, JBL beating him for it and then dropping the belt to Batista at WM21).

HHH on the other hand, I think it would be completely different for him. He'd fued with Eddie over the WWE Title but I don't think the feud would be anything near the caliber of Eddie and JBL's feud which had many racial and politically-motivated segments. Perhaps he would have the same feuds that JBL had during his run as WWE Champion afterwards (Booker, Taker, Show, Cena). I could see HHH forming another stable to help him maintain control over the WWE title until WM21 where he would ultimately drop the belt to Cena.

With all that said, JBL would probably have less heat than he actually did due to his controversial feud with Eddie not happening. Plus, I could see the storyline of him in Evolution being someone that Flair would partner with to urgently take the role of the present member in the group and take back control over Raw, with resentment brewing between JBL, Orton and Batista, who wouldn't neccesarily trust him at all. I feel JBL wouldn't really come into his own completely as apart of Evolution compared to how he had most certainly come into his own by being on SmackDown and establishing himself first by feuding with Eddie over the title before forming his own group, the Cabinet. Plus, JBL joining Evolution would seem too sudden and winning the WHC by September would seem rushed, with a more delayed character progression and the lack of history/connection between him and the other members, which would hinder the storyline immensely. HHH's connection with Batista and Orton is what made his feuds with them more deep. It was an integral part. With JBL in Evolution, all this would seem to lead to is a bigger feud between Flair and Orton/Batista with Flair being the one who would bring JBL into the group in the first place. Flair feuding with those two, especially Batista over the World title, would have not worked at all in the slightest, nor would it have been believable, given Flair's status on the roster at the time. That's what I think would've happened, even with how illogical it would've been. It all worked out for the better with how it actually happened. But nonetheless, what do you guys think would have happened?
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