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If there is ever a New Legacy, this is who needs to be in it

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If there is ever a New Legacy, instead of it being 3 members, they need to make it 4 members and for Legacy to be a great stable this time around, they need to have all the gold on whatever show they are on and as for who should be in it:

Cody Rhodes (Leader/Main Eventer) (2nd Generation Superstar/Son of Dusty Rhodes), he can be the mentor for the New Legacy similar to how Orton was the mentor for him, Rhodes I think he could lead his own stable and he can lead his own stable better than Orton did and not to mention with him being in the main event, Legacy 2.0 can make sure Cody becomes champion and that he stays that way

Husky Harris (Enforcer/One Half of Tag Team) (3rd Generation Superstar/Son of IRS, Grandson of Blackjack Mulligan and Nephew of Barry Windham), Husky can be Legacy's new muscle and not to mention the wrestling lineage and pedigree he has in his family, he would be a shoe-in for Legacy 2.0 and not to mention he can be one half of the tag champs with the next man who I am about to talk about.

Michael Mcgillicutty (Other Half of Tag Team) (3rd Generation Superstar/Son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig, Grandson of Larry The Ax Hennig), Mcgillicutty is another shoe-in for Legacy 2.0 and him & Husky have already been in a stable together once before in Nexus, so for them to be paired up together again but this time in Legacy 2.0 they can be a tag team but also protect Cody or make sure he ends up champion and if he is champion, making sure Cody stays that way

Richie Steamboat (The Prodigy) (2nd Generation Superstar/Son of Ricky The Dragon Steamboat), Richie with him in Legacy 2.0 he can be the young lion of the group being that he is the diamond in the rough, the crown jewel, but also he can be the one who eventually breaks away from the group a la Orton in Evolution, Richie can be the breakout star from here and not to mention look at who his father is, he should be a shoe-in
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For me Legacy was terrible. Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase Jr. were generic cocky heels and looked like mere clones of Orton. I remember how I used to call them "guyintrunks#1" and "guyintrunks#2".

What Cody Rhodes needs is a gimmick, not being in another stable when he's damned to being an arrogant stale character. And Husky Harris is awesome as Bray Wyatt, perhaps the best gimmick of the last years, so turning him back to Husky Harrys would make no sense. Husky Harrys had nothing special.

McGillicutty is 34 years old, he's much older than Rhodes. He cannot play the "youngster rookie starved of glory" role, and he has shown over the time that he has no personality aside of being another(wow, ANOTHER!) arrogant and cocky goon.
I personally don't think Rhodes needs a gimmick, the way he is now I love personally. Fighting the man alongside Goldust.. while I reckon eventually he should venture off to compete singles, maybe one last US title run? I don't know. I wouldn't say World Title yet, he's still only young.. but Cody has tremendous potential, and repackaging him with a gimmick now would be a waste of talent.
How is he now? I don't see what his character is, seriously.
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