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think about it. i know theres a bunch of terrible shit we get but the good really outshines the bad this year. This year has been one of the best in recent memory so far.

so far this year we saw:

-the rise of The Shield

- Taker team up with Team Hell no vs. The Shield in his first match on Raw in 3 years

-Taker on Smackdown

-The Rock on Smackdown

-HHH first match on Raw in 3 years

-A sit down piledriver on Raw

-Return of RVD

-Return of Goldust


-New WWE championship design

- Inaguaral year of WWE's first performance center, which will help mold the superstars of the future

-Total Diva's and revision of the Diva's division

-New potential stars being pushed in Daniel Bryan, Big E langston, Wyatt Family, Curtis Axel, Ryback, Damien Sandow, Cody Rhodes, Uso's, Cesaro

-The return of the punt kick

-Randy Orton finally turns heel again

-Dutch Mantel

-3 Stages of Hell

-Ring of Fire (inferno match)

-Bruno, Backlund, and Foley inducted into the Hall of Fame

-The first double turn in years

-some excellent wrestling, ppv and tv matches

-A year that would have saw CM Punk, The Rock, John Cena, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton as WWE champions

miss anything?
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Better overall than recent years for sure.

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OP, some of your points above are too subjective.

And oh please, this year's Road to Wrestlemania and the event itself were quite disappointing.

In my opinion, the best thing that has ever happened to this year is... the new liberation of wrestling fans, particularly that Raw After Mania crowd.

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When you put it like that, it's been a great year so far. It's just a shame they can only focus on one or two good things at a time ,then they drop it without cause or reason.

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When you put it like that, it's been a great year so far. It's just a shame they can only focus on one or two good things at a time ,then they drop it without cause or reason.

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I know exactly where your coming from here, WWE do that a lot, focus on one or two things then instantly drop it. Don't know why they do this to be honest with you.

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This has been a good year, but not for reasons the OP listed (Undertaker on SD??? Lol that's his home):

-the rise of The Shield (consistent awesome tag and 6 man tag matches)
-Punk Vs Rock and Rock becoming WWE Champ (say what you want, seeing my childhood hero come back and become champ was awesome)
-Punk Vs Undertaker
-the rise of Daniel Bryan
-great MITB matches
-Punk Vs Lesnar (match ending was disappointing though)
-seeing RvD back
-string of nice Alberto Del Rio matches (Vs Ziggler, Christian, RvD)
-mini Cena Vs Bryan feud
-Rhodes family reunited and tag title win

See, this year has been good to pretty good. It hasn't been that great. They fucked up Ryback's push, lost the World Heavyweight Title behind stupid angles with AJ/Ziggler, Del Rio/Ricardo, and Cena's recent title reign was shit like shitty Ryback turn, shitty Henry turn, then he becomes injured. And this "Corporation" storyline is pretty shit as well, putting focus on Big Show, and not getting Punk involved, Bryan getting beatdown literally every week.

This year was better than last year but not 2011 I don't think.

-New Nexus Vs Randy Orton feud
-return of Rock
-Taker/HHH brawl at WM
-Edge's retirement
-Christian winning world title
-"Summer of Punk" angle
-Punk Vs Cena series
-Randy Orton Vs Christian series
-Punk Vs Triple H at NoC
-Henry's monster run
-return of Diesel
-Sheamus face turn (he was cool as a face for a while)

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It has definitely been a strong year all around. If I was to be super picky then I would say they still need to address the slump that always seems to happen around Oct/Nov time. Maybe try and rehash the PPVs around this time and stop having them every two weeks. However, other than that I have definitely found myself enjoying the product immensely this year.

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NXT has been the best thing about this year apart from The Shield. It's by far the most complete, entertaining wrestling show on television. BY FAR.
i agree, nxt is solid. They book it way better than the main shows
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