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If McMahon returns will that give Drew Mcintyre his power back?

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I was wondering because of Vince's absences that if he comes back, would it give Drew his chosen one status back. Then he could aim for the title with ease.
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The problem I have with making him a "slithering heel" is there aren't too many "face" characters on the show right now, and I can't imagine who they put in the spot to eventually step up to Drew once he "harms" Kelly-Kelly. If I could write next week's show this is how I would do so. Scene cuts off to the back with Drew/Kelly-Kelly, and Drew is doing his thing trying to win her over.

She sort of sends the message that she may have interest in him, and possibly flirts more his way. Suddenly Wade Barrett shows up with a rose, and his top coat from his NXT days, and tells Kelly-Kelly that she wants nothing to do with this poor, lonely, Scotsman. Wade turns to Drew, and smiles walking off with Kelly-Kelly.

Ultimately I would have to turn Kelly-Kelly heel with Wade. This would help get Drew over more in the coming weeks if they were to have this feud. Basically England vs Scotland with some hot American girl in Kelly-Kelly in the mix. Wade vs Drew would be nice to see on Smackdown, and I McIntyre could be a solid "face" if done correctly.

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Maybe Drew will turn it down now that he seems to be changing slightly causing Vince to get him many beatdowns, making Drew turn face.
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